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Showcase products and share your story

Position your brand and bring products to life with A+ Content—an advanced option for adding rich text, imagery, HD videos, banners, and other features to Amazon product detail pages. A+ Content can help increase sales by up to 20%1. Free for registered brands with a Professional selling plan ($39.00 per month + applicable selling fees)
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Customize to boost conversion

Take product listings to the next level
Add lifestyle photos, comparison charts, and additional components to vividly show customers what the products are all about. Mix and match modules to help customers understand your offerings at a glance, and how the product meet their needs.

Enhance product descriptions
A+ Content is an Amazon content creation and management tool that allows you to customize product detail pages. Edit flexible layouts, grab attention with visually-appealing designs, and add your branding.

Build customer loyalty
Share the story behind your brand to connect with customers and build trust in what your brand has to offer. Reduce returns and negative feedback by accurately representing product features and proactively answering customer questions with a Q&A layout.
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Did you know?

A+ Content is part of the New Seller Guide

A+ Content is part of the New Seller Guide, a set of brand, logistics, pricing, and promotional services that we recommend to sellers who are just getting started with Amazon. Sellers who use the New Seller Guide during their first 90 days generate approximately 6x more first-year sales on average.1 They can also take advantage of over $50,000 in New Seller Incentives.
1Amazon internal data, FY2023, US store

Convey what makes your brand unique

Encourage repeat purchases with a dedicated Brand Story section
This spotlight is separate from the product description section. Titled “From the Brand,” it features key takeaways about your brand and offers additional space to promote cross-sell opportunities and link to the Amazon storefront you create.

Set your catalog apart from your competition
How did your business get started? What are your core values and mission? Highlight what makes your business different from competitors to win over customers.

Free for brand registered selling partners
Access Brand Story at no additional charge in the A+ Content Manager and seamlessly use the feature alongside other forms of A+ Content.
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Optimize A+ Content to grow sales

Run split tests to improve A+ Content.
Use Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments A/B testing tool to compare two versions of A+ Content and find out what customers prefer.

Get data to make informed decisions
Measure sold units and conversions to confidently determine a winner at the end of the experiment, then publish the winning content, based on the results.

Keep testing to drive sales
Watch sales go up as your A+ Content improvements pay off. You can apply a maximum of 500 ASINs to an experiment.
A/B testing for A+ Content is available in the US, MX, CA, EU5, IN, and JP stores.
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Get started with A+ Content in 3 steps

Step 1


Use the A+ Content Manager to select one or more modules and convey product information along with your branding in the style of your choice.

Step 2


You can add A+ Content to a single ASIN, apply it across all inventory, or just a key selection of your catalog.

Step 3


Review your work, make any necessary changes, and submit it for review.
Sony engages and educates customers with well-curated Premium A+ Content."Premium A+ Content is a great way to catch a shopper’s attention and present your product the way you want to present it."
Jennifer ConleyChannel Marketing Manager, Sony Electronics, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions: A+ Content

How much does A+ Content cost?
Basic A+ Content and Brand Story features are free for brand owners. Beyond the cost of signing up with a Professional selling plan ($39.99 plus additional selling fees) there are no fees for using Basic A+ Content. Premium A+ is available to brand owners enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry who meet criteria.
What type of content can I include in A+ Content?
A+ Content is subject to the same guidelines that apply to other product detail page content in the Amazon store, along with additional guidelines specific to A+ Content. You can also check relevant Amazon policies on restricted products, category requirements, and program policies.
What is the eligibility criteria for A+ Content?
Brand owners worldwide registered in Amazon Brand Registry are eligible to use Basic A+ Content and Brand Story. Check your eligibility for an Amazon seller account and Brand Registry based on the countries you want to sell in.

A+ Content is currently unavailable in the Books, Music, and DVD categories.
What is Premium A+ Content?
Premium A+ Content is an expanded edition of A+ Content with additional features such as larger images, interactive hotspot modules and image carousels. If you’re eligible, you’ll see a banner letting you know Premium A+ Content is available as a feature within the A+ Content Manager. Once eligibility is granted to an Amazon storefront, you’ll be eligible within the countries where you sell.

If any fees for Premium A+ Content become applicable in the future, you’ll see an announcement in the A+ Content tool ahead of time alerting you about any changes, and your existing content will not be impacted.
1With Premium A+ Content implementation compared to products that did not have A+ content. Amazon internal data. US, FY2020
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