Currency Converter for Sellers

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By setting up Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS) in Seller Central, you can put global disbursements on auto-pilot.
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A simple way to send money home from your global Amazon stores.

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Your trusted partner

Amazon is one of the most recognized and trusted brands. We are committed to providing sellers with a safe and secure way to receive funds in their home currencies.
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Ease of use

No need to manually transfer funds, open a foreign bank account or sign up for a third party payment provider. With ACCS, all you need is to add your local bank account in Seller Central. We will pay you automatically.
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No hidden fees

When we say no hidden fees, we mean it. The only thing we charge for you to move your money home is the volume-based fee.

A pricing schedule that grows with you

We invest in your growth on Amazon. Our volume-based fee is calculated based on your total cross-currency net proceeds during the past 12 months across all your Amazon stores. The higher your net proceeds, the lower your fee.

net proceeds1

Volume-based Fee2

Greater than $10M
$1M – $10M
$500K – $1M
Less than $500K
1 Total cross-currency (from store country’s currency to a different currency of the seller’s home country) net proceeds across all Amazon stores for past 12 months.

2 Volume-based fee shown here is not available on certain Amazon sites and disbursement currencies. Learn more about volume-based fee schedule and availability.

Supported countries and payout currencies

Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS) is available on 19 Amazon stores and 44 payout currencies.

How it works

Step 1

Go to Seller Central

In Seller Central, click on Settings and then click on Deposit Methods.

Step 2

Add your local bank account

Add a new deposit method and assign it to your choice of Amazon store.

Step 3

Get paid

Once your bank account is verified, disbursements are initiated automatically from Seller Central. Funds generally arrive in your local bank account in one to five business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers.
Where is volume-based fee available?
Volume-based fee is available globally with the exception of and, and for all currencies supported by Amazon Currency Converter except CHF, which is available at a flat rate of 1.5% regardless of tier. Volume-based fee does not apply to seller disbursements processed through Hyperwallet. Full list of currencies supported by Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers is located here.
Is my volume based on all my global accounts?
Yes, when your global selling accounts are linked. You can go to Seller Central and use the Linked Accounts function to connect all your regional accounts, and we will take care of applying the best rate available on your business.

Here is an example:

A Germany-based seller earned $500K on, $300k on, and $300k on over the past 12 months. If the seller does not use Linked Accounts, we would offer the seller:

US: $500k -> 1.5%
UK: $300k -> 1.5%
JP: $300k -> 1.5%

If the seller uses Linked Accounts, we will lower the fee. This will save the seller $5,500.
Total Net Proceeds (US+UK+JP) = 1.1MM -> 1.0%
Which exchange rate will be applied to my payment?
ACCS uses the exchange rate applied by our third-party service provider on the day the transfer to your bank account is initiated. For failed disbursements, this is the exchange rate of the day the transfer is re-initiated.
I want to start using ACCS on my US store. If I change my bank information under the Deposit Method page, will this action trigger security checks and affect my payment schedule on Amazon?
Historically Sellers are only allowed to have one default deposit method that is assigned on the Amazon US store. Every time a Seller replaces a deposit method on Seller Central, it would trigger a mandatory 3-day security hold. As of October 2021, Sellers who are selling on the US store can add up to two bank accounts for their US store as “active” deposit methods. Once the bank account has successfully gone through the security hold that is required by Amazon, then Sellers have the freedom to switch between the two “active” bank accounts and receive payments without being subject to an additional 3-day hold.

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