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What is Remote Fulfillment with FBA?

Remote Fulfillment with FBA lets you sell to customers in Canada, Mexico and Brazil without sending inventory to those countries.

When you enroll in the program and create offers on Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.mx and Amazon.com.br, Fulfillment by Amazon uses your inventory in US fulfillment centers to deliver customer orders across the border.

Why use Remote Fulfillment with FBA?

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Prime customers receive free shipping to Mexico, Canada and Brazil. Amazon is responsible for managing export logistics, customer inquiries, refunds, and returns for your orders.
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When customers buy products through Remote Fulfillment with FBA, the buyer is the importer of record, and must pay any import duties, taxes, and fees.
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Amazon simplifies the import duties process by estimating the amount that will be due (the import fees deposit) and adding it to the amount the customer pays at checkout.
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Build International Listings tool duplicates your US offers and calculates international prices based on your US prices, plus fee differences. You control the margins for your products through net proceeds rules based on your US prices.
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Seller spotlight: Plugable Techonologies
It's so easy with just the listings, and Amazon can help with the translations of those listings, and the inventory you already have stock at FBA in the US, you are able to basically immediately start selling.
Bernie ThompsonPlugable Techonologies

Get started with Remote Fulfillment with FBA

How does Remote Fulfillment with FBA work?

Remote Fulfillment with FBA lets you sell to customers in Canada, Mexico and Brazil without sending inventory to those countries like this:

1. Complete your Remote Fulfillment with FBA enrollment.
2. Amazon will replicate and translate your offers using Build International Listings.
3. Amazon will use net proceeds to automatically adjust your prices to the target country.
4. Customers will see and buy your US FBA offers in their local stores.
5. Amazon will ship your orders directly to customers abroad.
6. Amazon will be responsible for providing support to customers for your orders.
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Complete enrollment

Understand the first steps to start offering your US FBA products directly to customers across the border.
Review Build International Listings settings
When you enroll in Remote Fulfillment with FBA, Build International Listings duplicates your US offers on Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.mx and Amazon.com.br.

Build International Listings also synchronizes your US FBA prices to Mexico, Canada and/or Brazil providing the same profit you would get in US, by adjusting prices according to:
Already have a Build International Listings connection? No need to make any changes to your current settings.

You can include additional markups to your prices in each marketplace on Menu > Inventory > Sell Globally > Build International Listings page.
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Did you know?

Any manual adjustments to ASIN prices directly in your target store or stores (Mexico, Canada or Brazil), will break the connection between that ASIN and its US price. When manually adjusting prices, please ensure that you account for the exchange rate difference between US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil to avoid unwanted pricing errors.
Remove seller-fulfilled offers sharing the same SKUs as FBA offers
While enrolled in the Remote Fulfillment with FBA, seller-fulfilled offers can not use the same SKUs as FBA offers.

Seller-fulfilled inventory sharing SKUs with FBA offers will be set to zero. To maintain seller-fulfilled offers for the same items, assign the seller-fulfilled offer with a different SKU.
Assign a bank account to each target country
Under Account Info, assign a deposit and charge method in each selected marketplace. Use your existing US options or use Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS) and deposit into your US bank account.

Manage your Remote Fulfillment listings

Review your ASIN status report

In Seller Central, download your "ASIN status report" under Inventory > Remote Fulfillment with FBA page. Understand which products were already added into the program and those that still need to become active. Enroll and unenroll eligible offers on a country level using this report.

The file will show which of your ASINs:
  • Are eligible to be sold through Remote Fulfillment with FBA
  • Require an action in the source marketplace (US) before you can add them to the program
  • Require an action in the target marketplaces (Mexico, Canada or Brazil) before you can add them to the program
  • Have been removed from the program

How to enroll and unenroll ASINs

Learn how to use the ASIN status report to enroll or unenroll eligible ASINs in Canada, Mexico and Brazil:
  • Download your ASIN status report. Open Menu > Inventory > Remote Fulfillment with FBA > Generate report and download the most recent version of your eligible ASIN status report.
  • Select the ASINs you want to add or remove. Determine the specific country and product you want to add or remove from the program, type in “Yes/No” on the “Enable/Disable” column and save the file.
  • Upload the ASIN status report file. On the same Remote Fulfillment with FBA page, click “Choose file” then select your ASIN status report file with the changes and upload it. Once uploaded, it will activate or deactivate the modified ASINs on your report in the selected target country.

