Working capital loans designed with your business needs in mind

Amazon Lending provides financing options to help small and medium-sized businesses grow on Amazon.

We share your goal of growing your business on Amazon

Business financing options are extended to eligible sellers and the application process is 100% digital. Once you select the option that meets your business needs, you can apply for the amount that works for you, up to the full amount you’re eligible for, and there are no hidden fees.
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Simple application process
Complete an online application in a few steps.
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Convenient access to capital
Most approved loans issued by Amazon Lending are securely disbursed within five business days.1 For lines of credit issued by Marcus by Goldman Sachs, your business could receive a decision on your business' completed application within five business days.2
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Understand your fees up front
So you know what to expect from the start.

Getting started

A straightforward approach to business lending ⁠— we make the borrowing process easy so you can focus on more important things, like growing your business.

Step 2

If your business is eligible to apply, you'll see a message from Amazon Lending on the homepage.

Step 3

Choose the financing option that works best for your business, up to the full amount you’re eligible to apply for.

Step 4

For loans issued by Amazon Lending, upon approval you’ll have access to funds typically within five business days.1 For lines of credit issued by Marcus by Goldman Sachs, your business can request funds at any time upon approval of your application.2

How can working capital loans help grow your business?

Inventory management
Use funds to bulk buy inventory and be better stocked ahead of key sales events for your shoppers.
Product line expansion
Use funds to expand your product line and sell to new customers who are searching for products like yours.
Reach more shoppers
Take advantage of advertising and product promotion to reach more potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Amazon Lending.
I am interested in the new line of credit option. How can I get started?
Businesses eligible to apply for financing options now have access to Marcus Business Line of Credit. If you’re eligible for an invitation to apply, Marcus by Goldman Sachs will be listed in Seller Central as a financing option. When you click the invitation for a Marcus Business Line of Credit, you’ll be redirected to Marcus’s website to verify eligibility and complete your application. Once you submit, Marcus will review your application and let you know their decision. Please direct any specific questions about your line of credit application to Marcus by Goldman Sachs at 1-833-906-2224.
How long does it take to process an application?
For loans issued by Amazon Lending, once an application is submitted, we average five business days to review and provide a loan decision. As part of our application due diligence process, we may require additional documentation or information to approve your loan. Additional processing time may be required to complete this review.

For loans issued by third-party lenders, decision time may vary. As part of Marcus by Goldman Sachs’ application process, they will require time to review the application for creditworthiness (among other factors).
How do I make payments for loans issued by Amazon Lending?
Your loan payments are automatically deducted from the first seller account disbursement following your loan payment due date. If the first disbursement following your due date is insufficient to make the full loan payment, we will deduct the remaining balance from the next disbursement. Visit the Amazon Lending Help page in Seller Central to learn more (login required).
Can I pay off my loan issued by Amazon Lending early, and is there a penalty?
You may pay off your loan balance at any time without a prepayment penalty. Early payment would also result in interest savings, as we prorate interest due based on the remaining balance.
My business is not eligible to apply. How do I apply for a loan from Amazon Lending or a third-party lender?
Amazon Lending and third-party lenders provide business financing options to eligible sellers. Seller accounts are evaluated regularly and business financing options are provided to sellers who have a proven track record of growing sales and who provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. If your business is currently not eligible to apply, we recommend visiting the Amazon Lending Help page in Seller Central to learn more about some of the important factors that determine eligibility (login required).
I have another question about Amazon Lending.
Visit the Amazon Lending Help page in Seller Central to learn more (login required).

Online application

If your business is eligible to apply for business financing options, sign in to Seller Central and you'll see a message from Amazon Lending on the homepage.
1 As part of Amazon Lending and our third-party lender’s application due diligence process, additional documentation or information may be required to approve your loans issued by Amazon Lending or our third-party lender. Additional processing time may be required to complete this review.
2 For lines of credit from Marcus by Goldman Sachs: Approval of your business’ draw request is based on your business’ creditworthiness at the time of request and other factors. There is no obligation for Marcus by Goldman Sachs to extend credit at any time and approvals of draw requests are made in Marcus by Goldman Sachs’ sole discretion. Additional details can be found in your business’ line of credit agreement. Draw requests can occur until 5:00 p.m. ET two business days prior to the end of your draw period. If Marcus by Goldman Sachs decides not to approve your business’ draw request, your business may not be able to request a new draw for 30 days from the date of decline. The minimum draw amount your business may request is $500. Marcus by Goldman Sachs may reduce your credit limit for any reason.
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