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A safer internet solution to protect the connected home

"What sold us was the opportunity to elevate our brand."
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John Wu
CEO and Co-Founder, Gryphon
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About the brand

Gryphon—a safer internet solution that helps families protect their connected home—has grown with Amazon Launchpad since joining the program in January 2020, increasing revenue by 81% in just twelve months

Behind the brand

Gryphon CEO, John Wu, was inspired to create the product while trying to find a solution for a “safer internet” after he found his young daughter accidentally stumbling on inappropriate internet content. John and co-founder, Arup Bhattacharya, launched their first product in 2018. Their advanced security control Wi-Fi mesh routers help families protect their connected home, and are designed to support both parents and non-parents with growing internet privacy and security concerns.
If you get the opportunity to join Amazon Launchpad and your business is at a point where you’re ready to scale, definitely do it!
John WuCEO and Co-Founder, Gryphon

More about Gryphon’s experience

CEO and Co-Founder, John Wu talks about his experience with Amazon Launchpad
What appealed to you about Amazon Launchpad?
“What sold us was the opportunity to elevate our brand by gaining access to additional exposure across Amazon and credibility through inclusion in Amazon Launchpad merchandising.”

How has Amazon Launchpad helped your brand?

“So far, we have seen the most impact through Amazon Launchpad merchandising content (including gifting holidays), our dedicated SAS account manager, and access to beta programs.”

How do you see Gryphon growing with Amazon Launchpad?

“We will continue to apply for all relevant merchandising and promotional opportunities available to us through the program, such as major shopping events like Prime Day, and Deal of the Day, as well as grow internationally through Amazon Launchpad EU.”
*Gryphon first launched on Amazon in March 2018. Revenue growth is unique to this brand.
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