Estimate fees and costs

As an Amazon seller, you can use multiple tools to get a preview of fees, costs, and revenue.
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Get an estimate for a single product

Preview selling fees, costs for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and revenue for a product you already sell:
  1. In the Seller Central main menu, click Inventory, then Manage All Inventory.
  2. Locate the product, find the Estimated fee per unit sold column, and review the total fee and FBA cost estimates (if you use FBA to fulfill the product).
  3. Click the estimate and specific amounts for additional details.

Compare estimates by fulfillment method

Calculate fees, costs, and revenue for a current or future product, comparing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and your own fulfillment method:
  1. Open the Revenue Calculator.
  2. Search the Amazon catalog for a product or define one using dimensions, weight, category, price, and shipping charges.
  3. Review and adjust entries for Amazon Fulfillment and Your fulfillment to calculate—and recalculate—fees, costs, and revenue.
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Image of lofi ui

Get an estimate for your FBA inventory

Preview selling fees and FBA costs for all the products you sell through FBA. You can also get an estimate of upcoming fee changes for both your seller-fulfilled and FBA products:
  1. In the Seller Central main menu, click Reports, then Fulfillment.
  2. Under Payments on the left-hand side, click Fee Preview.
  3. Select a file type to download the report.

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