Sellers who use FBA Donations now have access to donation certificates

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Sellers using the FBA Donations program have access to a Donation Certificate in Seller Central that can be used to receive a tax benefit when filing taxes.

Did you donate products through the FBA Donations program in 2023? If so, you now have access to a donation certificate from Good360, which reports the inventory you donated in the previous year.

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Donations program helps sellers donate unwanted product, including returns and eligible overstock FBA inventory. Now sellers using the program have access to a donation certificate from Good360 in Seller Central (login required).

Your donation certificate from Good 360 will be generated on a yearly basis and can be found on the Donations page in Seller Central. The donation certificate contains the quantity and description of your inventory that was donated through the program in the previous year.

What is the FBA Donations program?

The FBA Donations program helps you donate eligible products to Amazon’s charity partners. The program is part of our mission to provide sellers with a range of value recovery channels to save cost and effort in managing overstock and return products.

When you have products in FBA that need to be returned to you, or sold at a lower price through refurbishment or liquidation, you can create a removal order to have the products handled however you see fit. However, you also have the opportunity to donate your products to charity.

By default, all US sellers who use FBA are enrolled in the FBA Donations program. To get the most benefit out of the FBA Donations program, you have to manually elect to donate additional product that may otherwise sit in fulfillment and accrue charges.

On the Removals page in Seller Central, you can set up a standard cadence for donating your products, such as twice a month. The language used in Seller Central for donating your products currently says “Dispose” or “Donate/Recycle” to refer to donations. If you’ve chosen to liquidate or return products to yourself in the past, you may want to reconsider the benefits of donating for your business.

Since sellers who use FBA are automatically opted into the program, any product that is returned and is ineligible for resale may automatically be donated.

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Don’t know if you donated? Change or check your enrollment status by going to the Fulfillment by Amazon Settings page and scroll down to FBA Donations program.

Additionally, this program is referred to on the donations page as either “Donate/Recycle” or “Dispose.” If you are unsure of where your items ultimately ended up in 2023, check Seller Central to see if any of your items were donated.

Where do donations go?

We launched the FBA Donations program in 2019, in partnership with the nonprofit Good360, to ensure that products donated by sellers get to those who are in need. Amazon partnered with Good360 to ensure that products donated by sellers get to those who are in need, and benefit nonprofits around the world.

FBA Donations products in bags

The Amazon FBA Donations Program contributed products to Good360 that helped families in Mississippi.

In 2023, the FBA Donations program helped restore hope to Mississippi residents after a devastating tornado ravaged Rolling Fork and Silver City. Armed with donations supplied by Amazon, 180 Disaster Relief, a nonprofit organization that helps communities stricken by disaster, stepped in to assist the survivors. With the help of Good360 and Amazon, 180 Disaster Relief was able to work through the school systems of both towns to give away 20,000 Christmas gifts and household items, helping over 104,000 survivors enjoy their holidays, rebuild their homes and restore hope.

You can partner with Amazon and Good360 to make a difference with your products that are ineligible for resale, or aren’t selling through. Set up recurring donations today, and login to Seller Central to download your 2023 donation certificate.

Katelynn Gonzalez
Katelynn Gonzalez
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