Drive traffic and boost sales with Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus

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Earn a bonus on sales from referrals to Amazon stores.

Do you want to meet customers where they shop and channel traffic from search, social media, and other sources to Amazon product listings? Brand Referral Bonus is an opportunity to earn a bonus averaging 50% of sales from non-Amazon marketing traffic that you drive to Amazon.

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What is the Brand Referral Bonus?

Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) is a program you can use to earn a bonus averaging 50% of the referral fees of product sales you drive to Amazon. Additionally, you will receive the same credit for any of your products purchased by the same customer in the subsequent two weeks.. For example, if a qualified sale occurs in September, the bonus might be credited to your account in November. Once credited, the bonus reduces your referral fees going forward, until the bonus gets exhausted.

When customers click on the tagged product listing URLs you embed in your non-Amazon marketing efforts, you can earn a bonus on resulting sales from:

  • The products you promote
  • Any additional products the customer purchases from the same brand up to 14 days after clicking on the ad you create

The bonus accumulates based on qualifying sales starting the day you enroll in BRB. The exact amount of the bonus ranges based on product category and will appear as a credit on your seller referral fees two months after the purchase date to accommodate for any cancellations or returns.

How does the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus work?
You can start earning a bonus through BRB and see how marketing campaigns are driving value for your brand—here’s how:

1. Check your eligibility and enroll

Brand owners selling in Amazon’s U.S. store are eligible for BRB. Sign up for a Professional selling plan and enroll in Amazon Brand Registry to unlock access to BRB, plus a suite of other brand building resources exclusively available to Amazon sellers.

In Seller Central, navigate to the Brand Referral Bonus page under the Brands tab. If you’re an eligible brand, you can enroll with one click. Provide the required tax information to start receiving your bonus.

2. Create campaigns and drive traffic
Once you’re set up with an Amazon Ads account, navigate to the Amazon Attribution tool using the link located within the Brand Referral Bonus landing page.

With Amazon Attribution, you can:

  • Create URLs for campaigns
  • Select the products you want to track as well as the publisher and channel (traffic source)
  • Measure the impact of campaigns with advertising analytics (clicks, detail page views, sales, and more metrics) as customers discover and buy products

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3. Earn a bonus

As campaigns drive sales, you’ll start to earn a bonus. For example, if you drive $1,000 in sales for office products, you could earn a bonus worth $100 through BRB.

You can download your weekly bonus report on the Brand Referral Bonus page within Seller Central. The bonus report updates every Friday with the estimated bonus amount earned up to the previous Friday.

Drive more traffic with BRB: 3 tactics for boosting sales

1. Jumpstart purchases for new or slow-moving products

When you launch a new product, or if you have products with low sales, help increase discoverability and conversion by combining BRB with the marketing technique of your choice, such as:

  • Email campaigns
  • Social media promotions
  • Product listing ads

It might be worth experimenting with more than one advertising channel. Get creative and explore your ecommerce marketing options, from earning Vine reviews to optimizing the product detail page to connect with more customers.

Use the insights you gain from advertising analytics through Amazon Attribution to find out what resonates with customers and optimize your marketing strategy as you go along.

2. Re-engage customers with Sponsored Display ads

Are customers viewing products, but not clicking? Use Sponsored Display ads to remind customers about a specific product as they continue to browse in the Amazon store and elsewhere online. This can be a great way to both offset your ad spend and increase your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Follow these steps while creating a Sponsored Display campaign:

  1. Name your Sponsored Display campaign something related to BRB so you can identify it in the future.
  2. Advertise the products using the non-Amazon marketing technique of your choice.
  3. During campaign creation, choose “Audiences,” and then “Views remarketing; Advertised products” to engage audiences who viewed a specific product detail page during a certain lookback window.
  4. Brand Referral Bonus uses a 14-day attribution window, so set the Sponsored Display campaign’s lookback period to 14 days to match.

3. Combine BRB with Deals

You can promote Deals, such as Deal of the Day, through non-Amazon marketing methods to increase reach and sell-through rate while earning a credit through BRB on the sales.

Try adding a call to action (CTA) that references the deal in your non-Amazon marketing efforts to drive conversion and create urgency. For example: Save 25% now or Shop our Deal of the Day on May 15.

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FAQ: Brand Referral Bonus

How is the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus calculated?
BRB varies by product category and accumulates based on sales of the products you promote using Amazon Attribution tags. If you direct a customer to a brand, and the customer buys from the same brand within 14 days of clicking the link in your campaign, then you can also earn a bonus on those sales.
Who is eligible for the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus?
Brand owners selling in Amazon’s U.S. store are eligible to enroll in BRB. If you sell in Amazon’s U.S. store but have not registered your brand yet, enroll in Brand Registry. If you are not a brand owner or don’t have a registered trademark, you might be able to join the Amazon Associates program to earn commissions from sales you help generate.
How do I access the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus?
To begin using BRB, follow these steps:

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