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The wallet for your global business

Sell your products on and manage your funds with Amazon Seller Wallet. Hold your funds and choose when to transfer to your bank accounts. Send payments to vendors, contractors, and suppliers. All from Seller Wallet.
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Seamlessly manage and move funds globally

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Peace of mind

Amazon maintains high standards to protect your funds and sales data.
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On-demand currency conversion

You decide when to convert your money and the amount to convert.
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Streamlined experience

Transfer money to your bank accounts and send payments to others, directly from Seller Central.
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Send payments to others

Save time by sending payments to vendors, contractors, and suppliers from Amazon Seller Wallet. You can now send USD payments to US and Hong Kong bank accounts.

Control your transfer amount

Gain more control with on-demand currency conversion and transfers. Choose when and how much to transfer.

Amazon Seller Wallet supports conversion from USD to 20+ currencies. For international transfers, see estimated exchange rate and total amount before you transfer.*
*The actual exchange rate may vary from the estimated rate and may change the final amount that you receive.
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Manage it all in Seller Central

Managing your global funds just got easier. Get seamless control and visibility of all your transfers and payments within Seller Central.
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Ready to get started?

Step 1

Start enrollment

Fill out the registration form and upload required documents to enroll in Amazon Seller Wallet.

Step 2

Set up your bank accounts

To receive funds in your local bank accounts, don’t forget to set them up as your deposit methods for your US store in Seller Central.

Step 3

Make a transfer

Transfer the amount you need directly from Amazon Seller Wallet to your bank accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Amazon Seller Wallet
Where can I send money with Amazon Seller Wallet?
You can make transfers to your own bank accounts in 20+ currencies. You can also send payments to third-party, USD-denominated bank accounts in the US and Hong Kong.
Am I eligible to enroll?
To be eligible to enroll, you should have a seller account in US store that is in good account health. You will also need proof of your business establishment in one of the supported countries and regions.
Does Amazon Seller Wallet charge a fee?
It’s free to create a Seller Wallet account and keep the account active. It’s also free to make USD transfers to US bank accounts and free to send payments to vendors or suppliers with a US bank account (in USD).

There is a fee for international transfers to your own bank accounts (available in 20+ currencies) or payments to USD-denominated bank accounts in Hong Kong. This fee decreases as your business with Amazon grows.

Transaction fees**
Cross-currency net proceeds (USD)*
Transfers and Payments to US bank accounts
Transfers to 20+ currencies (transfers to non-CNY)
Payments to HK-USD bank accounts
$1M - $10M
$500K - $1M
Less than $500K
* The international transaction fees are based on a seller's total cross-currency net proceeds during the trailing 12 months across all Amazon stores. Cross-currency proceeds are proceeds from an Amazon store whose currency is different from the seller's local currency.
** The international transaction fee varies for some currencies. See pricing for all currencies. Transfers to AED, CHF, MXN, and TWD have a flat fee of 1.5% instead.
What exchange rates are used for currency conversions out of Amazon Seller Wallet?
Amazon works with our bank service providers to ensure Seller Wallet customers get competitive exchange rates for currency conversion. The exchange rates applied to your transfers are close to the mid-market rates. We don't add any hidden fees or markups.
Can I use Amazon Seller Wallet to manage my disbursements from selling in other Amazon stores?
As of now, you can use Amazon Seller Wallet to manage funds earned from selling in the US store only, but more stores to come in the future.
Can I pay USD to a Hong Kong bank account?
Yes, you can send USD payments to vendors and suppliers with a Hong Kong bank account. Visit Seller Central Help to learn more about transaction size restrictions.
Does Seller Wallet offer support for Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) submissions?
Yes. Seller Wallet makes FIRC submissions quick and easy. In just a few clicks, you can download a Foreign Inward Remittance Advice (FIRA) document for any international transfer to an India-based bank account.

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