Get paid faster with Express Payout

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Express Payout lets you receive payments from Amazon within 24 hours—any day, any time (even weekends).

Getting fast access to funds can be a key part of growing your business. Express Payout makes this possible for US sellers who use Amazon Pay.

Instead of waiting up to five days for money to clear the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment network after a payout is initiated, eligible sellers can use Express Payout to receive deposits in 24 hours (including weekends) thanks to Amazon Pay’s integration with a network of hundreds of banks and credit unions.

Who can use Express Payout and how do I enroll?

To be eligible for Express Payout:

  1. Sign up for Amazon Pay.
  2. Have an account with an in-network US bank.
  3. Have a valid business address in the US (US territories are excluded).
  4. Have transactions of $1 million or less at the time of the payout initiation. These payouts will be eligible for Express Payout. Payouts over $1 million will be disbursed through the standard ACH process.

If you meet all of the above requirements, you can opt-in to the Express Payout service through the click of a button on the Deposit Methods page in Seller Central (login required). You can easily manage your payout preferences by switching from the Standard Payout setting to Express Payout and opt out at any time.

You can also choose to receive Express Payouts through a valid, seller-designated Visa debit card account. Learn more by reviewing the Express Payout terms and conditions and Express Payout FAQs.

How to get an Amazon payment report
Learn how to review payments, sales, expenses, refunds, deferred transactions, and other settlement information using the Payments Dashboard in Seller Central.

Are there any costs?

Express Payout is currently free to eligible businesses using Amazon Pay. In the future, there may be a 50 cent per transaction cost for this service. You will be notified in advance before any cost changes and can deactivate the service at any time through Deposit Methods. Doing so will revert your bank account to the default Standard Payout setting.

Ready to get paid faster?

If you’re an Amazon seller who is new to Amazon Pay, register now. If you’re already using Amazon Pay, enroll in Express Payout now through Seller Central.

Priya Padmanabhan
Priya Padmanabhan
Vice President, Financials and Developer Experience at Amazon