Amazon’s Seller Forums: Connect, learn, and find answers

Screenshot of the forums experience, showing the filtering options, with "Has Most Helpful reply" circled

The voting features allow you to indicate whether a post is marked as “Has Most Helpful reply.”

Get your questions answered and share advice with Amazon’s Seller Forums.

Did you know Amazon’s Seller Forums is a dedicated online community where sellers can connect with each other, ask questions, and share their experiences of selling in the Amazon store? Here’s how it works and how you can join the discussion.

What is Seller Forums?

Seller Forums is an online space where sellers can connect and share their experiences of selling in the Amazon store, as well as starting and growing a successful business. Along with Amazon sellers, a team of Amazon community managers offers guidance and shares best practices related to account health, brand management, and more.

You can browse discussions whether or not you’re an Amazon seller by visiting Seller Forum’s public landing page. Registered sellers can start discussions, leave replies, and exchange perspectives.

Once you sign up for an Amazon selling plan, you can access Seller Forums by hovering over Learn in the main menu of Seller Central, then selecting Forums.

We set out to understand how you want to use Seller Forums and what improvements we should make to the seller experience.
Katie Scott
Director, Selling Partner Communities

5 actions you can take in Seller Forums

1. Search the forums

Type keywords into the search function of Seller Forums to pull up relevant discussions and find solutions. You can also browse through categories for account setup, creating and managing listings, order fulfillment, and more. After selecting a category, use filters to narrow your search results. You can sort by latest activity, recently created, and most-viewed. You can also sort replies that have received the most votes for being helpful, or only view discussions that have received a response from Amazon.

2. Start a discussion

Select the Start a discussion button to start a conversation and receive replies from other sellers and Amazon community managers. Keep the discussion going by using the reply feature to respond to comments. If a particular comment resolves the issue, you can mark the reply as the most helpful comment.

3. Reply and vote

If you’re browsing the forums and come across a discussion where you can help someone with a question or issue, provide your insights in a comment. Seller Forums has a voting feature you can use to indicate whether you find a piece of information helpful. You can also flag a post for Amazon review.

The number of votes definitely makes a difference. It helps you understand how many eyes are on a discussion and how many people agree. It gives some validity to a forum.
Dime & Nickel
Amazon seller

4. Find Amazon news, announcements, and events

Want to find out what’s happening in the Amazon selling community? Visit the News and Announcements category to see new communications from Amazon. You can find updates related to Amazon tools, programs, and more. Also check out Community Connections to hear from Amazon community managers about upcoming networking events and other types of opportunities you might like to participate in.

5. Create a profile page and personalize your experience

You can customize your Seller Forums profile by choosing a username and uploading a profile picture or picking an avatar. You can also share optional information about yourself and your business. Or go a step further and set notification preferences to receive updates tailored to the topics you’re interested in following.

Pro Tip
Join a discussion group within Seller Forums
Visit the Groups tab at the top of the Seller Forums homepage to view niche Amazon communities with shared interests. Two groups you might like to join are the New Seller Community for sellers who’ve been selling in the Amazon store less than 18 months, and the Handmade Community for artisans who sell their unique creations using the Amazon Handmade program. To respond and post in the group’s discussions, join the group.

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