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Amazon Vendor Services - Signature

Access new ways to help take your business to the next level with Amazon Vendor Services - Signature (AVS Signature). AVS Signature offers premium support to help you manage and grow your business on Amazon by helping identify and drive operational improvements.

AVS Signature is currently available for tier one, retail-managed vendors.
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What's included?

Designated customer success manager
Work with an assigned customer success manager to prioritize tasks, activities, and improvements that can impact your sales, operations, and customer experience. Enrollment includes weekly 1-on-1 calls and access to additional teams including AVS centralized support, your vendor manager, in stock, and others.
Strategic business advice
Your customer success manager will provide data-based recommendations across key areas that can help grow your business. Depending on your needs, you may receive advice in areas like catalog and branding, inventory and operations, profitability, traffic drivers, conversion, and insights on growth opportunities.
Troubleshooting and support
While strategic planning and advice is the goal of our program, we understand there are times when additional assistance with issues may be requested. For times when you would like additional help, your customer success manager will have access to a support team to assist.
Operational execution
Get additional help executing time-consuming tasks so you can concentrate on growing your business. Our team is ready to assist you with fixing catalog defects, providing detail page recommendations to help improve search results and gain visibility for your products, and drive conversion through executing and monitoring promotions.
Programs, pilots, betas and advanced coaching
Amazon is always evolving, and your customer success manager can help you stay on top of new opportunities for your business. This includes participating in pilots and beta programs and getting access to advanced coaching and mentoring from your customer success manager and other subject matter experts inside Amazon.
Learn more
To learn more about this program and to begin the enrollment process, reach out to your vendor manager.

Follow these steps to enroll


Contact your vendor manager
Determine cost of service and align on categories and vendor codes for contract inclusion.


Submit a service request
Submit an official service request through your vendor manager to AVS Signature.


Complete enrollment
AVS Signature will assign a customer success manager and complete enrollment.

Note: Lead times vary based on current waitlist.


Introductory meeting
Your customer success manager and vendor manager will reach out to schedule an introductory meeting (conference call or in-person meeting).
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When we see a problem, we are seeing it get fixed in record time. It really enables us to focus our time on the right things.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the program cost?
Our rate card varies depending on the vendor codes included for service, number of GL’s included, and overall size of the business (PCOGS).

Please reach out to your vendor manager for specific pricing.
What is the duration of a AVS contract?
A standard contract is 12 months. At this time we are not offering trials.
When can my service start?
Once you have committed to service with your vendor manager, you will be added to our pipeline for enrollment. Wait times vary based on the volume of demand we are experiencing.
If I enroll in AVS Signature, can I expect to receive different or preferential treatment when it comes to Amazon’s policies?
No. Amazon’s policies are the same for all vendors and applied equally, regardless of whether you’re enrolled in our program or not.
Will my customer success manager be dedicated to my brand (1:1 ratio)?
Our program structure is based on a centralized model. We are committed to delivering a high level of service. We flex up or down on resources as needed to best service an account. This includes backend team support as well as support from your customer success manager. An customer success manager may service more than one account.
What if I am unhappy with the level of service I am receiving?
Vendor satisfaction is a key indicator of our program's and the success of our customer success managers. It is essential that you participate in our regular surveys so that we can collect your feedback and take action on any areas of concern. We encourage you to share positive and negative program feedback with our management team, and you will receive a direct point of contact that manages your customer success manager.
I’ve read the FAQs, but I still have questions. Who can I contact for more information?
Reach out to your vendor manager to be connected with the AVS Signature team today!