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Sync your inventory per location in real time to make more accurate delivery promises and simplify order fulfillment.
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Multi-location inventory is available through APIs, not on Seller Central. However, "Shipping Settings Automation" must be enabled in Seller Central. Multi-location inventory is only available on orders Fulfilled by Merchant.
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Multi-location inventory benefits

You may be overestimating your delivery promise when setting it manually because you haven't taken into account your customer's location in relation to your available inventory. With our multi-location inventory service, your delivery promise will be more accurate by using the closest location to the customer that has inventory. Multi-location inventory is a free API solution that offers the following benefits:

Accurate and automated deliveries

Calculates delivery dates using the closest available inventory locations, and ship methods you already use.

Simplify shipping templates

Configures a single shipping template for all of your locations.

Increase available inventory

Shows customers the most accurate available inventory.

Automated inventory updates

Automatically syncs your inventory count per location.

How to get started

Step 1

Enroll through our automated onboarding tool
Enroll your selling account to use multi-location inventory. We will notify you within 15 business days when your account is ready to start integrating.

Step 2

Create locations and sync your inventory by location
Download the multi-location inventory API integration instructions to learn how to set up locations (also known as "supply sources"), and sync inventory per location. You can use multi-location inventory to sync your inventory for as many ASINs as you like.

Step 3

Enable shipping settings automation
Enable shipping settings automation on your shipping template, and then assign ASINs synced with multi-location inventory to this template.
View detailed instructions:
  1. From the "Settings" drop-down menu on the top right of Seller Central, click "Shipping settings."
  2. Go to the "Shipping Templates" tab.
  3. On the "Shipping Templates" tab, you can enable shipping settings automation on:
    1. New shipping templates by clicking "Create new shipping template"
    2. Existing shipping templates by choosing the existing shipping template, then clicking "Edit"
  4. Turn on the shipping settings automation toggle button.
  5. Select your ship-from location(s), and click "Next." These locations should match your inventory locations.
  6. Choose whether you want a Prime or non-Prime shipping template and click "Next."
  7. On the standard shipping automation preferences page, enable automated transit time for standard shipping by:
    1. Managing your standard shipping regions by clicking "Edit" in the region preferences section.
    2. Selecting the carriers and shipping services you currently use in the carrier preferences section.
    3. Click "Next."
  8. If you are shipping from domestic warehouses, you can enable premium shipping region automation for self-fulfilled one-day delivery and two-day delivery.
    1. Select the carriers and shipping services you use in the carrier preferences section on the premium shipping automation preferences page.
    2. Click "Next."
  9. Review your shipping settings automation preferences and click "Confirm."
  10. Review and edit the shipping fee for your shipping regions.
  11. Click "Save template."
  12. Assign your multi-location inventory SKUs to the shipping template.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Multi-location inventory is available for sellers with multiple locations who provide their inventory via API or using a third-party integrator. This feature is not currently available for Seller Central.
Do I need to use multi-location inventory for all of my ASINs?
No, you can add as many or as few ASINs as you would like. To get the benefits of multi-location inventory, we recommend adding all of your ASINs.
Is there a limit to the number of locations I can utilize with multi-location inventory?
Yes, currently shipping templates are limited to 10 locations.
Do I need to put my ASINs synced with multi-location inventory on a separate shipping template?
No, your ASINs synced with multi-location inventory can be on the same shipping template as ASINs not synced with multi-location inventory. However, this shipping template should be enabled with shipping settings automation, and must include all of your inventory locations.
Do I need to have all of my multi-location inventory inventory on the same shipping template?
No, you can have your multi-location inventory inventory on as many shipping templates as you would like.
Can I use multi-location inventory for Seller-Fulfilled Prime?
Yes. Learn more about Seller-Fulfilled Prime.
What happens if I accidentally disable shipping settings automation on a shipping template that has ASINs synced with multi-location inventory?
No worries, your customers will still be able to place orders. However, your delivery promise will be based off of your manual estimation and you will not get the benefits of multi-location inventory and shipping settings automation.
Where can I receive support?
Please contact us directly at

Inventory solutions for your business

Make faster, more efficient, and accurate deliveries from all your warehouse locations.
Multi-location inventory
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