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Why sell in the Middle East?

Looking for the next great opportunity to expand your business globally? Start in the Middle East with Amazon. Be among the first to expand to our emerging marketplaces, with access to easy listing tools, safe payment processing, promotional features, and simplified logistics solutions. Reach millions of new customers today.

International Brand Pavilion

Brands using Fulfillment by Amazon may appear in the International Brand Pavilion, a dedicated storefront to help global brand owners market, sell, and deliver innovative products to Amazon customers in the Middle East.

Selling in the United Arab Emirates

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No language barriers is an English-language experience, including all listings and customer communications.
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Ease of transaction

Sell without additional UAE trade licenses and receive payments in USD directly to your U.S. bank account.


ecommerce penetration in 2020
Source: Statista


Internet penetration
Source: World Bank

Selling in Saudi Arabia

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Economic opportunity

Saudi is the 18th largest economy in the world by GDP and in the top 20 richest countries by spending power.
Source: IMF (2019); General Authority of Statistics, KSA (2020); Statista Digital Market Outlook (2019); Investopedia
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Digitally diverse population

At 93% internet penetration, Saudi customers are among the most connected.
Source: IMF (2019); General Authority of Statistics, KSA (2020); Statista Digital Market Outlook (2019)

Start selling on Amazon in UAE/Saudi

Whether you are new to selling online or a seasoned exporter, Amazon makes selling locally and internationally simpler and easier. Just like in the US, you can sign up for a Seller Central account in the UAE/Saudi Arabia. Get started in just a few steps.
Meet Javier Alvira, Amazon Director of Middle East/North Africa

Step 1

Decide what to sell
Understanding UAE/Saudi local laws is important for selling on & It is important that you understand how UAE/Saudi applies Value Added Tax (VAT) to orders made online. When you import goods into UAE/Saudi, you must comply with UAE/Saudi customs laws, as well as other laws and regulations.

Step 2

Register and List
Take advantage of Amazon’s powerful tools to manage your seller accounts. You can link your North American or European marketplace accounts to your UAE/Saudi account, see your global sales on one page, and sync your listings. Learn more about the document verification and review process after setting up a UAE/Saudi Account.

Step 3

Ship and fulfill
Amazon has a network of leading international shipping and logistics experts that offer special discounted rates for Amazon sellers that are expanding their business into UAE/Saudi.

Amazon Sellers opt for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) when they want to generate more sales without necessarily investing in logistics. Understand what’s involved in shipping to and fulfilling in the UAE/Saudi, including costs, times, and requirements.

Step 4

Manage your business
Use Amazon tools like Sponsored Products, Lightning deals and coupons to build your business in UAE/Saudi.

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