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An app-connected core trainer that combines games with workouts

“It’s important to have the best Amazon listing possible from day one."
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Andre Reinegger
Founder, Plankpad
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About the brand

Plankpad is an app-connected core trainer that combines games with workouts on your iPhone and Android. Since joining Amazon Launchpad in February 2020, their units sold increased by 4x in just twelve months.*
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Behind the brand

Plankpad founder, Andre Reinegger, was inspired to design the product after unsuccessfully relieving his back pain through existing therapies and medications. He created the first Plankpad product in 2018, a balance board that combines working out with the fun of playing games. David Cervenka, Chief Strategist, joined the company in 2019, excited by the gamification of the design that makes exercising fun for the whole family. Since then, Plankpad has launched internationally, was honored with the German Design Award, and won the German Innovation Award from the German Design Council.
“It’s important to have the best Amazon listing possible from day one and Amazon Launchpad provides benefits that help improve listing quality. If you’re invited to join the program, do it!”
Andre ReineggerFounder, Plankpad

More about Plankpad's experience

Founder, Andre Reinegger talks about his experience with Amazon Launchpad
What did you find appealing about Amazon Launchpad?
“Plankpad was a well-known brand in Europe after appearing on the German Shark Tank TV show. Amazon Launchpad’s gift-focused marketing features like ‘Fall Fitness Finds’ and ‘Unique Sports Gifts’ presented the opportunity to increase our discoverability and visibility across Amazon in the United States.”

How has Amazon Launchpad helped your brand?

“Benefits such as ‘Premium A+ Content’ help our listing stand out with embedded videos and interactive assets. Likewise, our SAS account manager has been critical to our Amazon Launchpad success. For example, they have offered us invaluable guidance on how to grow sales, anticipate possible frictions, and use program benefits, like merchandising placements and deal fee waivers.”

How will Amazon Launchpad help your brand grow in the future?

“Through supporting new product launches with merchandising, expanding to international Amazon Launchpad programs, and leveraging premium marketing placements, we hope to meet our goal of doubling our on-Amazon business in the next 12 months.”
*Plankpad first launched on Amazon in April 2019. Revenue growth is unique to this brand.
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