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The information on this page is for seller businesses based in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. If your business is based in the US or elsewhere, check out our guide for beginners.
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How to sell from China to the US

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What you will need for registration

If you are wondering whether global ecommerce is right for your business, how profitable it may be, and what you need to get started, then this page can help.

Step 1: Register for a seller account

The first step to start selling with Amazon is to create a seller account. Seller businesses based in mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan need to provide documentation listed below.

For a seamless process, gather all of the required materials before getting started. You will be able to stop and continue the registration process at any time, saving your progress using your chosen registration email and password.

If you encounter problems during registration, please click “Get Support” on the registration page for assistance.

Registration checklist:

1. Color-scanned business documents:
  • For companies in Hong Kong, China: Company Registration Certificates and Business Registration Regulations
  • For companies in Taiwan:
2. Color-scanned ID card of the person legally responsible for your company:
Note: These materials must be issued by mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.
3. A valid credit card for international payments:
You must:
Note: Do not use virtual credit or debit cards.
4. Accurate and up-to-date contact information. We recommend using the email and phone number of the person legally responsible for your business.
5. Optional: Bank account used to receive payments:

Don't have an Amazon seller account yet?

Step 2: Complete documentation review

When you have entered all information, you can begin the verification process.

Submit identity verification information: Follow the prompts to submit identity verification materials, including the ID card of the legal representative and the business license of your company. Then wait for review.

There are two identity verification methods: photo or video recording.

Take a photo of your face

Use your device’s camera to take a photo of your face and your government-issued ID. We'll compare them to complete identify verification. This may be the fastest option because you can complete it without assistance from an Amazon associate.

Record a video of your face

Use your device’s camera to take a video of your face and the physical documents you submitted during registration. We'll record your session and have an Amazon associate verify your identity.
    Note: For both verification methods, sellers in mainland China will be required to provide additional documentation, including a photo of their business license.
  • Address verification: Use the actual business address and ensure accuracy. The address cannot be modified after confirmation. You will receive a postcard with an address verification code mailed by Amazon within 5-8 business days. After receiving the postcard, please fill in the verification code on the postcard to the address verification field as soon as possible. If you do not receive a postcard after seven days, you can click “Send” again (up to three times).
  • North American tax information review: This is a self-service process in Amazon Seller Central, where you will provide your tax identification and bank account information. View the step-by-step tax guideline.
  • Account review: Amazon may conduct a second review of some seller accounts that have completed registration. Review the seller account guideline.

Step 3: Select your selling category

Before you officially open your store, you will need to choose a selling category. Amazon has more than 20 categories open to sellers. Some selling categories allow new listings only, while others have additional guidelines on product quality, that require seller compliance.
Multiple selling categories provide Chinese sellers with business potential. Popular selling categories in North America include electronics, clothing, beauty, computers, healthcare, cars, home improvement, toys, and small household appliances.

Step 4: Upload product information

Amazon customers will explore and engage your listings on product detail pages. Our guide to Amazon Listings provides new sellers with a comprehensive introduction to product detail pages, regulations to keep in mind, and how to optimize your listings to increase conversion rates.

Step 5: Set up shipping and inventory management

Fast and high-quality delivery services are key to customer satisfaction, improved sales, and new selling opportunities. Amazon has multiple cross-border delivery solutions to help you provide this experience around the world:
  • Inventory management: Store products using Amazon Logistics Warehouse Management (FBA Inventory)
  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA): FBA provides end-to-end delivery, from warehouse management to customer service. When your product is sold, FBA will ship the product to the customer and provide any after-sales service.

Exclusive services and solutions for sellers

An image of a computer monitor displaying a mouse cursor

Self-paced online courses

Amazon Seller Encyclopedia is available 24/7 to learn on your time and at your own pace.
A TV screen with a centered play symbol

Official live classes

Amazon account managers and instructors provide live, hands-on selling courses for beginners and established sellers.
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Paid premium courses

Get training from certified instructors—online and in person—for beginners and established sellers by certified instructors.
A headset representing customer service

Dedicated account manager service

Amazon provides operation optimization solutions to help sellers layout global business depending on the seller's business scale and category.
icon: university cap

Seller Training Center

Amazon's first comprehensive seller training center, the Asia-Pacific Seller Training Center in Hangzhou, China, is committed to providing one-stop, world-class training services for Asia-Pacific sellers.

