Optimize product content and increase sales with A/B testing

Accelerate: Manage Your Experiments

Use the Manage Your Experiments tool to discover what product content resonates with customers and helps drives conversion. This brand owner tool can help increase sales by up to 25%.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes—what influences your buying decisions? Does the product image or title determine which listing you click on? Do you comb through product detail pages to see what features appeal to you or how they compare to similar products? If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

Product detail pages are what customers use to decide what to buy, so it’s important you craft them in a way that makes your brand stand out.

But how do you determine if your product content is resonating with customers?

Professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry can find out using Manage Your Experiments. This free tool takes the guesswork out of optimizing your product listings by allowing you to test different versions of your content to see what increases customer traffic and sales.

Get traffic and sales insights from Manage Your Experiments

With Manage Your Experiments, you can run A/B tests—or “split tests”—to compare two different versions of your brand’s product titles, images, descriptions, bullet points, or A+ Content.

During an A/B test, customers that view your product listing are randomly split into two groups—one that sees one version of the content (Version A), and a second group that sees the other (Version B). At the end of an experiment, you can review which version drove higher sales and conversion, along with the predicated sales impact, and have the winning version automatically publish if you choose.

A/B test aspects of your product detail page with Manage Your Experiments
There’s a lot of content on your product detail page, so ensure the right pieces populate your page through A/B testing. By optimizing content with Manage your Experiments you can potentially boost traffic, increase conversation rates, and help drive up to a 25% increase in sales.

How do you use Manage Your Experiments?

1. Plan your experiment

Pick a product

The first step is choosing a product. An ASIN is eligible for testing if it belongs to your brand and has received enough traffic in recent weeks to produce valid experiment results. You can check ASIN eligibility from the Manage Your Experiments page in Seller Central. Click Create a New Experiment and select your desired experiment type to see a list of your eligible ASINs.

Pick an attribute

Next, decide what attribute you want to test. Options include:

  • Product images: See what images grab the most attention. For example, you can compare lifestyle against product photography or minimalist photos with information-rich alternatives.
  • Product titles: Discover if longer titles highlighting product features attract more attention than shorter titles. You can also see if certain details, like adding your brand name, drive more traffic.
  • Product descriptions: Test different versions of a product description to see if attributes like product dimensions compel customers to buy.
  • Bullet points: Do customers care more about product features, benefits, size, or other details? Test alternate bullet points, varying bullet point order, length, and keyword inclusion for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • A+ Content: Share your brand story and enhance product listings with A+ Content like videos, enhanced images, and product-comparison charts. Then test different versions to see what visuals customers prefer.

Create the new content

The final preparation step is creating the new version of the content that you want to test (Version B) against the current version. Try to make the two versions as different as possible. The greater the difference, the better the chance that the performance results will be meaningful and not due to random chance. Manage Your Experiments will notify you when the two versions are too similar.

Manage Your Experiments: plan a test for listing content
Learn how to plan a test for listing content with Manage Your Experiments.

2. Create an experiment

Now you’re prepped and ready to test. Create an experiment using the following steps:

  1. Hover over Brands in the Seller Central main menu, then click Manage Experiments. From the Manage Your Experiments page, click Create a New Experiment and select your desired experiment type followed by an eligible ASIN that includes the content you want to test.
  2. Your experiment details will default so you get the fastest results. This includes the experiment automatically starting as soon as validation is complete. The duration will also be set as “to significance,” which means it will automatically end when there is enough data to declare a winner. You can adjust these settings by clicking the View Settings toggle.
  3. Click Schedule Experiment.
  4. Check the status of your experiment from the Manage Your Experiments page.
Manage Your Experiments: set up a test for listing content
Find out how to set up a test for listing content using the Manage Your Experiments tool (MYE). Understand requirements for using MYE and get tips for running a great experiment.

3. Review results and publish content

Manage Your Experiments updates experiment results once a week until the experiment ends. Once the test is complete, you can review results to see which version of the content performed better by clicking View Details from the Manage Your Experiments page.

You’ll see the percentage of the probability that one version of your content is better than the other. You’ll also see a breakdown of different metrics showing how each version performed. You can compare metrics like units sold per unique visitor, conversion, units sold, sales, and sample size. You’ll also see the projected one-year impact on sales of your winning content.

After reviewing the results, you can publish the winning content. Or if you left the auto-publish option defaulted when setting up your test, we’ll publish the alternate content automatically if it performed significantly better than your existing listing content.

Completing your first test is only the beginning. Continue testing different attributes to find additional ways to improve your content and reach more customers.

Manage Your Experiments: Interpret results for listing content.
Find out how to view, assess, and apply the results of a test with Manage Your Experiments.

Ready to test and optimize your content?

If you’re not already a brand owner, enroll in Amazon Brand Registry to access a suite of tools that help optimize sales and build your brand, as well others that can help protect your intellectual property.

Already a brand owner? Start creating experiments today to attract more customers and drive sales.

Avi Ravi
Avi Ravi
Director, Seller Recruitment and Success at Amazon