For Easy@Home, an intro to Amazon Business has been a business game-changer

Easy@Home started selling in Amazon’s stores a little over 5 years ago and quickly became Easy@Home’s main revenue channel for its catalog of health and personal care products. “Amazon now accounts for almost 85% of our company’s revenue,” said Li Zou, Chief Operating Officer of Easy@Home.
If you’re a seller thinking about joining Strategic Account Services, I highly recommend it.
Li ZouEasy@Home
When Zou decided to sign up for Strategic Account Services in early-2018, he was dealing with a few selling issues that he was having difficulty resolving. “We sell products like fertility tests, drug test, and blood pressure monitors which are regulated by the governments of the countries in which we sell. It adds a layer of complexity,” says Zou. “We wanted an account manager who would know our business and help us navigate to the areas of Amazon that could best help us.”

Upon joining the program, Zou was connected with Strategic Account Services account manager, Hilary F. “I feel like Hilary shares ownership of my questions and issues. And that’s been critical and meaningful for my business.”

Additionally, Zou found that one of the biggest benefits to being part of Strategic Account Services is the access to new programs, pilots, and betas that enrollment in Strategic Account Services offers. “We’d been aware of Amazon Business for a while, and thought it might be a good fit for us,” said Zou. Amazon Business combines the selection, convenience and value customers have come to know and love from Amazon, with features and unique benefits tailored to B2B commerce. “Hilary was able to introduce us to the right people to help get us up and running on Amazon Business. We see that there’s a lot of opportunity and we’re excited to grow with Amazon Business over the next few years.” Says Hilary, “The number one priority for Easy@Home when they joined the program was to get up and running on Amazon Business. Fortunately, I was able to get them into a small test as Amazon Business was just getting started which we were all happy about.”

“In addition to Amazon Business, Hilary recommended that we expand our business into Amazon’s European stores. Through her connections, we were able to do some testing in some new markets late last year and yielded some good learnings. We have a bit more work to do on the regulatory side of things before we can scale, but we laid a good foundation,” says Zou. “It’s one of the best benefits of our program,” says Hilary, “We have contacts and processes to connect sellers with the right people on the right teams so they can expand their businesses in Amazon’s stores efficiently.”

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For Easy@Home, an intro to Amazon Business has been a business game-changer