Project Zero

Block, remove, and prevent counterfeits

Drive counterfeits to zero with Amazon. Combine our automated protections and the power of serialization with the ability to immediately remove counterfeit listings from Amazon stores.
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Why Project Zero?

With Project Zero, you can combine Amazon’s advanced anti-counterfeiting technology with the experience you have protecting your intellectual property through Brand Registry.
Remove counterfeits—immediately
Use Project Zero’s self-service tool to search for counterfeit listings and immediately remove them from the Amazon store.
Enhance automated protections
Each time you remove a counterfeit, you strengthen Brand Registry’s automated protections, which proactively block counterfeits before they impact your brand and customers.
Prevent counterfeits proactively
Combine instant counterfeit removal with serialization powered by Transparency, a program that uses unique, scannable codes to prevent counterfeit units from ever being listed or sold to customers.
“Amazon is continuously evolving its brand protections so they're always one step ahead of bad actors.”
“Project Zero has made our lives easier by giving us the power to take down infringing products ourselves. Within minutes of reporting the bad actors [listing], we would receive a notice of successful takedown.”

Join the growing number of brands in Project Zero


Brands are enrolled in Project Zero


Of infringing listings are blocked or removed by Brand Registry’s proactive controls before a brand has to find and report them


Of daily attempted changes to product detail pages are scanned by Amazon’s automated technology for signs of potential abuse

Did you know?

We’re constantly evolving brand protection

At Amazon, we work hard to earn customer trust, and we strictly prohibit the sale of counterfeit products. We’re continuously innovating to detect and prevent counterfeits from reaching customers. To learn about our latest innovations, view our Brand Protection Report.

Ready to get started?

Step 1

Enroll in Project Zero

When you meet all eligibility requirements, you can enroll on the Project Zero page by clicking Get started. You’ll be prompted to complete a 10-minute training. You’ll also have the option to begin enrollment for serialization through the Transparency program.

Step 2

Find and remove counterfeits

Access the self-service counterfeit removal tool by clicking Protect, then Project Zero in the Brand Registry main menu. You’ll have access to the tool for each country-based store where your brand has an active, registered trademark associated with your Brand Registry account.

If you locate a suspected counterfeit, we recommend performing a test buy to confirm the violation. Once confirmed, you can return to the tool to remove individual offers or an entire product listing.

Step 3

Track your removals

You can check the status of a counterfeit removal anytime by clicking Monitor, then Submission history in the Brand Registry main menu.

Note: When you remove a counterfeit from the Amazon store, a notice of complaint is sent to each seller associated with the removal.

“Project Zero has been a very easy and effective tool at protecting BMW on Amazon. We are very appreciative of the tools Amazon has built to enable us to protect our brand.”

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is Project Zero available?
Project Zero is available in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Australia, India, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
How much does Project Zero cost?
After meeting all eligibility requirements, you can enroll and use the self-service counterfeit removal tool for free. Automated protections are also provided to enrolled brands at no cost.

Brands that enroll in serialization through the Transparency program pay for serialization codes. We may offer discounts based on volume.
What types of infringing listings can I remove from the Amazon store?
Project Zero’s self-service counterfeit removal tool should only be used to remove counterfeit listings.

A counterfeit is an unlawful total or partial reproduction of a registered trademark—or a mark that is very similar to a registered trademark—in connection with the sale of a product. Counterfeiting requires the use of a registered trademark on the product, packaging, or the product detail page to imply that the product is genuine.
How does Amazon ensure that brands are making accurate decisions using Project Zero’s self-service counterfeit removal tool?
We provide brands with an unprecedented level of responsibility when they use the self-service counterfeit-removal tool. They must maintain an accuracy rate of at least 99% in order to maintain access to Project Zero. We have a number of processes in place to promote accuracy, including required training as part of Project Zero enrollment and ongoing monitoring to prevent misuse.
Do brands need to serialize their products in order to use Project Zero’s self-service counterfeit removal tool?
No, but the brands that combine their use of Project Zero’s self-service counterfeit removal tool and automated protections with the serializing power of Transparency see the best results. Product serialization is a powerful method to detect and stop counterfeits from reaching customers. Brands also have the choice to determine which of their products to serialize.
Why am I not eligible for Project Zero if I have a 90% acceptance rate on reports of infringement submitted through Report a Violation?
We determine eligibility by reviewing a user's acceptance rate alongside additional criteria to ensure Project Zero will be used responsibly. While you may not be eligible yet, please continue to use Report a Violation. We’ll automatically invite you to enroll once you meet all the criteria.

Block, remove, and prevent counterfeits

Drive counterfeits to zero with Amazon.
New to Brand Registry? Enroll your brand