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Track and respond to customer reviews

The Customer Reviews tool lets you easily view and respond to product reviews to uncover product insights and build brand loyalty.

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What is the Customer Reviews tool?

The Customer Reviews tool lets you quickly track reviews and respond to customer concerns. When a customer leaves a rating less than three stars, you can contact them to offer a solution—either with a full refund or by requesting additional information to resolve their issue. Monitoring reviews and promptly resolving concerns can strengthen your connection with customers and help uncover insights to improve your products.

Who can use Customer Reviews?

To access the Customer Reviews tool, you need a Professional selling account. You also need to be a brand representative for a brand enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry (login required).

Build customer relationships to grow your brand

Promptly respond to feedback to build trust
Demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement by resolving critical reviews—those with less than three stars—at least every 30 days.

Engage customers after high-traffic events
Frequently monitor and respond to reviews after popular shopping events to build relationships with new customers.

Boost your brand reputation
Respond to customer needs to convert them into repeat buyers, improve your star ratings, and bolster brand sentiment.
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Understand customer sentiment and improve products

Manage customer reviews in one place
View product reviews from the last 12 months in chronological order so you can easily gauge customer sentiment.

Filter reviews to prioritize issues
You can filter reviews by star rating, contact status, time period, and other criteria to find reviews you can respond to quickly.

Uncover insights to improve your products
Understanding customer feedback can give you valuable insights about ways to improve your catalog and increase sales.

Ready to get started?

Step 1.
Log in to Seller Central
Log in to your Seller Central account or sign up as a seller. Make sure you have a Professional selling plan so you can access Customer Reviews.
Step 2.
Enroll your brand
If you’re the rights owner for an eligible brand, enroll it in Brand Registry. Or, if you’re employed by an enrolled brand, ask the rights owner or another administrator to assign you the brand representative selling role (login required).
Step 3.
Track reviews
Hover over Brands in the Seller Central main menu, then click Customer Reviews. The default sort option automatically surfaces the most recent reviews.

If a review doesn’t adhere to our community guidelines, you can report abuse by clicking Show Review Details and Report from the product detail page.
Step 4.
Respond to customer concerns
When a customer leaves less than a three-star rating, you can click Contact Customer to offer a full courtesy refund or customer support to clarify product issues. View and respond to customer replies in Seller Central within the Messages inbox (envelope icon at the top right of the screen).

You can learn more about Customer Reviews and explore additional brand selling tools using the Build Your Brand page in Seller Central.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Amazon reviews?
Providing excellent customer service and meeting your product and delivery promises are the first steps to getting great reviews. If you need help generating reviews, try these options:
  • Request a Review feature in Seller Central: Send automated review requests to customers by clicking Request a Review on the Order details page.
  • Amazon Vine: Enroll products in the Vine program to help generate high-quality reviews and boost sales.
  • Customer Reviews tool: Resolve customer issues to improve customer satisfaction and uncover insights to improve your products.
Are there communication guidelines for engaging with customers?
Yes, you must follow Amazon community and communication guidelines. For example, do not attempt to influence customer ratings, feedback, and reviews, or make requests for customers to remove negative reviews or post positive reviews. Focus on delivering exceptional customer service to delight customers and earn more reviews.
Can you change or remove Amazon product reviews?
You can’t change reviews, but if you identify a review that doesn’t adhere to our community guidelines, you can report abuse from the product detail page. We will remove reviews that violate our policies.
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