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Amazon Lending, through its third-party financing providers, offers business financing to help eligible US small and medium-sized businesses reach their goals.
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Grow your business with competitive financing

Amazon Lending is designed to help your business succeed by letting you free up cash flow and invest in the areas of your business that make sense. Join thousands of Amazon sellers who have already taken advantage of Amazon financing solutions to grow their business.
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Access funds quickly

Applying takes minutes for most applicants, and financing decisions are usually made in less than three business days, with approved funds typically disbursed within two business days.2
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Proceed with certainty

Review transparent details for available financing options, including favorable rates and payment terms exclusively for Amazon sellers, before deciding to apply.
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Free up cash flow

From increasing inventory to purchasing ads, financing from Amazon Lending lets you focus your resources where you need them to meet your business goals.
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Customize your investment

You can use funds to cover any business costs, such as expanding your marketing, product lines, workforce, or infrastructure.
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Borrow with confidence

Amazon Lending collaborates with trusted third-party providers who have proven experience offering financial products that successfully serve sellers.
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USimply Season

“Getting the investment was really fast, maybe less than 24 hours... I was able to get the inventory that I needed and actually hired my first full-time employee.”

Sylvia Kapsandoy
Financed her goals with a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) from Parafin

Available products

We are constantly expanding by partnering with trusted third-parties to build a portfolio of financing tools for all your business needs. We evaluate many factors when selecting a third-party provider to join the Amazon Lending program, including their potential to innovate and continuously improve the seller experience through enhanced features and best-in-class offerings. Check my eligibility

Product Description

Best for

Product Cost of Financing

Product Provider(s)

Term Loan
A non-revolving, lump-sum loan with a specified payback period. Loan is repaid in equal monthly payments (principal + interest).
Sellers planning long-term and growing continuously
Fixed interest rate
Lendistry: The Amazon Community Lending program is a partnership between Amazon and Lendistry, an established minority-led Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), which serves urban and rural small businesses in socially and economically distressed communities.
A non-revolving, lump-sum loan with a specified payback period. Loan is repaid in equal payments (principal + portion of fixed fee).
Sellers planning long-term and growing continuously
Fixed fee calculated as a percentage of the total loan amount. Fee is assessed at the time of origination and paid over the life of the loan.
SellersFi is a global financial technology company that empowers e-commerce merchants looking to grow. They offer strategic solutions that make scaling easier and faster. SellersFi offers affordable and flexible funding options as part of its collaboration with Amazon Lending.
Business Line of Credit (LoC)
A flexible financing option that provides sellers with access to funding up to an assigned credit limit. Sellers may request funds as needed (subject to credit approval), enabling them to build inventory, fund operations, and quickly take advantage of business opportunities.
Sellers looking to meet ongoing operating expenses or create an emergency fund
Interest accrues at a fixed rate on the drawn balance, so sellers only pay interest on the funds they are using. This fixed rate is locked in for the life of the line of credit agreement.
SellersFi is a global financial technology company that empowers e-commerce merchants looking to grow. They offer strategic solutions that make scaling easier and faster. SellersFi offers affordable and flexible funding options as part of its collaboration with Amazon Lending.
Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)
A non-revolving sum of funding with flexible payment, no personal collateral required, and no late fees, a merchant cash advance provides sellers funding to help run and grow their business. Unlike interest-bearing loans, the advance ties payment to a portion of a seller’s future sales for a fixed capital fee; there are no additional fees or interest charged.
Growing sellers looking for the flexibility to pay back more or less depending on sales each month
There is no interest on a merchant cash advance. Sellers pay a fixed capital fee.
Parafin is a business financing provider that was founded with the mission to grow small businesses. Started by a dedicated group of data scientists and engineers who watched small businesses get left behind during the pandemic, their focus is providing small businesses with fast, easy access to capital. Parafin offers a merchant cash advance to sellers on the online store.

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We make financing easy so you can focus on more important things, like growing your business.
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Check for invitations
Step 2.
Review the terms
Choose the financing option that works best for your business, up to the full amount your business is eligible to apply for. Then click Start Application.
Step 3.
Securely share your selling data
Agree to share your business’s Amazon selling data with the financing provider. You will then be redirected to the provider’s site to complete your application.
Step 4.
Complete the application
Fill out the application form in a matter of minutes and submit.
Step 5.
Get the funds
Receive notice of the provider’s financing decision, usually within one business day1. If your application is approved and you accept the terms, the funds will be disbursed into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Amazon Lending
What are the different business financing products available through Amazon?
Amazon Lending’s third-party financing providers offer a range of financial solutions to give sellers maximum flexibility. Financial solutions vary based on the region. In the U.S., term loans, lines of credit, and merchant cash advances are available to eligible, U.S.-based businesses. At any given time, your business may be eligible to apply for one or more financing options from Amazon’s select financial partners.
How can I improve my eligibility?
Providers take multiple factors into consideration when determining financing eligibility, evaluating sellers who have a proven track record of growing sales and who provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.
How long does it take to process an application?
Decision time may vary by financing provider. On average, most decisions are made within one business day.
How will applying for financing from Amazon Lending impact my credit?
Applying for financing in the Amazon Lending program will not impact your personal credit. Making on-time payments with Lendistry or SellersFi can help you grow your business credit.
I’m interested in a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). What is a capital fee?
The capital fee is a flat service fee you pay to accept a cash advance from Parafin. This fixed fee is the only fee you'll pay, and it will not change after you have accepted the advance. You pay the total advance amount (including the capital fee) with a set percentage of future gross sales. This set percentage is your Payment Rate and is displayed before you accept the offer.
Where can I learn more about the Amazon Lending program or get the answer to another question?
Visit the Amazon Lending help pages for more information (login required).
Where can I find more information about financing for small and medium-sized businesses?
Visit the US Small Business Administration's (SBA) plan your business and grow your business pages.

Finance your business needs with Amazon Lending

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1As part of the application due diligence process, third-party financing providers may require additional documentation or information to approve your business’s financing. Additional processing time may be required to complete this review.
2The time required for funds to be deposited in your account may vary, depending on the receiving bank and its processing times.
* $39.99/month + selling fees