Astro AI sees a significant increase in sales after enrolling in Strategic Account Services

When Joe Song and Robert Miyoshi started Astro AI back in 2016, they knew Amazon’s stores were where they’d focus their efforts to drive sales. “We sell automotive and home improvement equipment. One example is our best-selling item - a digital tire gauge. It’s easy to use, has a simple design, and is highly approachable. We knew if we got our product in front of customers, they’d like it – and Amazon was the way to do that,” said Miyoshi.
We’ve seen a significant increase in our sales.
Robert MiyoshiAstro AI
Song and Miyoshi first joined the Strategic Account Services program in September 2018 and were paired with an account manager, Maritza A. “Since we’re doing business on Amazon, we wanted someone on the inside – an Amazon employee – to help guide us,” said Miyoshi. “Having access to Maritza, who knows what’s happening inside Amazon, was a no-brainer. However, after joining the program we learned we had access to Prime Deals*, and Deals of the Day** and these have been great for our business.”

“Joe and Robert were looking for ways to accelerate sales,” said Maritza, “so I talked to them about the various deals programs that sellers enrolled in the program have access to. They mentioned they sometimes had excess inventory that they want to move quickly. Deals are a great way to do this expose new customers to your product. Amazon’s Deals page is one of the most visited pages on our site.”
“We’ve loved Deals,” says Song. “Since we first tried them out last year, we’ve run ten a month. We tried the Prime Deals. Initially, we were thinking we’d be conservative with our discount, but Maritza convinced us to offer a bigger percentage off. We’re so glad we did! Our deal was picked up by another deal site/influence and we wound up selling a lot of product.”

Song and Miyoshi admit that it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact effect their participation in Strategic Account Services has had on their business, but they did share this: “We are able to compare September – December of 2017 when we weren’t in the program to September – December, 2018. We’ve seen a significant increase in our sales. It’s been great.”

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*Prime Deals are discounts available only to Amazon Prime customers.

**Deal of the Day is a one-day deal available to all Amazon customers.

Astro AI sees a significant increase in sales after enrolling in Strategic Account Services