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September 17-19, 2024

Amazon’s premier annual selling partner conference is back in Seattle from September 17 to 19, 2024. Join us at the Seattle Convention Center - Summit building to connect with other selling partners, speak one-on-one with Amazon subject matter experts, and be the first to learn about new resources and tools.

In the coming months, we’ll share more details about registration, speakers, hotel reservations, airline discounts, and more!

Until then, catch up on all the big announcements and highlights from Amazon Accelerate 2023 with our on-demand video library.

Here's what we announced at Accelerate 2023

Enterprise Solutions

15 new industry-leading third-party solutions are now available through the Selling Partner Appstore. Even more popular third-party applications are directly integrated with Amazon – including popular solutions such as Intuit Quickbooks, Skai, and Shipmonk.

Visit the Selling Partner Appstore to see our full selection of over three thousand third-party applications that support a broad range of use cases all the way from managing and optimizing your product catalog, replenishing inventory into FBA, direct to customer shipping services, as well as fulfilling your tax, regulatory, and reporting obligations as a business.

Emerald Notifications

Our global pilot program, Emerald, makes it easier for you to manage and act on key business updates from your third-party apps by integrating app notifications directly into Seller Central. Emerald notifications are available for more than a dozen third-party applications, with more to come in the months ahead.

AI-backed Seller Messaging Assistant Expands

The Seller Messaging Assistant is an automated customer service representative that answers easy customer questions saving Sellers' time to focus on maintaining valuable customer relationships. This AI-backed assistant automatically pulls information on order status, shipping, returns, and refunds from Amazon systems to provide customers with instant answers to their questions.

Customers will interact with the Messaging Assistant when they attempt to contact a Seller from their Orders page or the Seller Profile Page. If the Assistant is unable to address the customer's inquiry, the customer proceeds to sending the Seller a message.

Quick List and Starfish

Using generative AI to simplify the listing creation process for Sellers. With the current launch all a seller needs to do is describe their product in a few words or sentences, and our generative AI will automatically create high quality product titles, bullet points, and descriptions. Soon, sellers will be able to generate other attributes using AI with sellers just having to provide basic inputs, such as a web URL or their product data already available to them.

Amazon will also use AI to enrich existing listings by automatically regenerating and enriching titles, bullet points, descriptions, and generate other missing attributes where we can make them better for customers

Regulatory Compliance

Within compliance, we recognize that Amazon can directly access safety and regulatory compliance information from trusted sources and validate product compliance. Trusted sources include product labels, manuals, product images, regulatory databases, manufacturers, testing, and certification agencies. Our objective with this new feature, is for Amazon to act on your behalf, reducing the effort required on your part and easing your fear of enforcement.

Smarter Seller Central homepage for sellers worldwide

The new Seller Central homepage structures and organizes actions on the page to help you recognize and complete critical actions that you need to take to maintain account health and high value actions that help drive business growth.

The new design helps you triage work and better recognize actions and programs on the page by separating existing actions into three sections: actions (activities to maintain account health, such as, account alerts, unshipped orders, etc.), recommendations (optional activities that contribute to business growth), and communications (latest news and notifications relevant for your business).

Simplified Listing Management

Currently, you use multiple listing dashboards to improve listings, fix inactive listings, and manage listings. To enable you to quickly and easily manage all your listings from one page, we will launch a unified experience later this year. This new experience will give you a single view of essential listing management functions—such as sales, inventory, and price metrics.

In addition, it will provide an on-page action panel enabling you to take action without being redirected to another dashboard. Our early testing indicates that sellers can take actions 40% faster than in the current segmented set of dashboards. We’ll be starting to roll this out to you over the coming months.

Enhance Buyer Abuse Protections

Protect your shipments, reduce refunds, and prevent unfair product reviews and ratings with Amazon’s new buyer abuse protections. The new features we’re launching protect Selling Partners from bad actors that are attempting to take unfair advantage of their business.

