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Access new ways to help grow your business to the next level with the help of an experienced account manager. Get a business plan specifically crafted for your business, personalized coaching and training, and insight from an assigned account manager that can help grow your sales on Amazon.

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$39.99 a month + selling fees

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What's Included?

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Designated Amazon Account Manager
Work closely with an assigned account manager to prioritize your next steps that can have an impact on your sales. SAS Core includes at least one monthly call to review your business plan and come up with tailored action items each month.
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Strategic Business Advice
Your account manager will identify gaps and areas of opportunity to grow your business and will create a business plan to monitor progress. Depending on your needs, you may receive advice in key areas like fulfillment and inventory, account health, selection and conversion growth, merchandising and advertising, and global expansion.
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Operational Execution
Get additional help executing time-consuming tasks so you can concentrate on growing your business. Our team is ready to assist you with new listing creation and detail page recommendations to help improve search results, gain visibility for your products, and increase sales.
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Programs, Pilots, Betas and Advanced Coaching
Because Amazon is ever-evolving, your account manager will keep you up-to-date and introduce you to the latest programs that can benefit your business. Staying current also includes participating in pilots and betas and having access to one-on-one coaching and mentoring from your account manager and other subject matter experts inside Amazon.
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Help your business grow - follow these steps:


Apply to the program and Amazon will determine if SAS Core is a good fit for your account


Complete a questionnaire so we can learn about your Amazon business and growth objectives


Receive a confirmation of your enrollment as well as a business plan tailored for you


Begin your service with regular one-on-one meetings with your account manager

Pricing & Eligibility

The cost for SAS Core is $1,600/month + 0.3% of your total sales* in the previous calendar month + tax. Fees in any month will cap at $5,000.

You must have an active Professional Selling Account in good standing on Sellers who want to apply for multiple Selling Accounts must complete the application form with an email address and Merchant Token unique to each Selling Account. SAS Core is currently only available for sellers selling in the US Marketplace. If you have additional questions, please review our SAS Core FAQs or watch a helpful overview webinar.
* Total sales does not include returns, shipping, gift wrap or other charges
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I can tell you that having a person we can call on the inside has been incredibly valuable.
Matt NascaCore Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Strategic Account Services.


I’m not a brand owner. Can SAS Core help me?
The program is designed to help both brand owners and resellers doing business in Amazon’s stores.
I have more than one seller account. Can I work with a single account manager to help me on all of my accounts?
We require that sellers enroll each seller account separately in SAS Core. Depending on account manager capacity, you may or may not work with a single account manager across all of your seller accounts. We will work with you closely to determine how to best manage your multiple accounts.
If I enroll in SAS Core, can I expect to receive different or preferential treatment when it comes to Amazon’s policies?
No. Amazon’s policies are the same for all sellers and applied equally, regardless of whether you’re enrolled in our program or not.

Your Account Manager

How does an account manager help me grow my business?
Your account manager will help identify gaps and areas of opportunity to grow your business and will create a business plan to help monitor progress. Depending on your needs, you may receive advice in key areas like fulfillment and inventory, selection and conversion growth, merchandising and advertising, and global expansion.
How often can I talk to my account manager?
You will have regular monthly calls with your assigned account manager. Additional calls may be scheduled to address other business needs. Additionally, you will have the direct email of your account manager.
How many accounts does each account manager manage?
Each account manager manages between 12-15 accounts. We limit the number of sellers that each account manager has in their book of business so they can focus on optimizing your account and helping you reach your business goals.
Are SAS Core account managers Amazon employees?
Yes, all account managers are Amazon employees.
What’s the level of experience my account manager will have?
All of our account managers go through extensive training to learn how to best assist sellers enrolled in SAS Core. Your account manager receives in-depth training on topics that include fulfillment and inventory, selection and conversion growth, merchandising and advertising, and global expansion (and many more).
What if I am unsatisfied with the level of service that I am getting from my account manager?
If you are unhappy with the level of service that your account manager is providing, you can reach out directly to their manager at any time to discuss a resolution that makes sense based on your needs.

Promotions and Merchandising

What kind of merchandising assistance will we receive?
Your SAS Core account manager can advise your account on all Amazon deal types, including Coupons, Lightning Deals, Best Deals, and Deal of the Day. Deals are not guaranteed as part of your participation in SAS Core, but they are a topic in which your account manager will advise your growth on Amazon. Fees may still apply to applicable deal types. You do not get free or discounted merchandising for deals and promotions as part of your participation in SAS Core.
Can my account manager help me set up deals?
Your account manager can help you develop a deals strategy based on the objectives of your business. They will also provide strategic guidance which can improve the likelihood of your deal getting approved.
Can my account manager help me get ready for special events such as Prime Day/Holiday?
Yes, your account manager will help ensure that your business is ready for special events/holidays. They will help you optimize your merchandizing and detail pages to help you prepare for high-traffic events.
Will my account manager keep me informed of new programs?
Keeping in mind your business goals, your account manager will let you know about new programs, pilots, and betas that may help you achieve your objectives.

Program Fees and Commitment

How much does SAS Core cost?
Participation in the Core program costs $1,600/month + 0.3% of your total sales in the previous calendar month, including the item price but excluding any returns, shipping, gift wrap, or other charges (“Total Monthly Revenue”) + tax. Fees in any month will cap at $5,000.

Here’s an example: Between July 1 and July 31, Kristin’s Jewelry Store, a hypothetical seller on Amazon who participates in the Core program, sold $130,000 in Total Monthly Revenue. Kristin’s Jewelry store would be billed $1,990 (+ tax) on August 1. Calculation: ($1,600 + (.003*$130,000))

Please note, billing calculations are based on your previous month's Total Monthly Revenue (“Total Monthly Revenue” = item price * quantity; Total Monthly Revenue does not include returns, shipping, gift wrap or other charges) and, therefore, will vary from month to month.
On what day of the month can I expect to be billed?
You will be billed on the 1st calendar day of the month. See the question above for how your fees are calculated.
Can I pay less for access to fewer services?
SAS Core is currently offered as a bundled package of services and cannot be separated at this time.
Is there a free trial period?
There is no free trial period for SAS Core.
How long is the program commitment?
The minimum commitment for SAS Core is 3 months. There is no maximum length of time sellers may stay enrolled in SAS Core.
How are my bills paid?
Core bills are paid via your account balance. If the account balance is insufficient to cover the monthly bill, the remainder of the fee will be charged to the credit card on file.
What’s the process to cancel if I no longer want to be enrolled in SAS Core?
After completing the minimum term of 3 months, you may cancel your enrollment via the Premium Services Hub on Seller Central. Seller Central > Programs > Premium Services > Manage > Cancel Program.
If I cancel my enrollment in SAS Core, when will my services end?
If you choose to cancel your enrollment, your enrollment in the program will end on the last day of the same month and you will not receive any additional bills for SAS Core.
I’ve read the FAQs, but I still have questions. Who can I contact for more information?
If you have additional questions, please fill out this form and a member of our team will be in contact with you.

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