This Is Small Business podcast: Eva Jane stands out in the crowd

Eva Jane featured on the This is Small Business podcast

For nearly a decade, Eva Jane Bunkley’s doubts kept her from taking the first step with her business idea.

Once she took that step, her innovative idea for a cosmetic finger sponge that helps multi-task makeup application not only changed the beauty industry, but her life as well.

In episode two of Amazon’s This is Small Business podcast, host Andrea Marquez talks with makeup artist Eva Jane about her decade-long path to becoming an entrepreneur, and tips for standing out in an established industry. Eva Jane shares how her life’s work led her to create her brand, The Makeup Bullet. A two-time Emmy Award-winning makeup artist, Eva Jane found inspiration from a personal trait: her messiness.

“I tend to be kind of a messy artist,” Eva Jane says. “Things are all over the place. The thought just popped in my head. If I had this thing attached to my finger, then I wouldn’t be looking for it. And that was the origin story of The Makeup Bullet. It was just being in the moment and wanting to solve a problem.”

Once the idea took hold, Eva Jane had to learn the business side of entrepreneurship, venturing into areas where she didn’t have previous experience. That’s when she figured out how to stand out, and went back to featuring her personal story to help grow her brand.

But is her story enough to establish The Makeup Bullet long-term in the beauty industry?

That’s where Chelsea Whittington joins the podcast. Chelsea, the CEO of C. Whitt PR, develops public relations and social media strategies for a wide range of clients. Chelsea shares her insights on storytelling, brand ambassadors, and how passion can play a key role in separating a business from the pack.

Listen to episode two to hear Chelsea’s advice for The Makeup Bullet, and how being ready for a big moment is just as important as creating one. You can subscribe to This is Small Business and check out the episode below.

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Eric SanInocencio
Eric SanInocencio
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