Amazon Local Selling

Grow your business with local customers

Reach Amazon customers that are within your local area. Amazon Local Selling is fast, convenient, and flexible for customers—and our team will help you get up and running.
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Reach Amazon shoppers in your area with local delivery or in-store pick up

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Drive additional traffic and sales
Drive more online visibility and foot traffic to your business.
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Fast, customizable shipping choices
Ship in as fast as 1-2 days in an area defined down to the zip-code.
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Flexible fulfillment options
Choose when, where and how customers receive your products.
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Seller support team
We are here to assist you.

What you can offer customers

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Local delivery
Your business can use integrated Amazon shipping partners or offer self-delivery.
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Buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS)
Enable customers to buy your products in Amazon’s online store and pickup in your store as fast as 90 minutes.
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Standalone pick-up
Offer products for pick-up that you don’t currently sell in Amazon’s online store.
Curbside pick-up
Provide customers a convenient way to pick-up orders without leaving their car. Coming soon!
Walts TV storefront
As we've increased the sales through Amazon, it's allowed us to hire more people and scale.
Michael HendleyOwner, Walts TV

Local selling in 3 steps

Step 1

Define your local selling area

Submit your application and our team will contact you.

Step 2

List your products

List your products and available inventory for your location(s).

Step 3

Start selling

Complete fulfillment of orders through local delivery or pick-up in-store.
Our team will help set you up.


"Local Selling has allowed us to deliver the orders ourselves in specific areas, reducing our dependency on approved carriers. This means we can offer the customer better and faster service."

Michael Liu
Cavalier Store

"The BOPIS program has enabled us to sell and market products we previously didn't list on Amazon. We can now offer them to our local customers, which has helped our business grow year over year."

Mark Imri
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Did you know?

Offer same-day delivery and in-store pickup from your retail locations

The Amazon Today program provides reliable same-day delivery at scale to our enterprise retail partners via our Amazon Flex Driver delivery partners while also offering in-store pickup. Amazon Today includes built-in customer service, real-time inventory, out of stock buffers, and capacity management controls, allowing our partners to take full advantage of their existing technology investments while adding a new sales channel to drive incremental order volume at retail stores nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does local delivery work?
With local delivery you can list selection only available to customers within a delivery area you define, down to the zip code level. Customers outside of your delivery area will not see your product offers. With local delivery, you can continue to utilize integrated Amazon shipping partners while still gaining access to faster 1-2-day delivery promises.

If your business has the ability, you can offer self-delivery and use your own fulfillment vehicles to deliver products to customers in your defined regions.
How do I onboard into local delivery?
After applying, if local delivery is suitable for your business, one of our sales representatives will reach out to you to schedule time to review details, answer questions and confirm this is a good fit for your business. Next, they will help you gather the details needed to complete onboarding. Then, one of our onboarding experts will help get your business set up and launched with local delivery.
What is buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS)?
Buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) is a new way for you to reach customers, expand engagement with your local community and drive increased in-store foot traffic by listing selection on Amazon. Customers purchase online at Amazon and then come to your business to pick up their purchase. You can combine the scale of Amazon with your unique in-store experience for BOPIS enabled products. As soon as an Amazon customer purchases a BOPIS item, you will be notified, alerting your associates to pick, inspect and set aside the product for the customer.
What are the BOPIS product options available?
Sellers can participate in standard BOPIS or standalone pick-up today (curbside pick-up coming soon). Standard BOPIS allows sellers to continue to sell and ship their products on Amazon while also offering customers the ability to choose in-store pick up on select offers in defined regions. Standalone pick-up enables sellers who do not sell and ship their products on Amazon to offer BOPIS selection in defined areas. Curbside will take both BOPIS products a step further by making it possible for customers to park at your store location and have their order brought out to their car.
What sellers are eligible to participate in BOPIS?
BOPIS is a fulfillment option available to Amazon professional third-party sellers with physical storefronts or warehouses with API and customer service capabilities.
What are the technical requirements for sellers to participate in BOPIS?
To participate in BOPIS sellers either need a direct API integration or use of a third-party integrator. Through these BOPIS APIs, you can manage store setup, store level inventory and order status updates (ready-for-pick-up and picked up).

Sellers will need to commit to and maintain performance guidelines (e.g. pick-up ready rate, third-party seller-initiated cancellation rate, in-store fulfillment cancellation rate) to participate and remain eligible for the program. API documentation will be made available to sellers after they submit an application using the apply button below.
What is the BOPIS customer experience on Amazon?
Products with BOPIS offers available will display an "in-store pick-up" tab on the product detail page, making it easy for customers to find. Customers can toggle back and forth between the pick-up and traditional delivery options, letting them choose the option that works best for them.

After placing a BOPIS order, customers will receive a confirmation containing standard order information and store-specific information. Once the store confirms the order is ready for pick-up, the customer will be informed. After customers arrive at the pick-up location, they can walk up to the pick-up counter, collect the order, and walk out.
How do I onboard into BOPIS?
After applying, if BOPIS is suitable for your business, one of our sales representatives will reach out to you to schedule time to review BOPIS product details, answer questions and confirm it is a good fit for your business. Your sales representative will then connect you with one of our solutions architects, who will assist your business with API integration. Once your API integration is complete, your business will be able to offer BOPIS on Amazon.
Can I do local delivery and BOPIS?
Yes, you can utilize multiple products that Local Selling offers. Local Selling is designed to ensure your business is able to offer the most holistic buying experience possible for your local customers.
Is there an additional selling fee to participate in Local Selling?
There are no additional fees to participate in Local Selling. You’ll continue paying a category referral fee per unit sold and a Professional selling plan fee.

Reach Amazon customers within your local area

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