Manage Your Customer Engagement

Boost engagement and build customer loyalty with email marketing

Grow relationships with customers and drive revenue for your business using Amazon’s "Manage Your Customer Engagement" tool for email marketing.
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What is Manage Your Customer Engagement?

Manage Your Customer Engagement is a tool in Amazon Seller Central that enables eligible brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry to create and schedule image-based, product-centered Amazon customer emails. Use it to notify customers of new product launches, 7-day deal details, and gift event guides. Engage audience segments such as repeat customers, high-spend customers, recent customers, and brand followers.

Learn the lingo:

Amazon Brand Follow

"Brand Follow" is an Amazon tool that helps customers keep up with their favorite brands in the Amazon store. Customers who click the "Follow" button can see deals from brands they follow, receive mobile notifications when a brand is about to stream via Amazon Live, and more. Manage Your Customer Engagement is an opportunity to engage with customers who follow your brand. As your business grows, you can leverage customer engagement campaigns to foster relationships and brand loyalty that can lead to higher sales.

How does it work?

Brand Tailored Audiences feature allows you to create emails using pre-made templates and send emails directly to four different types of audiences:
  • Brand Followers: Customers who follow your brand through Amazon Brand Follow
  • Repeat Customers: Customers who have ordered products from your brand more than once in the last 12 months
  • High-Spend Customers: The 25% of customers who purchased the most from your brand in the last 12 months
  • Recent Customers: The most recent 20% of customers who purchased from your brand
  • Cart Abandoners: Customers who in the last three months have added one or more of the products you sell to their carts without purchasing the products (source: SME input).
You can use Manage Your Customer Engagement to share gift ideas, showcase your offerings, and more with Amazon customer emails. Launch email campaigns for recent, repeat, or high-spend customers to notify them of new product releases, 7-day deals, and gift event guides.
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Manage audience engagement

Craft marketing campaigns that speak directly to your audience, see how campaigns perform, and schedule new ones all in one place with the MYCE dashboard.

Build relationships
Send promotional content to re-engage customers based on past purchases. Review historical purchasing data to see what customers bought, so you can craft messaging that will resonate and help customers find products they’ll love.

Drive engagement
It can be disheartening to launch new products and schedule promotions that receive no conversions. Avoid disappointment by engaging past customers who already purchased from your brand within the past 12 months.

Inspire repeat purchases
If a customer purchased from your brand before, what are the odds they’ll do it again? Stay proactive with repeat and high-spend customers through products and deals matching their interests.
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Did you know?

Email marketing campaigns can be an effective way to entice customers to buy

In response to one survey about what type of marketing email they would most likely act on, over 59% of customers chose product recommendations based on their purchase history. Another 22.7% said they’d be more likely to buy a newly-launched product.

Create professional email campaigns without design skills

Our customer engagement tool comes with ready-made templates to speed up email design for your marketing campaigns. Consistently launch email campaigns and get a return on your investment in terms of time, effort, and resources.

Select a shopping event theme
Make use of relevant templates available through Manage Your Customer Engagement. For example, select shopping event themes like holiday and seasonal messages, so the style and layouts speak to the occasion.

Add a primary product, images, and your brand logo
Promote a specific product in each email with quality photos and lifestyle imagery highlighting the benefits and features customers care about. Polish off campaigns by uploading a logo for your brand.

Include supporting products for cross-sell opportunities
Add up to four supporting products to cross-sell and increase your average order value (AOV). Bigger shopping carts can mean more revenue as you scale your business online and widen your reach.
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Track campaigns with real-time reporting

Unlock valuable insights about customer behavior and campaign performance. Learn how many customers open emails, click on links, and complete orders.

Monitor the progress of campaigns
Find progress reports and analytics you can access from wherever you have an internet connection. Keep a pulse on what’s working and use what you learn to make improvements to campaigns.

Check key performance metrics
Manage Your Customer Engagement allows you to measure your impact by tracking open rates, click-through rates, emails delivered, opt-out rates, sales, and conversion (source). Keep an eye on the customer engagement dashboard to spot trends you can capitalize on.

Send campaigns when customers are most engaged
Based on your customer engagement insights, you can determine the best days and times to send emails to your audience to encourage engagement.

Launch new products and offer deals

Send notifications about new releases and limited-time offers like Amazon 7-day deals so customers don’t miss out.

Improve visibility of new products
Combine timely email campaigns with advertising options like Sponsored Products to notify brand followers about special offers.

Offer discounts and see how they perform
Build 7-day deal campaigns, then monitor metrics like units sold, revenue, impressions, and views. Use this data to guide future promotional strategies and boost conversions.

Evolve your marketing strategy with audience insights
Spot buying patterns to determine the best times to send emails and get the most engagement. Turn each launch into a success and watch as your bottom line goes up.
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Get started
in 3 steps

Build and send email campaigns that perform.

Step 1

Set up your campaign

Select your brand, campaign type, and audience.

Step 2

Add details

Choose a primary product and upload images of supporting products you think customers might like. Add copy and your own branding, then preview the campaign.

Step 3


Name the campaign, set the subject line and section header, and hit send (or schedule for a later date).

Frequently Asked Questions:
Manage Your Customer Engagement

Who is eligible to use the Amazon Manage Your Customer Engagement tool?
Manage Your Customer Engagement is available to U.S. third-party (3P) and first-party (1P) sellers in the Amazon store. Sign up for a Professional selling plan and enroll in Brand Registry to use Manage Your Customer Engagement.
How do I access the Amazon customer engagement tool?
In Seller Central, you can find Manage Your Customer Engagement under the "Brands" tab as "Customer Engagement." In Vendor Central, navigate to "Merchandising" and "Customer Engagement" to access the tool.
When should I schedule an email campaign?
Create a campaign and submit it for review at least six days (source) before the date you want the email to reach customers (to allow time for campaign approval).

Use insights from the customer engagement dashboard to find campaign data, such as email open rates based on the day and time of day. Then, set campaign start dates on the days of the week that receive the highest customer engagement based on past trends. Or, coordinate campaigns with promotions, new product releases, and seasonal events.

You can send campaigns to some audiences once per week and to other audiences once every 14 days. Manage Your Customer Engagement lets you email each recipient once within a seven-day period, so use MYCE strategically to schedule campaigns for maximum audience engagement. Learn more about scheduling campaigns and campaign frequency.
How does campaign approval work?
Our moderation team reviews campaigns to make sure they meet content requirements. If a campaign doesn’t pass review, you can create a new one. Track campaign status in Manage Your Customer Engagement to see which campaigns are in moderation, ready to send, running, complete, canceled, or suspended. To avoid suspended campaigns, check out criteria for campaign creation.
How much does the customer engagement tool cost?
Manage Your Customer Engagement is free for eligible brand owners who maintain a Professional selling plan ($39.99 per month plus applicable selling fees).
Manage Your Customer Engagement