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Get insightful customer reviews

Receive insightful reviews to build customer trust and encourage purchases with Amazon Vine. Enroll in the Amazon Vine program to get as many as 30 high-quality customer reviews per product page. Vine reviews have been shown to boost sales by up to 30%. Enroll a product in Vine to get as many as 30 reviews on the product page for that item.
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New Seller Incentives: New sellers who enroll a brand in Amazon Brand Registry get a $200 credit for Amazon Vine. See all incentives.
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What is Amazon Vine?

To help customers make an informed decision, we created the Amazon Vine program. We invite customers who’ve earned trust in the Amazon community for their insightful reviews to serve as Vine Voices. Voices request products they want to review and try them out free of charge and share their honest, unbiased opinions in a review.

Vine reviews are a source for social proof, helping shoppers understand how a product works and evaluate whether a product meets their needs. It also helps brands increase discoverability and conversion on their products.

Improve product discoverability and conversion

Build rapport with customers and encourage purchases.
The Amazon Vine program invites trusted reviewers to serve as Vine Voices. Voices request products they want to review and share their honest, unbiased opinions in return for a free unit.

Gain traction for new or slow-moving products.
Vine reviews can be a valuable source of social proof and show credibility to shoppers. In-depth reviews can even cover how a product works and delve into the details of key features.

Help customers make informed purchase decisions.
Reduce returns and minimize negative feedback while gaining insights for improving your offerings and growing your business.
*Vine is available to brand owners in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan stores.
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Convenient, intuitive, and streamlined process

Enroll up to 200 ASINs at a time.
If you reach the active enrollment limit, you can wait until enrollment concludes for active ASINs, then enroll another ASIN. Provide up to 30 free units of a product for Vine Voices to review by enrolling the product in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and listing the product in the Amazon store.

Make products available to Vine Voices.
Vine Voices receive a link to the product detail page and will be able to view the product in the same way as other Amazon customers. Claimed Vine units appear on your order reports with a price of $0 and no customer name visible (this preserves the anonymity of Vine Voices).

Use the Vine Dashboard to track reviews.
When a Vine Voice orders a product, it ships to the reviewer via FBA. The Vine reviewer can then try out the product and post a review on the product page.
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Get started with Amazon Vine in 3 steps

Build momentum for your brand.

Step 1

Sign up

Check your eligibility, then sign up by choosing a Professional selling plan and enrolling in Brand Registry, if you haven’t already.

Step 2

Enroll products

In Seller Central, choose what products you’d like to enroll ($200 enrollment fee per parent ASIN), and enter the number of units you’d like to make available to Vine Voices.

Step 3

Receive reviews

You won’t be billed until after the first review is published. Also, if you enroll an item in Vine but don’t receive a Vine review, you won’t be charged.

Frequently Asked Questions: Amazon Vine

Why are only FBA offers eligible to be enrolled in Vine?
We are dedicated to protecting the anonymity of Vine Voices. In order to avoid disclosing information on the Vine Voices, such as customer name, we fulfill the Vine units via FBA.
What is the cost to enroll products in Amazon Vine?
Enrollments are subject to an enrollment fee per parent ASIN (see table below). There’s no charge for child ASINs attached to an enrolled parent ASIN.

You will not be charged until after the first review is published. If you enroll an item in Vine but do not receive a Vine review, you will not be charged.
Number of units per parent ASIN
Enrollment Fee
Up to 2
Enrollment fees for product listings in other countries:
*Canada: 100 CAD | United Kingdom: 60 GBP | European Union: 70 EUR | Japan: 10,000 JPY
**Canada: 240 CAD | United Kingdom: 140 GBP | European Union: 170 EUR | Japan: 22,000 JPY
Do I pay FBA and referral fees on Vine enrolled units?
Yes, the seller covers the cost of referral fees and Fulfillment by Amazon fees for Vine products. If Vine reviewers do not claim Vine-enrolled inventory, it can remain available for Amazon customers to purchase through FBA, in which case standard FBA fees apply. For more information on fees, visit FBA fee and Referral fee.
Can I cancel a Vine enrollment?
You can cancel an enrollment for a product if Vine Voices do not claim any of the units. If a Vine Voice claims a unit, you can still stop an enrollment. In this case, Vine Voices cannot claim additional units. However, this does not guarantee reviews will not be published.

To cancel a Vine enrollment, access your Vine application in Seller Central, then click Stop.
You cannot re-enroll an ASIN after canceling enrollment.
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