Brand Tailored Promotions: Offer exclusive discounts for loyal customers

Amazon’s new promotional tool helps sellers acquire new customers and build brand loyalty.

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Amazon is excited to introduce Brand Tailored Promotions, an exclusive solution that will help you build your customer base and brand loyalty in Amazon’s store by offering promotional codes to your potential and new customers.

Prior to introducing this tool, discounts and deals were only tailored to existing Amazon membership groups such as Amazon Prime, Family, Health, and Student.

Through Brand Tailored Promotions, you can offer promotional discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off on all products to specific customer types to boost customer conversions, repeat purchases, and customer retention rates. Each eligible customer can redeem the promotion on a single purchase, limited to one unit redemption per customer.

6 customer groups brands can engage with Brand Tailored Promotions

Brand Tailored Promotions allows you to tailor promotional codes to smaller segments of Amazon’s customer base across six audience types:

  • Brand Followers: Customers who have clicked to follow your brand in Amazon’s store.
  • Repeat Customers: Customers who have ordered your brand’s products more than once in the last 12 months.
  • Recent Customers: The most recent customers who have purchased from your brand.
  • High-Spend Customers: The highest-spending customers with your brand in the last 12 months.
  • Potential New Customers: Customers who have clicked on your brand and products or added to cart recently, but have not purchased in the last 12 months.
  • Cart Abandoners: Customers who have added one or more of your brand’s products in their cart, but haven’t purchased in the last three months.

Audience tailoring based on past purchasing behavior enables you to identify Amazon customers who are most likely to engage with your brand while helping you improve return on investment on discounted promotions, increase sales, and improve customer retention.

Sellers will learn more about Brand Tailored Promotions at Accelerate 2023, Amazon’s premier conference for selling partners taking place in Seattle on September 13-14.

Brand Tailored Promotions is now available to all brand owners enrolled in the Brand Registry operating in Amazon’s U.S. store. We look forward to introducing this tool to sellers in Europe, Japan, Canada, and Mexico in the coming months.

Visit the Brand Tailored Promotions Seller Central help page for more information about this new tool.

Benjamin Hartman
Benjamin Hartman
Vice President, North America Marketplace at Amazon