Selling Partners can leverage Amazon’s machine-learning based buyer risk evaluations and specialized abuse risk investigations to protect your business, which not only offer benefits like an enhanced return refunds experience, but can help you better secure shipments that are at a higher risk of being reported as lost.

Veeqo reduces rates

Veeqo is Amazon’s free multichannel shipping software where sellers can now access the lowest commercially available rates, based on our pre-negotiated pricing from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL and up to 5% back with Veeqo Credits. The software also provides a powerful suite of free inventory and warehouse tools to help sellers reduce costs and create efficiencies.

Amazon Shipping Service

Join us to hear about a new option in ground delivery from Amazon Shipping. Backed by Amazon’s reliable transportation network, Amazon selling partners can now ship orders placed on, your own website, and other selling channels with Amazon Shipping.

Your packages are picked up from your warehouse and delivered to your customers in two to five days, throughout the week, and over the weekend with no residential surcharges or weekend delivery fees. Get started today and experience fast and reliable shipping at rates that will save you money.

Supply Chain by Amazon Integrated Benefits

Supply Chain By Amazon is an end-to-end, fully automated set of supply chain services that provides you a complete solution to quickly and reliably move products directly from your manufacturers to customers around the world. It leverages Amazon’s advanced technology and supply chain capabilities to optimize end-to-end logistics, fulfillment, and transportation on your behalf. And it will help you simplify the entire supply chain journey and stay in stock, while benefiting from greater reliability, faster speeds, and significantly lower costs.

Flexible Customer Financing

With the Flexible Customer Financing (FCF) program, you will be able to enable customers to purchase your eligible products interest free using various installment options on Interest free installments are an exciting value proposition for customers and can help drive incremental sales on your products as customers have the flexibility to spread out their payments at no interest. You receive the full payment less cost of program (and other fees that you generally pay Amazon) at once after shipping.

Customers pay in multiple installments to Amazon’s financing partners (installment providers) who bear any installment credit risk.

Create Tailored Coupons

With Brand Tailored promotions, brands can now offer exclusive discounts to the audiences that they choose enabling brands to acquire new customers, retain existing customers or re-engage past customers. Brand Tailored promotions help brands improve promotions efficiency, increase sales and profits and overall customer lifetime value.

Brand Tailored promotions is available for US registered brand owners and will be launched in Canada, Mexico, Japan and Europe region.

Customer Loyalty Analytics: New customer behavior insights dashboard

The Customer Loyalty Analytics dashboard enables you to segment customers based on loyalty, analyze segment purchase patterns, and perform targeted engagement to increase your overall customer lifetime value.

This new dashboard helps you unlock valuable insights into your customer’s shopping behavior alongside historical trends, giving you visibility into your brand’s performance over time. The dashboard also provides recommendations along with integrated engagement tools—like Brand Tailored Audiences—for focused engagement of customers, enabling you to quickly and easily send promotions, coupons, and email campaigns to select customer segments.

New Fit Insights tool

The new Fit Insights tool is backed by artificial intelligence and leverages returns data, product reviews, and size charts to help you identify and resolve size and fit issues within your catalog. In Fit Insights, you will be able to compare your return rates to the average rates of best-in-class products in a similar price and style. You will also be able to identify common size-related issues raised in customers reviews without sifting through all the reviews yourself.

Fit Insights will even analyze your size chart to detect any irregularities and suggest fixes to update your product’s sizing data. Use these insights to better communicate sizing to customers to reduce fit-related returns. Fit Insights will be available to select U.S. apparel and shoe brands and their authorized resellers beginning this October.

Computer Vision Based Detection

Amazon deploys computer vision technology using images of products as they are moving through Amazon Fulfillment Centers to identify different types of defects such as expired products, damaged products, etc. With the detection, Amazon will stop identified defects from reaching customers and provide our selling partners with a summary of identified issues and their root causes via Seller Central in 2024.

Voice of the Customer Dashboard

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) Dashboard in Seller Central (login required) helps you better understand what customer are thinking, and how they feel about your products. This dashboard currently provides you with a breakdown of negative customer experiences by the type of issue so you can find and address product quality issues.

