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Transparency: The not-so-secret ingredient for a bold broth brand

"Transparency has exceeded even our wildest expectations. It has taken all the hard work out of protecting our brand."
Niccoló Gloazzo
Director of Ecommerce

Born from brotherly love

Like all good siblings, Justin Mares has always been there for his brother Nick. So when Nick suffered a knee injury in his senior year of high school, Justin immediately started to think of ways he could help. As a CrossFit aficionado, Justin was well aware of the restorative benefits of bone broth. When he shopped around to send some to Nick, however, his search came up short. What he did find was an incredible business opportunity.

“There were companies that would only do shorter cook times, they didn’t use quality ingredients, or they would ship it frozen, which costs a lot of money,” explains Niccoló Gloazzo, the Director for Ecommerce for Kettle & Fire.

Soon after, the brothers founded Kettle & Fire, releasing the first-ever shelf-stable, 100% grass-fed and finished bone broth on the market, made from all-organic ingredients and a healthy dose of brotherly love.
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A business on the rise

The business began life with a direct-to-customer offering in 2014, and the timing couldn’t have proved better.

The brothers were perfectly placed to catch the wave of increasing consumer demand for high-quality, organic, and health-focused foods, as well as growing interest in new diets such as keto.

Soon the business had built enough momentum and brand awareness to expand into traditional retail, as well as the Amazon store.

“We started to sell on Amazon a few years ago; it's one of our best channels right now. In addition to the ample opportunities on, selling on Amazon also opens access to other channels such as Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh,” says Niccoló.
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Adding a dash of brand building

Looking back on their early days with Amazon, the Kettle & Fire team knew that to grow, they needed to make the most of their presence in the Amazon store. When they heard about Amazon Brand Registry, which unlocks access to a suite of brand protection and brand-building programs, they quickly made the decision to enroll.

“We signed up for Brand Registry to ensure our brand is protected and represented as best as possible. It was really important to us to make sure our product was correctly positioned on our listings. It was the best decision to make,” says Niccoló.

Besides increasing the accuracy of their listings, enrollment in Brand Registry allowed Kettle & Fire to be eligible for a number of premium brand-building and protection programs, including:

A+ Content, which lets brands tell their story and showcase their products on their Amazon product detail pages
Stores, which helps brands promote their business and products with a free, multi-page storefront in the Amazon store
Sponsored Brands, which helps brands grow awareness with ads that feature a logo, custom headline, and up to three products or a video
Transparency, a product-serialization service that helps identify individual units and proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching customers

“When we started boosting our presence on Amazon, things started to pick up. Month after month, we would see great improvements in our revenue.”

Niccoló Gloazzo
Director of Ecommerce

Adding a sprinkle of Transparency

Kettle & Fire’s customers are well-informed, health-conscious, and potentially reliant on the brand’s products to help manage various health issues. Unfortunately, they had some reports of customers receiving counterfeits or the wrong version of their products.

Dedicated to quality and committed to their customers, the Kettle & Fire team turned to Transparency, a proactive counterfeit prevention program. An additional benefit of Transparency is that it ensures customers only receive the exact products they order. This is accomplished by adding unique, scannable codes to each product unit or its packaging. Amazon uses these codes to ensure that only correct and authentic products are shipped. By scanning the code, Kettle & Fire customers can verify product authenticity.

Transparency has been a huge boon for Kettle & Fire’s business, saving the brand time and energy, and ensuring good experiences for their customers.

“For us, getting people the authentic and right product is extremely important because we’re talking about products that actually go into someone’s body. So, it's extremely important to make sure that we can keep our word when we promise our customers great products with clean ingredients.”

Niccoló Gloazzo
Director of Ecommerce

Success worth savoring

Kettle & Fire’s ever-improving commitment to their customers has paid real dividends. In fact, Transparency has been instrumental in creating a genuine relationship between Kettle & Fire and its customers.

Even better, the improvement in customer sentiment has translated into real profits, and the Kettle & Fire team plan on enrolling more products in Transparency.

"With Transparency we get peace of mind. We know the quality of the product that our customers receive. They can scan the product and know it’s an authentic Kettle & Fire product. It empowers our customers and helps them build trust with our brand. I can easily say enrolling in Transparency has provided at least a 10-fold return on investment.”

Niccoló Gloazzo
Director of Ecommerce
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