Understand the cost of Remote Fulfillment with FBA

Just like any FBA product sold in the US, products sold internationally through the program will generate two types of fees: the Remote Fulfillment with FBA fee (instead of the US FBA fee), and the category referral fee for the marketplace where the sell occurred (instead of the US referral fee).
  • Remote Fulfillment fees are determined by product size and shipping weight and the costs of cross-border fulfillment to Mexico or Canada.
  • Referral fees are based on the store where the product was bought.
  • Customers, not sellers, pay import duties on items bought through Remote Fulfillment with FBA.
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Did you know?

Our automated pricing tool already synchronizes your US FBA prices and adjusts them to Mexico, Canada and/or Brazil. It takes into account the exchange rate, estimated differences in fees, and costs that you may incur, providing you with the same profit you would get in the US.

What you can sell on Remote Fulfillment with FBA

Due to trade compliance and in-country regulations, not all items are eligible to sell through Remote Fulfillment with FBA.

The following product types are not eligible:

Increase Remote Fulfillment sales

Promotions, Deals, and Coupons

Discounts can help increase sales and obtain new international customers. Amazon Promotions, Deals, and Coupons are also available in Mexico, Canada and Brazil to offer a percentage or money-off discounts on your products.

Promotions work similarly in all marketplaces. However, there are three key differences for the Mexico and Brazil stores:
  • There are no creation fees for Deals.
  • There are no redemption fees for Coupons.
  • Amazon Vine is not available in Mexico or Brazil yet.
Benefits to your business:
  • Merchandising: Enjoy automatic merchandising for your Deals and Coupons through Amazon.com.mx, Amazon.ca or Amazon.com.br. Customers can discover promotions on the Deals and Coupons home pages, in search results, on product detail pages, and in their carts.
  • Increase sales across your brand: Promotions help increase sales by offering discounts on products. Promote your best sellers or reduce overstock and free up FBA storage.
  • Improve discoverability of your brand and products: Products with promotions receive additional badging in search results, helping customers to find your best offers.


Use Amazon Ads to help develop your business in Mexico, Canada and Brazil. Amazon’s advertising solutions can help you boost your visibility, reach more shoppers, and increase your sales.
Benefits to your business:
  • Get discovered: Advertising helps introduce your product selection to new customers and tell your brand story to shoppers in more countries.
  • Increase sales: Advertisers see an average Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of 2.2X 2 months after launching Sponsored Products campaigns in a country other than their domestic marketplace.1
  • Control costs: Advertisers in the US and Canada who also advertise in Mexico saw a 70% reduction in cost per click (CPC) than those who only advertise domestically, 6 months after launching Sponsored Products.2
  • Tools and features: Global advertising is easy with Amazon Ads solutions. Here are some tools and features available to you.
  • Language and keywords: Switch languages in your ad console based on your preferences, and translate suggested keywords with our keyword localization feature.
  • Multi-marketplace campaign creation: Launch in multiple marketplaces at once, or replicate Sponsored Products campaigns in another country without having to re-enter or translate your campaigns.
  • Manager account: Oversee performance metrics and billing notifications across marketplaces from one place with a unified view of all your global Amazon Ads activity. Learn more about the tools and features for global advertising.
  • Join shopping events, like a local: One of the advantages of selling internationally is the ability to participate in local shopping events, like El Buen Fin in Mexico. Did you know that this event generated an online revenue of over 31 billion Mexican pesos in 2021?3 Ads can help your products stand out during these periods—use our calendar to mark important shopping events you can participate.
icon: prime day calendar
This calendar will help you plan for important shopping events, so you can leverage ads and promotions to stand out during these periods.

Learn more about international selling

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Seller University

Access the Remote Fulfillment with FBA program's collection of educational videos.

Success stories

Learn how other US-based sellers grew their businesses through Remote Fulfillment with FBA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Remote Fulfillment with FBA.
What is the difference between FBA Export and Remote Fulfillment with FBA?
With FBA Export, your offers become available to customers worldwide for purchase on Amazon.com. Remote Fulfillment with FBA means your products will become available directly in the Canadian, Mexican and Brazilian websites. Therefore, your orders will appear in your Canada, Mexico or Brazil seller account, based on where the customer bought your product.
What are the eligibility criteria for Remote Fulfillment with FBA?
To be eligible for Remote Fulfillment with FBA, you must have a Professional Selling Account, use FBA in the US, and have a North America and Brazil Unified Account with FBA Export enabled.
What if I want to do both local FBA (Canada, Mexico or Brazil) and Remote Fulfillment with FBA at the same time?
If you already have inventory of an ASIN located in Mexico, Canada or Brazil the ASIN will not be eligible for Remote Fulfillment with FBA until you have sold through that local inventory. If you have existing offers for Canada, Mexico or Brazil but you don't have in-country inventory, those offers will begin to sell through Remote Fulfillment with FBA at their existing price at the time you enroll in the program.

