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Our mission is to support entrepreneurs by providing resources, expertise and global support to help showcase and deliver unique products like yours to millions of Amazon customers.

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Accelerate your business with Amazon Launchpad

Think of Amazon Launchpad as a supplemental program designed to jumpstart and accelerate your Amazon business. Our program is designed with startups in mind and to help drive brand awareness.

Prepare for liftoff

Amazon Launchpad provides your brand with unique opportunities to reach new customers and grow your business
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Amazon Launchpad is designed to help products get discovered faster
  • Increased exposure for your brand in Amazon's store through Unique Finds storefront placements and category-focused email campaigns.
  • Waived fees for one Lightning Deal or one 7-day Deal per week. Boost the deal’s discoverability with placement on the Unique Finds Deals page.
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Publish highly differentiated content on your detail page through Premium A+
  • Highly customized experience on the detail page that includes wide screen formatted content. Incorporate video, carousels, hotspot images, and enhanced comparison tables that help your brand story stand out and differentiate your products through unique content.
  • Access to the Amazon Imaging Services Team for professional, high quality photography.
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Tools & Support

Guidance on pre-launch support, account setup, detail page optimization and more
  • The Brand Portal provides a single destination to discover and stay on top of a growing list of benefits available to Amazon Launchpad brands.
  • Gain access to webinars, quick-start guides, AWS credits and Benefit Support.
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Global Expansion

Expand internationally to other Amazon Launchpad countries
  • There are 9 different Amazon Launchpad locales. Amazon Launchpad facilitates introductions to receive launch support and benefits in each region.
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Amazon Launchpad provides the opportunity to reach an interested audience in an authentic way.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Amazon Launchpad
Who is eligible to participate in the Amazon Launchpad program?
We welcome all entrepreneurs and brand owners with unique and innovative products. Climate Pledge Friendly certified products and certified Black-Owned businesses (Seller Central login required) are also welcome to apply. New or existing sellers with Professional accounts who have listed their products in Amazon’s online store in the US for less than four years, or have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry less than four years ago, qualify. Moreover, they should have generated less than $10 million in gross merchandise sales in Amazon’s online store annually. We will evaluate your application and provide a response within 7-10 business days.
What are the program terms for Amazon Launchpad?
A 12-month minimum commitment is required from the date of acceptance. After 12 months, you can cancel your participation in the Amazon Launchpad Program after providing 30 days’ written notice. Amazon Launchpad reserves the right to transition brands out of the program at our discretion.
Why is the minimum commitment 12 months?
12 months will allow brands to participate in all major events such as Prime Day and Holiday gift giving. The program and benefits are also designed to help brands accelerate over time.
Is there a fee for Amazon Launchpad?
There is no additional fee for Amazon Launchpad. Learn more about standard pricing and fees for Amazon sellers.
What are the criteria for participation in Launchpad marketing events?
Amazon Launchpad brands are required to hit our minimum customer experience bar. This criteria includes: (1) products must maintain at least 3.5 stars, (2) have at least 5 reviews, (3) and be enrolled in Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) with Prime Badging. This ensures the best experience for our customers when browsing Amazon Launchpad products.
How will Amazon customers discover my products on LP?
Amazon Launchpad is designed to help products get discovered faster by offering merchandising such as storefront placements, category focused emails and more.
How do you help startups that are already selling in Amazon's store and have sales exceeding $750,000
in the trailing 12 months?
Amazon Launchpad has additional benefits for brands grossing over $750,000 in the trailing 12 months. Brands can get access to an Account Manager in the Amazon Launchpad SAS - Core program. Brands grossing more than $1 million in Amazon’s online store in the trailing 12 months can also unlock an additional Launchpad Merchandising Package, and access to Deal of the Day submission
Do I have to sell in Amazon's store to be part of Amazon Launchpad?
Yes, a Professional seller account on Amazon is required to participate in Amazon Launchpad.
Do I need a UPC/GTIN/EAN to sell in Amazon's store?
Yes, a UPC, GTIN, or EAN is required to sell in Amazon's store.
What type of support can I expect from Amazon after I leave the Amazon Launchpad program?
After transitioning out of the Amazon Launchpad program, your products will no longer be featured in the Amazon Launchpad family of storefronts. Administrative support will be provided by Amazon’s central teams and via support cases filed in your vendor or seller portal. For continued education and support on Amazon, you can do the following:

Seller Central users: Login to your seller account to access Seller University resources for guidance. To get help with administrative issues, visit ithe Seller Central Contact Us page.

To modify your A+ (Enhanced Brand Content): Your Amazon Launchpad A+ will remain live on your detail page after the transition occurs. However, if you would like to make changes to Enhanced Brand Content after you’ve transitioned, you can switch to the standard A+ Content modules through Seller Central.

Vendor Central users: Login to your Vendor Central account to access tools and resources for guidance. To get help with administrative issues, login to your Vendor Central account to access the Vendor Central Contact Us page.

To modify your A+ (Enhanced Marketing Content): Your Amazon Launchpad A+ will remain live on your detail page after the transition occurs. However, if you would like to modify the content, you will have to switch to the standard A+ modules. To make changes to your A+ after you’ve transitioned, you can create new content through Vendor Central. These pages are complimentary to create and will allow you to access the standard A+ modules.
Does Launchpad have any case studies to share?
Yes. You can view case studies on the Amazon Launchpad case studies page.

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