In the coming months, we will launch three new and improved features that will surface additional insights to help you build long term customer loyalty. These enhancements include (1) Key Phrases from customer feedback, (2) Category Benchmarking and Trend Analysis to provide you with the tools to compare your performance against similar products, and (3) deeper key performance metrics broken down by customer feedback source.

Add-to-Cart Seller Profile Pages

The Seller Profile Page is the only place on Amazon where customers can find detailed information about 3P sellers prior to making a purchasing decision or when they need support post their purchase. When a customer lands on the Seller Profile Page they can view seller ratings and reviews from previous customers, seller-customized content about their business, and policy information (shipping, returns, etc.) all designed to build trust in sellers and help grow their business.

We continue to enhance this page by adding new features to streamline the shoppign journey, making it easier for customers to convert on your offers. This includes launch of Add-to-Cart, which enables customers to add a product to their cart directly from your Seller Profile Page.

Two-tap review: Simplified seller feedback submission process

Two-tap reviews simplifies the seller ratings process, making it faster for you to get the ratings you need to grow your business. Customers have indicated that seller ratings are a critical data point in their shopping journey. Two-tap ratings eliminates the written feedback requirement, simplifying the end-to-end review experience.

With this change, we anticpate to see an overall increase in ratings submitted by customers, improving overall ratings coverage. This feature is coming soon and will be available worldwide.

Amazon Lending

Amazon Lending provides business financing to help eligible US small and medium-sized businesses reach their goals. Last year, in 2022 alone, Amazon and our third-party lending partners lent more than $2 billion to independent selling partners, and we’re continuing to provide access to even more of the working capital you need to grow. The Amazon Lending portfolio of financing solutions now includes merchant cash advances—on which repayments are made with a percentage of future sales—and term loans of up to $5 million (an increase from $2 million).

Amazon Seller Wallet

Amazon Seller Wallet is back on the main stage after its debut at Accelerate 2022 with the launch of a highly requested feature. Seller Wallet is a digital wallet that helps you manage your funds right from Seller Central. You can hold your US sales proceeds, convert to over 20 different currencies and transfer a desired amount to multiple bank accounts. Now, sellers will have the ability to send USD payments to vendors with a US or Hong Kong bank account, directly from their Seller Wallet.

During this segment, learn about how you can pay your vendors with one click and have record of all your payments in one place. Whether you’re paying vendors, converting currencies or transferring funds, Amazon Seller Wallet puts you in control.

Buy with Prime

Buy with Prime empowers you to grow your ecommerce business on your own website. Merchants experienced a 25% increase in shopper conversion* by offering trust of Prime, fast, free delivery, transparent delivery times, easy returns, and a checkout experience that millions of shoppers trust. Now you can add shopper-trusted reviews from Amazon on your product pages that offer Buy with Prime, help boost your average order value with cart building, and offer 24/7 live chat support to your customers who purchase through Buy with Prime.

And don't miss the great news for Shopify users: the Buy with Prime app for Shopify makes it easier to add and manage Buy with Prime on your Shopify store. You can add Buy with Prime to your existing checkout, manage your Buy with Prime catalog from the app, and view both orders and returns—all from Shopify admin.
*This data point measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

Potential Sales Lift

This year, Potential Sales Lift is available to more sellers, in more tools, on more recommendations, and with more personalization for your business. Potential Sales Lift uses advanced machine learning models to help you understand the value of using different Amazon programs, such as Sponsored Products.

Coming soon, we’re releasing new Potential Sales Lift estimates, which you could see on opportunities such as Coupons, Manage Your Experiments, and dozens of additional missing listing attributes. Now you can use this data to prioritize your time and grow your business.

New cost-saving recommendations

Introducing a new feature in Growth Opportunities aimed at both boosting sales and reducing operational costs. It focuses on three key areas: reducing customer returns through data-driven insights, optimizing inventory storage to enhance sell-through rates/lower storage costs, and cutting inbound inventory costs by eliminating the need for Amazon barcode labeling. Our new suite of cost reducing recommendations leverages analytics and statistical modeling to provide businesses with actionable insights for growth by saving on operational expenses.

