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Find products to sell in the Amazon store

Go beyond high-level product categories and dive deep into profitable niches with Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer tool. See what customers want, and zero-in on products to sell based on customer demand, search terms, product trends, and other criteria. Sellers who engaged with OX saw a +1.79% lift in gross sales 12 months after.
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What is Product
Opportunity Explorer?

Product Opportunity Explorer is an Amazon ecommerce research tool that provides up-to-date data on trends in customer search patterns, product demand, and profitable niches. It refreshes niche information weekly, allowing Amazon sellers to identify unmet customer demand and find opportunities for new products or offers. You can use Product Opportunity Explorer to make informed decisions about what products to sell in the Amazon store.

Explore Product Opportunity Explorer's customizable graphs to analyze product seasonality, historical average price, and performance over time. The Product Opportunity Explorer dashboard allows you to track the performance of niches so you can identify movers and shakers in each category, and stay ahead of the curve by finding niches with increasing or decreasing customer searches. Along the way, Product Opportunity Explorer provides best practices and expert tips to help you get the most out of your research.

Get insights to decide on the best products to sell in Amazon stores

Search for the next profitable product with the right data. Product Opportunity Explorer gives you access to customer insights to guide your sales strategy. See the top-selling items in the Amazon store as well as pricing data that can help you optimize product listings.

Discover profitable opportunities
Analyze customer and competitor data to reveal in-demand, profitable, and low-competition products.

Speed up product research
Use the Product Opportunity Explorer dashboard to zero in on product ideas based on the competition, customer demand, search terms, and product reviews (good and bad).

Gain competitive edge
Identify untapped (or poorly tapped) niches. Product Opportunity Explorer can reveal what product categories have high-demand, but not enough sellers to meet it.

Avoid seasonal dips in sales
Track sales trends to determine whether top-selling products in Amazon stores sell well year-round or during certain timeframes (such as holidays, or summertime).

Position products for success
Identify search terms to target in product descriptions. Product Opportunity Explorer can inform your optimization strategy to maximize product listing visibility.
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Seller Spotlight

Totally Bamboo maintains its competitive edge with Product Opportunity Explorer

Tom and Joanne Sullivan use Product Opportunity Explorer to scale their business, Totally Bamboo, by researching what’s trending in product categories, getting ideas for tweaking product detail page content, and filling gaps in their product line.
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A single dashboard for powerful data and features

Product Opportunity Explorer doesn’t just relay customer and product metrics to you—it can empower you to make better decisions based on trends and opportunities. Try these Product Opportunity Explorer features to find top-selling items in Amazon stores.

Niche analytics
Decide whether to niche up or down with Product Opportunity Explorer's overview of profit potential for a given niche. Base your decision on metrics like average units sold and total search volume for a niche.
  • Learn whether a niche is growing or saturated based on number of products and units sold
  • Understand customer demand based on search volume and search volume growth over time
  • Analyze positive and negative customer reviews to learn what you can do better
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Pro tip

Find the gaps in demand that your business can fill

Use Product Opportunity Explorer to identify products that receive 80% of clicks, but are out of stock a lot, so you can meet demand.

Product analysis

Dive deeper into each niche by analyzing a product’s potential. You can review a product’s search volume, popularity growth over time, average units sold, average prices, and more.
  • Uncover the top products to sell within a niche
  • See which brands are selling these products to gauge competition
  • Know how many people search for and click on a product
  • Decide on a price point to gain an edge over the competition
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Filter options

Go broad or go deep with Product Opportunity Explorer's filter options. View data in ascending and descending order, or create parameters for each metric, such as minimum and maximum, or a range between the two.
  • Filter by volume change range to figure out what products are seeing growth or decline
  • Create filters that average units sold and search volume to see customer demand
  • Determine product profitability by filtering for high clicks and average prices
  • Insert parameters on two or more metrics to find unique opportunities

Customer review snippets

Identify what features customers value in a product category. Product Opportunity Explorer organizes customer reviews based on positive and negative sentiment, topic, and number of mentions. Plus, it includes snippets to dive deeper into customer needs.
  • Discover the issues customers face with a product so you can improve your offerings
  • Determine which product features impact the overall product rating
  • Prioritize feature additions for a product so you can make launches a success
  • Avoid adding features customers don’t care about
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image of lofi ui

Competitor analysis

Know who your competitors are before you jump into a niche or launch a new product. Product Opportunity Explorer shows information about ASINs, brands, launch dates, click share, number of reviews, and more.
  • Find out how many competitors you’re up against for a given product
  • Determine if big brands dominate a product or niche
  • Deep dive into an ASIN to learn about its sales history and customer reviews
  • Analyze customer trends, like search terms, search volume growth, and conversion rates

Product trends data

Learn what products are on the rise across categories. Visual charts delve into performance data (like search volume, search conversion rate, and average price) so you can make decisions about what products to launch next.
  • Pinpoint top-performing categories and niches for product launches
  • Determine which products and offers are in high demand
  • Identify items with seasonality, declining prices, and decreasing search volume
  • Add the metrics you find important to see the trends that matter for your strategy
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I particularly like Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer tool a lot. It helps keep the pulse on the landscape and the competition.
Manasi GanganFounder & President, Nested Bean
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Get started with Product Opportunity Explorer

Identify untapped customer demand and new opportunities to grow sales. Find top-selling products and choose the best products to sell in the Amazon store for your business. Sign up for a seller account or log in to Seller Central to try out Product Opportunity Explorer today.

Step 1

Access up-to-date data to gauge customer needs and keep an eye on competition.

Step 2

Explore top-selling items and product categories across Amazon stores.

Step 3

Browse by niche to get insights that align with your goals.

Step 4

Analyze niche detail pages to evaluate product launch potential.

Step 5

Use filters to refine results based on total products, search volume, and more.

Step 6

Deep dive into search terms, trends, and key metrics for niches.

Step 7

Analyze customer reviews to inform your strategy and position products.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Product Opportunity Explorer

How do I find top-selling Amazon products?
To find top-selling Amazon products, you can use the Product Opportunity Explorer tool to:
  • Filter by sales rank to identify high-demand products currently performing well
  • Set a minimum sales rank to focus on products with a track record of selling consistently
  • Analyze sales trends over a specific timeframe to identify products that are popular or experiencing a sudden surge in demand
Use this data to better understand customer preferences and find opportunities to offer products with low competition and high demand in the Amazon store.
What are the best products to sell in Amazon stores?
It can depend on factors like seasonality, customer demand, competition—and your goals. You can use Product Opportunity Explorer to:
  • Evaluate profit potential for products and product categories
  • Analyze sales trends, review counts, and ratings to understand customer preferences
  • Identify niches and items that can be profitable for your business
You can also try other resources for getting product ideas that align with your expertise or interests.
What if I enter a search term but get a “no matching niches” message?
The search term might not have enough search volume yet to be included in Product Opportunity Explorer's dataset. Consider trying a synonym or alternate phrasing.
Can I request additional metrics?
On any niche details page, click the “Request a Metric” link and complete the form to ask for metrics applying to any part of the Opportunity Explorer experience (not limited to the detail page you’re viewing).
Product Opportunity Explorer