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Why expand to Latin America?

Grow your ecommerce business in Mexico and Brazil with Amazon. In 2024, ecommerce revenue for Mexico and Brazil is projected to reach over US $37 billion and US $44 billion, respectively. By 2028, their combined volume is projected to reach over US $124 billion.1

Expanding to Latin America means you can reach new customers, diversify your revenue stream, and strengthen your cash flow. Amazon can help you with many of the challenges of selling globally, such as translation, customer service, shipping and fulfillment, and tax documentation. By selling with Amazon in Mexico and Brazil now, you can be one of the first sellers in your category, which can mean more opportunities for your brand and products.
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Mexico and Brazil each account for close to 30% of the total ecommerce share in Latin America.1 That makes them an opportunity that may continue to grow as more customers buy online.
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Amazon offers language support options in Spanish and Portuguese for managing your sales, customer service, and translations. The products you sell may already be on and, allowing you to launch even faster.
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Plan ahead for busy shopping periods

223+ million expected ecommerce users in Mexico and Brazil by 2028

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Start selling with Amazon in Latin America

Whether you are new to selling internationally or a seasoned exporter, Amazon makes global selling simpler and easier. Get started in just a few steps.

Step 1

Decide what to sell
Make sure you understand local taxes and regulations when selling products on and Make sure you can comply with all category and restricted-products requirements. If you’d like assistance, third-party service providers can help you with category requirements, international shipping, and taxes.

Step 2

Register and list your products
You can use your North America selling account to sell in Mexico and Brazil—without creating an additional Amazon selling account. Take advantage of powerful tools and see your global sales in one place. Use the Build International Listings tool to translate your listings for Mexico and Brazil.

Step 3

Package and deliver
There are multiple ways to deliver your products to Latin America.

Step 4

Manage your business
Use Amazon tools like the Global Sales Summary, Sponsored Products, Coupons, and Deals to grow your business in Mexico and Brazil. There are no fees for creating or redeeming coupons or deals in Mexico and Brazil.

Frequently Asked Questions


What products should I sell in Latin America?
We recommend sellers offer all their eligible US selection in Latin America. With the Build International Listings tool, it’s easy to add your US listings to our Mexico and Brazil stores, get them translated, and set pricing rules. Before you list, make sure your products are compliant with regulations in Mexico and Brazil.

If you plan to use FBA to fulfill in Mexico and Brazil, you may want to start by listing a wide range of products with less inventory, rather than selling a small number of products with a lot of inventory. Offering a broader selection of products means customers are more likely to see your listings, and you’ll be able to gauge which of your products can succeed in a particular store. Once you identify top-selling products, you can send larger shipments to FBA. You can also start by listing some or all of your products through Remote Fulfillment with FBA.
What types of products can’t be listed on and
Some products can’t be listed due to legal or regulatory restrictions or Amazon policies. For more information, see our Mexico restricted products and Brazil restricted products Help pages.
How much does it cost to sell on and
If you use your US account, you won’t pay an additional selling-plan fee to sell for or You still pay a referral fee on each product sold, which varies by category and country.

Shipping costs depend on several factors, including the size and weight of your products. To estimate the cost for fulfilling orders yourself, and for using FBA or Remote Fulfillment with FBA, try our Revenue Calculator. Or review FBA Mexico and FBA Brazil shipping costs.
How will I get paid, and in what currency?
We transfer the proceeds from your sales to the bank account listed in your account settings. Based on the country of your bank account, we’ll transfer the amount in that country’s currency. For example, if you provide a US-based bank account, we will transfer the amount in US dollars through Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers.


What are RFCs/CNPJs, and what do I need to know about them?
An RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyente) is a Mexican Tax ID number. A CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas) is a Brazilian Tax ID number. These are alphanumeric codes that the Mexico and Brazil tax authorities use to identify companies and individuals who perform economic activities in Mexico and Brazil.

If you store and sell products through FBA in Mexico or Brazil, you will be required to pay taxes and comply with Mexico and Brazil tax obligations. You will need an RFC or CNPJ to do this.

For tax compliance, consider hiring providers through Amazon’s Service Provider Network.

Account and listings

Can I use my current US account to sell in Latin America?
Yes. Your North America Unified Account allows you to create and manage product offers across,,, and When you register to sell in any of Amazon’s North America stores, your selling account is automatically enabled to sell in all other North America stores, which means all your orders can be managed in a single place. However, you’ll need to be aware of local tax and regulatory requirements. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all requirements. When you sell in any of our North America stores, country-specific Amazon fees and costs apply to each item sold.

To use FBA in Brazil, you’ll need to register for an Amazon Brazil account.
Can I transfer my product listings to Amazon’s Latin America stores?
Yes. The Build International Listings tool helps you sell globally by adding offers and synchronizing pricing across multiple Amazon stores. Build International Listings lets you add offers to additional stores quickly. Then it automatically manages pricing across stores based on rules you set.
Do my product reviews from carry over to Latin America stores?
Yes, but only initially. If no customer reviews exist for a product in a non-US store, recent reviews from will be shown. These imported reviews remain visible until the product begins receiving local reviews. When you use the Build International Listings tool to transfer product listings from the US to Mexico and Brazil, customer reviews will carry over on the product detail page but not the search results page or best-seller ranking.
I am approved to sell products that require approval for my category in the US. Do I need to get approved again to sell these products in Latin America?
Yes, you will likely need to be approved again for Mexico or Brazil because different countries have different regulations. You will be prompted to provide the appropriate documents during the registration process.

Entry strategy

What should I consider when setting and adjusting prices for Latin America?
If you’re fulfilling orders yourself, consider:
  • Costs for shipping items directly to international customers
  • Costs for international returns
  • Taxes and duties
If you’re using FBA, consider:
  • Shipping costs for sending inventory to fulfillment centers in Latin America
  • Fulfillment and monthly storage costs
  • Conversion costs for getting paid in your local currency
  • Product compliance requirements and regulations
  • Taxes and duties
If you’re using Remote Fulfillment with FBA:
  • Amazon will automatically adjust prices in Latin America stores to reflect shipping costs, currency conversion, and taxes and duties.
How do I generate initial sales in Latin America?
Sales conversion begins with listings that are easy to find and offers that are compelling. Just like selling in our US store, there are different ways to boost initial sales in Mexico and Brazil. Amazon provides several tools to help, including advertisements and promotions. Latin America stores support sponsored products ads, deals, and coupons.

Managing your business

How do I handle international returns from Latin America customers?
When you use FBA or Remote Fulfillment with FBA, Amazon handles returns on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about providing a local return address or changing your pricing to incorporate international returns shipping.

When you use Fulfilled by Merchant services, returns are your responsibility. You must pay for a return label and provide a local return address, or provide a refund and let the buyer keep the product.
Is there any connection between my US and Latin America selling accounts in terms of performance metrics?
No, there is no connection between your US and Latin America accounts in terms of seller performance metrics. Metrics are measured separately for each account.

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1Statistica, February 2024