Premium Services

Program terms of service & fees

Program terms

These Selling Partner Premium Services (SPPS) Program Terms supplement your seller agreement.


Application is required to participate in Strategic Account Services - Core (SAS). Sellers must be selling products on (US) to participate.

Sellers must have a Professional Selling Account to receive SAS services. SAS is recommended for sellers who opened their Professional Selling Accounts more than 12 months ago.

Program Benefits

If you enroll in SAS, you will have access to an assigned Amazon account manager who may provide business guidance and you may gain access to tools and processes that may result in recommendations for how to more effectively sell on Amazon.

You will receive access to training materials and resources for topics such as merchandising and branding your products on the Amazon Site. Your participation in merchandising opportunities and other programs is subject to availability and Amazon’s approval and some opportunities may require additional fees. Participation in SAS does not guarantee access to merchandising opportunities or other programs.

Fees and Minimum Terms

Fees and minimum terms for participating SAS are outlined here. No refunds will be issued for any prior SPPS fees assessed. Your SAS subscription will auto-renew until you cancel.

Additional Terms

We may alter, suspend or terminate any feature of SAS in accordance with your seller agreement. If Amazon terminates your participation in SAS, you will no longer be responsible for paying future SAS Participation Fees, including if Amazon terminates your participation during the SAS Minimum Term. If you terminate your participation in SAS, you must continue to pay the SAS Participation Fee during the SAS Minimum Term.

Program fees

Strategic Account Services - Core (SAS Core) Fees and Minimum Terms

The monthly fee for the SAS Core package will depend on the total value of your products sold to Amazon’s customers in the past month, including the item price multiplied by quantity sold but excluding shipping, returns, and other charges (“Total Monthly Revenue”).The monthly fee for the SAS Core package will be $1,600 a month plus 0.3% of your Total Monthly Revenue. (“SAS Core Participation Fee”). A seller’s SAS Core Participation Fee will be capped at $5,000/month. We will re-calculate your Total Monthly Revenue and adjust your SAS Core Participation Fee every month. There is a minimum commitment of 3 months (“SAS Core Minimum Term”) and the subscription will auto-renew until you cancel.

The SAS Core Participation Fee is payable on the first of each month during your participation in the SAS Core program.

Once you have completed the SAS Core Minimum Term, you may cancel your participation in the program at any time. Upon cancellation, you will receive services through the end of the month. You will not receive any additional bills for SAS Core post-termination.

This section will survive the termination or expiration of your seller agreement.