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Manage Amazon product reviews

Increase brand loyalty and drive repeat sales with Amazon’s customer reviews tool. Monitor reviews and contact customers to resolve issues and improve your ratings.

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What is the customer reviews tool?

The customer reviews tool allows registered Amazon brand owners to monitor reviews, respond to customers, track ratings, and address critical feedback with less than four stars. It also helps sellers with registered brands improve customer interactions by addressing concerns and offering solutions when possible, such as refunds and customer support.

Monitor product reviews and improve the customer experience

Reply to reviews for verified purchases within the last 12 months to answer questions, address concerns, and resolve problems. Use what you learn about customer sentiment to take action and boost customer satisfaction.

Manage customer reviews in one place
The dashboard displays product reviews in chronological order, starting with the most recent at the top.

Filter reviews to prioritize issues
You can filter reviews by star rating, status, and other criteria to find reviews you can take action on quickly.

Use insights to improve your offerings
Is there a particular aspect customers appreciate or dislike? For example, maybe there’s a problem with the product or packaging you can fix to promote higher ratings and reviews. Spot trends and get ideas for tweaking your product line to increase sales.
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Build relationships to grow your brand

Wondering how to get quality reviews? Brand Customer Review empowers you to analyze customer complaints to prevent them from happening in the future.

Establish trust with customers
Use the Contact Buyer feature for the opportunity to engage with customers one-on-one in Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.

Connect via email
Don’t leave customers dissatisfied. Send messages directly to customers and go out of your way to solve problems to show your brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Boost your brand reputation
Understand customer needs to win over unhappy customers and even convert them into repeat buyers who’ll return to your brand to place purchases again and again.
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How does the customer reviews tool work?

Step 1

Filter reviews

The default sort option automatically surfaces reviews with less than three stars to the top of your reviews list and allows you to find the reviews you can take action on.

Step 2

Send messages

Contact customers with automated messages offering either a courtesy refund or customer support to clarify any product issues.

Step 3

Engage with customers

View customer replies in Seller Central within the Messages page and communicate one-on-one to reach solutions.

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$39.99 a month + selling fees

Frequently Asked Questions:
Customer Reviews

How do I access the Amazon customer reviews tool?
First, sign up for a Professional selling plan and enroll in Brand Registry. Hover over the Brands tab in Seller Central, click "Build Your Brand," and scroll down to see the customer reviews option. Click “Get started with Brand Reviews” to access the tool. If you don’t see the customer reviews option, contact Amazon support.
How can I get Amazon reviews and contact Amazon customers?
Try these options:
  • "Request a Review" feature in Seller Central: Send automated review requests to customers who have purchased the products you sell.
  • Customer reviews tool: Find opportunities to reach out to customers and resolve issues so they’ll potentially leave higher ratings or better reviews.
  • Manage Your Customer Engagement: Send marketing emails such as product launch notifications to customers who follow your brand or recently placed purchases, high-spend buyers, and other audiences tailored to your brand.
  • Amazon Vine: Participate in this program for the chance to get high-quality Amazon reviews from the Vine Voices community of trusted product reviewers.
Are there communication guidelines for engaging with customers?
Yes, be sure to follow Amazon community guidelines and communication guidelines. For example, do not attempt to influence customer ratings, feedback, and reviews, or make requests for customers to remove negative reviews or post positive reviews. Focus on delivering exceptional customer service to earn more reviews from satisfied customers.
Can you change Amazon product reviews?
You can report abuse if you suspect a review violates Amazon’s community rules, in which case Amazon can remove the review.
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