If you are enrolled in Remote Fulfillment with FBA and decide you want to sell an ASIN locally instead, you can remove the ASIN from the program using the ASIN Status report. You can't fulfill ASINs both locally and through Remote Fulfillment with FBA at the same time. You can use the report to add those offers back to Remote Fulfillment with FBA after your local inventory has sold out.
What is the process for customer returns?
Customer returns will be sent back to the US and are subject to the FBA Customer returns policy.
What fees will I be charged? What fees will customers be charged?
Just like any FBA product sold in the US, products sold internationally through the program will generate two types of fees: the Remote Fulfillment with FBA fee (instead of the US FBA fee), and the category referral fee for the marketplace where the sell occurred (instead of the US referral fee). Customer will pay: Product price; Import duties and taxes on items they order and non-Prime Customers will pay shipping fees. For details about program fees, visit Remote Fulfillment with FBA fees.
How do products qualify for Remote Fulfillment with FBA after I enroll in the program? Can I check ASIN eligibility for Remote Fulfillment with FBA prior to enrolling in the program?
Not all items are eligible to sell through Remote Fulfillment with FBA. To be eligible, a product must:
  • Be enabled for FBA in the US, and target marketplace(s)
  • Meet all trade compliance and in-country regulations
The following product types are not eligible: restricted products, prohibited products, dangerous goods.

We continually monitor factors that can affect an ASIN’s eligibility so that products are safe for customers to import. When an ASIN becomes ineligible, it is most likely because of a change in trade compliance regulations or Amazon’s risk assessment. In some cases, an ASIN is eligible for cross-border fulfillment under a different fulfillment method, such as local FBA fulfillment or Seller-fulfilled, but is not eligible for Remote Fulfillment with FBA. That could be because the regulatory risk is high or we have not yet assessed the risk, or because there are transportation constraints. Reasons for an item being high risk can include a requirement for extra documentation at the border and greater regulatory scrutiny or product restrictions in the customer’s country.

You can't check ASIN eligibility prior to enrolling in the program. However, once enrollment is complete, you will have access to the ASIN Product Status report on the Remote Fulfillment with FBA page to review which ASINs are eligible and manually enable/disable selection. The selection updates will be reflected within 24 hours.
What if an ASIN is ineligible for Remote Fulfillment with FBA but I still want to sell it in Canada, Mexico or Brazil?
If your ASIN is not eligible for Remote Fulfillment with FBA but you still want to sell it in Canada, Mexico or Brazil, you can list it as a seller-fulfilled offer. For Mexico and Canada, you can also send it directly to the country for sale through FBA.
Can selling through Remote Fulfillment with FBA impact my US account health?
No, account health in Mexico, Canada or Brazil will not affect your source marketplace.
What possibilities do I have to create offers?
You can create offers linked to your US inventory in the following ways:
The ASIN Status report says my offer isn’t valid. Why?
This can happen for a number of reasons. It could be that Amazon pulled the offer in the US because of counterfeit concerns, or because the item was out of stock or not approved for sale. Review the More details column in your ASIN Status report for information on how to fix the problem. Check the US listing to understand what could be wrong.

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1 Amazon internal data, WW, Jan 2019 – Jun 2021, limited to sellers with
- Minimum SP monthly budget of 100 $│£│€
- Minimum SP campaign duration of 6 months post launch
2 Amazon internal data, June 2020 – March 2022, limited to advertisers in US, Canada, and Mexico with Sponsored Products campaign duration of 6 months. US/Canada advertisers refer to advertisers who ran a Sponsored Products campaign in either the US, Canada or both. Comparison done between average Sponsored Products campaign performance of advertisers who invested only in US/Canada and of those who invested in US/Canada and Mexico. Results may vary across advertisers and are not indicative of future performance. Amazon Advertising does not guarantee similar results for advertisers in other marketplaces.
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