Amazon's Strategic Account Services encouraged PajamaGram to “think like an Amazonian”

“We are the PJ experts. Pajamas are our life,” says Liz Lavallee, director of online marketplaces at PajamaGram.

Since 2002, PajamaGram has sold sleepwear for the whole family online. They started selling their products in the Amazon store during the 2010 holiday season and Amazon quickly became–and has stayed–their business’ fastest-growing channel.
If you have a great detail page, you’ve created a great customer experience and–in turn–you’ll realize higher sales.
Liz LavalleePajamaGram
Liz and PajamaGram joined Strategic Account Services in early 2018 when it first became an offering.

“For us, Amazon is such an instrumental part of our business," Liz says. "Having an account manager inside Amazon was something we knew we wanted.”

Liz was paired with Strategic Account Services account manager, Paul N.

“Paul is like our air traffic controller,” Liz says. “He helps us navigate through Amazon and, when appropriate, get us to the people and departments that can answer our questions and help grow our business.”

Paul has been an Amazon employee for almost 19 years and finds that it can be helpful to teach his sellers about the “why” behind some of Amazon’s decisions.

“Fundamentally, Amazon’s intention is always to make the decision that is in the best interest of our customers,” says Paul. “If Sellers make decisions using that lens, I find it can reduce friction in the long-run.”

Liz agrees, “Amazon is looking to make the shopping experience for customers as easy as possible. Now, as we’re making decisions for our business on Amazon, we think first about what’s right for the customer, not just what’s good for us. If you have a great product detail page, you’ve created a great customer experience and–in turn–you’ll realize higher sales. It works!”
Paul also recommended that PajamaGram leverage one of Amazon’s most visible deals programs, Deal of the Day, which is a one-day deal available to all Amazon customers.

“Nearly every customer who visits the Today’s Deals page will see the Deal of the Day, and this is the best way to get quick exposure for a company’s products,” Paul says.

Liz agrees, “We loved doing Deal of the Day. This was a really great way for us to get exposure to an audience that isn’t necessarily looking for our products. We not only saw a spike on the day we ran the deal, we saw a halo effect that lasted through the entire Christmas season.”

“Being a part of Strategic Account Services has been a great way to learn about all things Amazon,” Liz says.

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For PajamaGram, participation in Strategic Account Services encouraged them to “think like an Amazonian”