New keywords recommendation

Introducing a new Growth Opportunities feature focused on improving advertising effectiveness and budget optimization. Our new Keywords feature, addresses the challenges of identifying the right keywords for Sponsored Products campaigns by leveraging search analytics data. The new feature provides product-specific keyword suggestions with associated data like Search Volume and Click Share, categorized into strategies for better understanding. When selected, these keywords are conveniently populated in the Ads Campaign Builder page, streamlining the campaign launch process. This enhancement aims to offer businesses more efficient keyword recommendations and simplify the process of starting new advertising campaigns.

Advertising tools

We are launching the ability for sellers to manage Coupons, Deals, and Sponsored Products Advertising Campaigns from the Amazon Seller mobile app. Sellers will not only have the ability to monitor their campaigns or promotions, but also quickly make adjustments or create new campaigns from the mobile app.

Our Coupon Management feature is already available in the app and other features will be released in the coming months. Sellers can download from the iOS iTunes or Android Google Play Stores.
Click here to download the Amazon Seller app on the Apple App Store
Click here to download the Amazon Seller app on Google Play

Customer Sentiment Insights

We are launching new features for Customer Review Insights and enhancing it to Customer Sentiment Insights. This is a powerful tool that gives you a comprehensive perspective on customer sentiment from reviews, and now customer returns. The new updates will also let you compare insights at the parent-ASIN level and offer a deeper understanding on specific topics that customers talk about in both positive and negative reviews.

Upcoming enhancements will let you select different time periods, analyze trends over time, and benchmark customer sentiment for all products against best sellers in the entire category to help you strengthen your brand positioning. These insights will be available later this year in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, with Japan soon to follow.

View in Your Room Table Top

We recently we launched the ViYR View in Your Room Tabletop feature placement on Android and iOS devices. This launch expands on the very popular experience for placing furniture items on the floor experience for furniture that customers love. The new tabletop experience helps customers place Tabletop ASINs products on a suitable their Tabletop or counter-top surface and move them from one surface to another to better evaluate how these products in our store would fit in their environment.

We’re excited to share that we currently now support over 200 tabletop product type and we will continually to expand the support for more tabletop/countertop product types in the future.

Ships in Product Packaging Program

The Ships in Product Packaging Program offers you the opportunity to test and qualify to ship customer orders in your own custom-brand packaging without additional Amazon-added material. This not only has potential to reduce the packaging materials used for delivery and carbon footprint of outbound shipments, but also the costs associated with fulfillment. Product enrollment will begin in January 2024. Join us to learn more about the benefits of the Ships in Product Packaging program and how to get involved.

Sustainability Solutions Hub - New Sustainability Program

The Sustainability Solutions Hub is a new online resource for the Amazon selling partner community to provide sellers with the tools and resources to help them with their product and packaging sustainability goals. The Hub hosts information about existing Amazon sustainability programs available to selling partners such as Climate Pledge Friendly, Amazon Renewed, and Ships in Product Packaging, launching to sellers in 2024, including the business and environmental benefits of these programs, how they work, and steps to get started.

Sellers will also find a new dashboard to track the business impact and potential opportunities to enroll products in Climate Pledge Friendly and Ships in Product Packaging, once available. We’re also launching a new sustainability category in the Service Provider Network, Amazon’s network of vetted third-party service providers to help sellers and vendors grow and manage their business.

The launch of this new sustainability category within the existing Service Provider Network will give selling partners a curated set of third-party service providers to help them with things like packaging design and testing and product design and certification. We’re rolling out the Sustainability Solutions Hub in the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain by the end of October.

Climate Pledge Friendly

Climate Pledge Friendly, Amazon’s flagship sustainable shopping program, drives 10% more page views for qualifying products. We were pleased to share new data on how we are helping customers discover these products through discovery features are marketing across Amazon, which can drive significant impact for your business. Climate Pledge Friendly also announced three new ways for you to qualify, as well as new tools to simplify the on-boarding experience.

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