For more support and services available to Chinese sellers visit gs.amazon.cn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about registering an account.

Account registration

How do I close my account if I accidentally registered or no longer need it?
Contact Seller Support to close your account.
Can I stop and complete registration later?
Yes, you can save your progress to complete registration at your convenience by logging in with the email address and password you used to created your account. However, you can only see information about the currently selected service.
Are international dual-currency cards with UnionPay and Visa logos permitted?
We recommend using a single currency card with the logo of an overseas credit card organization such as VISA or Mastercard. Ensure that the account is opened in the local currency of the destination country, has sufficient credit, is valid (not expired), and has no payment restrictions. Do not use virtual credit or debit cards.
Can deposit methods be made using third-party service accounts?
Yes, but if you are using a third-party service account, please select "United States" in the "Bank Address" column of the deposit method.
Can tax information be skipped?
No. A United States tax audit is a self-service review process that guides you through entering your identifying information to confirm whether your account is subject to U.S. taxes. Most of the inputs are pre-populated from the information you provide during registration, so make sure to provide all required information. Chinese sellers must also complete this review process to complete the registration process.
If I have successfully registered a U.S. account, do I need to register another account to enter Canada and Mexico?
No. With a North America Unified Account, you can sell in three locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for the same subscription fee.

Identity verification

What is the difference between Take a photo of your face and Record a video of your face?
When you select Take a photo of your face, Amazon uses facial recognition technology to complete identity verification. When you select Record a video of your face, an Amazon associate will review a video to verify your identity. Both options can be completed without an appointment, but submitting a photo may be faster because it doesn’t require review by an Amazon associate.
Is the person whose name is on the business license required to take the photo or video?
No, but we recommend the business license holder complete identify verification because it can help complete the process faster.

If the business owner can’t participate in-person in the identify verification process, they can authorize a representative from the business to complete verification on their behalf. To complete verification by video call, the representative needs to log in to Seller Central within two business days of completing registration and click Verify using a video call to schedule an appointment.

Note: If you are authorized to complete verification on behalf of the business license holder and your name is not on the business license, make sure that you have both your ID and the ID of the business license holder during identity verification.
What are the technical requirements for using Record a video of your face?
Make sure your device has a working, front-facing camera and that your internet connection is stable and reliable. If the quality of the images or video captured during the verification is low, you will be prompted to repeat the process.
I accidentally exited the Record a video of your face or Take a photo of your face page during verification. Can I log back in to continue the process?
Yes, you can log back in and record a new video or take a new photo. Make sure to log in using the same email and password used to register your Seller Central account. If you see Select a Merchant and Marketplace or Select an Account, click United States, regardless of your store of choice.

Shipping and delivery

What methods can I use to ship when an order is placed on Amazon in the United States?
Sellers have a variety of delivery options, including Amazon fulfillment solutions. For example, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that allows you to outsource order fulfillment to Amazon. You can set up FBA delivery in Seller Central, and ship inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers in the United States using the first-mile delivery service of a third-party company.

You can also fulfill orders through self-fulfillment, which requires you to pack and ship the order after the customer places it. You will need to enter a tracking code so that consumers can check the progress of the shipment.
Are there any official logistics service providers?
You can find the Partner Network under “Explore Services” in the menu bar of Seller Central. Select the service you need (for example, international delivery) to learn about the service's partners.
Are there any discount programs for new FBA sellers?
The FBA New Products Inbound Program provides special rates to help sellers add new products with FBA. Search for "FBA New Listing Program" in the upper-right corner of Seller Central to enroll and learn more about the program today.

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