Amazon 2024 Force for Good application is open!

2024 Force for Good | Selling partner recognition

Submissions will be accepted until June 12.

The 2024 Force for Good application is now open! We’re searching for mission-driven selling partners who drive positive change in their community.

Last year, Amazon recognized three outstanding selling partners who are a “force for good” in their local communities:

Meet Eden Laurin, co-founder of Nyssa

Amazon Force for Good Award Winner Nyssa | Amazon Accelerate 2023

Amidst a culture of neglect toward women’s health issues, Eden and her co-founder founded Nyssa to revolutionize the narrative. Nyssa is dedicated to providing accessible information, thoughtful design, and transparency in women’s health products. Their focus spans from puberty to postpartum and menopause, crafting solutions for life’s various transitions. Nyssa not only offers products but also educates through collaborations with healthcare professionals, addressing diverse health journeys. Beyond commerce, Nyssa contributes to women’s shelters, ensuring vital health resources reach those in need. The company’s journey challenges norms and advocates for change, empowering women to prioritize their health. Nyssa’s commitment to being a Force for Good shapes the future of women’s health, proving businesses can thrive while making a meaningful impact.

Meet Kim Shanahan, founder of Gifts Fulfilled

Amazon Force for Good Award Winner Gifts Fulfilled | Amazon Accelerate 2023

Kim’s journey began with a simple desire to help, leading her to a center for disabled individuals where she found a lack of employment opportunities. This realization prompted her to establish Gifts Fulfilled, dedicated to providing meaningful work for the disabled. Beyond creating celebratory gift baskets, Gifts Fulfilled serves as a beacon of empowerment in the workforce. Kim’s dedication to community impact is evident through strategic partnerships and a commitment to inclusivity. By prioritizing recruitment, retention, and advancement of disabled individuals, the organization fosters inclusivity and empowerment. Through its core principles, Gifts Fulfilled continues to pave the way for a more equitable society, championing opportunity and independence.

Meet Justin Forsett of Hustle Clean

Amazon Force for Good Award Winner Hustle Clean | Amazon Accelerate 2023

Three friends, Justin Forsett, Wale Forrester, and Wendell Hunter, founded Hustle Clean during their time at UC Berkeley, initially to streamline their busy schedules. Now it has evolved into a self-care movement. Beyond product innovation, Hustle Clean focuses on empowerment and social impact, with initiatives like Free Play and #ShowerToThePeople addressing financial and hygiene needs in underserved areas. Rooted in their own adversities, these efforts reflect their commitment to giving back and making a tangible difference. Through unity, perseverance, and a dedication to social responsibility, Hustle Clean has become a beacon of hope, demonstrating that success is measured not just by profits, but by meaningful change.

Apply today: Amazon 2024 Force for Good Awards

This year, we’d like to hear more of your inspirational and impactful stories. Are you involved in sustainability efforts, disaster relief, or supporting other underserved community groups? Please, share your stories with us!


The application is open now through June 12, 2024, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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Mark Seymour
Mark Seymour
General Manager, Accelerate Seller Conferences