This Is Small Business podcast: How to hire a super team

This Is Small Business, Episode 10, with Kyle Goguen, founder & CEO of Pawstruck.

Kyle Goguen, founder & CEO of Pawstruck, is featured on the This is Small Business podcast, titled “Kyle hires a super team”

This episode of This is Small Business explores the critical question of when and how to start building your team.

Founder and CEO of Pawstruck Kyle Goguen has advice for small business owners on when to start hiring, based on his own experience.

“Junior year of college, I adopted a boxer puppy named Tyson,” Kyle says. “When I first got Tyson, I was trying to be a good dog owner. I visited a bunch of local pet stores, getting him all the treats and chews and different supplies that I needed to train him and to take care of him.”

As Kyle continued to look after Tyson, he found that the products he bought his pup had artificial ingredients, and he struggled to find treats that were affordable, but made from simple ingredients. That’s when Kyle had his “aha” moment.

Right after college graduation, Kyle started working on getting his company, Pawstruck, up and running.

But soon he asked himself, when is the right time to start hiring? Over the past decade, Kyle has found it rewarding to build a team of more than 40 other dog owners like himself, but when he started Pawstruck, he didn’t know where, or when, to begin.

Listen to this episode to hear Kyle’s insights on when to hire, and why culture is so important. You’ll also hear from Brad Smart, the founder and CEO of Topgrading, a consulting and software company dedicated to helping companies of all sizes improve performance and profits. Drawing on incredible stories from 40 years of experience, Brad details how to find top talent and shares his perspective on how great teams operate.

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