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Grow your business with local selling

Reach Amazon customers that are within your local delivery or store pick-up areas. Amazon local selling is fast, convenient, and flexible for customers. Now accepting new applications.
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Reach Amazon shoppers in your area with local delivery or in-store pick up

Amazon gives you access to the order tracking solutions to help you manage local deliveries and in-store pick-ups for customers. It is fast, convenient, and flexible for customers. Currently available to select sellers who offer delivery services to customers homes within local delivery areas and offer "buy online pick-up in store" (BOPIS) at your retail stores and warehouses.
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Reach customers that live near your location
Offer your products to Amazon customers who live within certain zip codes and within a 25-mile radius of your retail stores or warehouses. By offering local delivery services and/or BOPIS, Amazon customers will be able to easily learn that your products are available for fast delivery or in-store pick-up.
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Expand to new self-delivery and pick-up technologies
Your products available for local delivery or BOPIS will be visible to customers in Amazon’s store product search results and on product detail pages. Customers will be able to choose between home delivery and in-store pick-up options.
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Convenient pick-up and delivery messaging for Amazon customers
Customers will receive messaging about delivery options, pick-up location, timing and process, to help you manage either local home delivery to customers or in-store pick up.
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As we've increased the sales through Amazon, it's allowed us to hire more people and scale.
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Local selling in 4 easy steps

Step 1


Submit your application and our team will contact you.

Step 2

Launch products

Obtain approval and launch your products and inventory for your location(s).

Step 3

Prepare orders

Process your orders preparing items for home delivery and/or in-store customer pick up.

Step 4


Complete fulfillment of pre-ordered items through delivery or pick up.

Why we launched buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS) for sellers

Walts TV storefront

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon local selling?
Shipping products over long distances creates a limit to profitably. You can be challenged with cost of shipping low priced heavy-bulky items, with ensuring fragile items arrive safely to customers, or ensuring freshness of items. Customers want to pick up or receive items on their terms across anything and everything they can buy.

With Amazon local selling, you can extend your business beyond a national shipping business, by expanding into new localized self-delivery and buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS) technologies. Geographic regions near your physical stores or shipping operations, can now serve as local-only shipping hubs or pick-up locations for orders made in Amazon’s store.
My business has never sold online before. Why would we want to start now with Amazon?
Amazon local selling offers an entirely new way for customers to purchase through Amazon’s store and receive their items with either local home delivery or in-store pick-up. With the combination of local delivery and BOPIS, you can differentiate your fulfillment options while harnessing the scale and reach of Amazon. This eliminates the need for you to maintain your own online presence, fight for customer awareness, or handle customer service, and instead brings customers directly to you.
What is local delivery for sellers?
With local self-delivery, sellers can list selection only available to customers within a delivery area you define, down to the zip code level. Customers outside of your delivery area will not see your product offer. You use your own truck, vans, or specialty third-party fulfillment vehicles to deliver all types and sizes of products to customers in your defined regions. Because it is local, you can now make 1-2-day delivery promises, which will delight customers. Combining BOPIS, local delivery, and your Amazon national fulfillment enhances your fulfillment opportunities.
What is BOPIS?
Buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS) is a new way for you to reach new customers, expand engagement with your local community and drive increased in-store foot traffic by listing selection in Amazon’s store and having customers come directly to your store to pick up their purchase. You can combine the scale of Amazon with your unique in-store experience, while owning your product listing, images, and content for BOPIS-enabled products. There are no additional fees, and you’ll continue paying a category referral fee per unit sold and a Professional selling plan fee. As soon as an Amazon customer purchases a BOPIS item, you will be notified either through Seller Central or API, depending upon your setup, alerting your associates to pick, inspect and set aside the product, creating a positive in-store, pick-up experience for the customer.
What sellers are eligible to participate in BOPIS?
BOPIS is a fulfillment option available to select Amazon third-party sellers with physical storefronts or warehouses. As our program scales, we will offer opt-in features, such as Seller Central notifications that allow you to express interest in participating. Currently this program is open to select Sellers. If you are interested, please click the apply button below. We are open to all sized retailers and product types. Additionally, sellers are not currently able to offer only BOPIS, and must also offer local delivery to customers within their delivery areas.
I use an integrator to manage my ecommerce business. Will I be able to participate in Amazon’s BOPIS program?
Yes. Third-party sellers can enable Amazon’s BOPIS fulfillment capability if they are using a third-party integrator. The APIs created for Amazon BOPIS are an extension of Amazon third-party seller APIs and are easily accessible by third-party sellers and third-party integrators for automating data exchange with Amazon. However, third-party sellers will need to commit to and maintain performance guidelines (e.g. pick-up ready rate, third-party seller initiated cancellation rate, in-store fulfillment cancellation rate) to participate and remain eligible for the program. API documentation will be made available to sellers after they submit an application using the apply button below.
I am a third-party ecommerce integrator. Will I be able to participate in Amazon’s BOPIS program?
Yes. Please submit an application and indicate that you are an integrator.
Do I need complex new technology to participate in BOPIS?
No. There are two ways to participate in BOPIS either through direct API integration or via third-party integrators, ChannelAdvisor and Sellercloud (with additional integrators coming in 2022). Through these BOPIS APIs, you can manage store setup, store level inventory and order status updates (ready-for-pick-up and picked up). In the future, you will be able to manage your entire in-store experience through Seller Central on any computer, including using the 1x1 interface or bulk feeds. If the direct API integration doesn’t fit your needs and you don’t want to wait for BOPIS to be enabled in Seller Central, you may choose ChannelAdvisor’s or Sellercloud’s web-based portal for managing your BOPIS business. Apply to learn more
What changes in Amazon’s store with the introduction of BOPIS?
With BOPIS, customers can now shop all their favorite local stores in one place, and quickly identify products that are available for pick-up, and have purchases ready for pick-up in as little as one hour. BOPIS opens Amazon to local stores across the country.
How do customers find products in Amazon’s store that offer nearby pick-up?
Once customers land on the detail page of the item, they can toggle back and forth between the pick-up and traditional delivery option, letting them choose the option that works best for them. Amazon’s store search results give customers a tailored recommendation based on their shopping location, distance to local stores, speed of availability, and price.
What happens after customers place a BOPIS order and how will they know it’s ready for pick-up?
After placing BOPIS orders, customers will receive a confirmation email containing standard order information and store-specific information including location and hours, and an estimated time their order will be ready. Once the store confirms the order is ready for pick-up, the customer will be informed through email, text message or in-app notification. After customers arrive at the pick-up location, collecting orders is as simple as walking up to the pick-up counter, collecting the order, and walking out.

Customers may always check order progress, find store info, delivery instructions, and surface the pick-up code via your orders. While we aim to have customer’s orders ready as fast as possible, we know customers may not be ready to pick it up right away, which is why we guarantee customers at least four days to pick up the product from the time it was marked available.
How much does BOPIS cost?
In-store pick-up is available at no extra charge for Amazon customers and for Amazon sellers.

Reach more local customers

Currently available to select sellers who offer delivery services to customers homes within local delivery areas and/or offer buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS) at your retail stores.
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