5 tips to craft a high-performance About Us page for your brand

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Connect the dots between offering products and building customer rapport with a brand About Us page.

Sellers with an Amazon storefront can add and enhance the About Us page. Don’t overlook an About Us page as a valuable opportunity to present your business to the world and optimize content to grow sales. In this article, we’ll cover steps for adding an About Us page to an Amazon storefront, plus expert tips for how to craft a successful page in order to attract visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

Introduction to Amazon Stores
Learn how to create your Amazon Store to showcase your brand and products to shoppers as they search and browse.

What is an About Us page?

An About Us page (or About page) is a webpage you can add to an ecommerce store to introduce customers to your brand and the types of products you sell.

The About page can work together with a Home or landing page. If the Home page hooks the attention of customers, the About page will often be their next stop to learn more about your brand. Use the About page to provide more in-depth details about your brand, like your values, problems you’re working to solve through your products, or key product features.

Why is an About Us page important?

A high-performing About page can boost sales for your business by helping shoppers connect with your brand and get a better understanding of how the products you offer might fit into their lives. Consider adding or optimizing a brand About page to provide customers with an enhanced experience and increase conversions.

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Did you know?
Storefronts with three or more pages have 32% higher attributed sales per visitor
They also have 83% higher dwell time, so it can pay off to add an About page. You can use the Amazon Stores builder, a drag-and-drop tool available through the Amazon Ads console, to build a multipage, immersive customer experience tailored to your brand—no coding experience required.

How to add an About Us page to an Amazon storefront: 3 steps

1. Sign up and enroll your brand

Get started by signing up for an Amazon Seller Central account and choosing a Professional selling plan, if you don’t have one already. Then enroll your brand in Amazon Brand Registry, a free resource to help you build and protect your brand.

If you don’t have a registered or pending trademark (a requirement for enrolling in Brand Registry), check out IP Accelerator. This resource can you connect with vetted legal service providers who can help you secure a trademark at competitive prices.

ASU Intro to Brand Reg thumbnail
Introduction to Amazon Brand Registry
Learn about Amazon Brand Registry, its benefits, and eligibility requirements.

2. Access the Amazon Stores builder

Sign up for an Amazon Ads account to get access to the free Stores builder and create a digital presence for your brand in the Amazon store.

Choose a template and use the drag-and-drop tiles to add videos, images, and text. You can organize these elements to fit your needs and engage customers.

3. Customize your About page

Use the drag-and-drop tiles to design an About page as one of your subpages. You can add up to three levels of subpages to build out your storefront. To create a subpage, click Add page in the Stores builder and choose from the template options, or select a blank page.

Once you’ve previewed your content and are ready to publish, submit it for review. It’ll go live once it passes moderation.

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5 tips for crafting an About Us page

1. Introduce customers to your business

The About Us page is a space to showcase your brand’s personality and differentiate yourself.

Communicate the story behind your business along with your values and your mission. Did you start your business in an unusual way? Have you overcome certain challenges or obstacles? Don’t hold back from sharing personal touches like these—they can go a long way in establishing audience rapport.

2. Showcase products and your specialty

What’s your niche? Whether it’s sportswear, pet snacks, or something else, let customers know what you have to offer.

Do products have a sought-after feature or fill a gap? Don’t shy away from including this level of detail to convey selling points and help shoppers see how your catalog stands apart from the rest.

Take it a step further and help customers understand the “why” behind products. Are you committed to improving the environment or dedicated to a social cause? Do you source products in a unique way or make them by hand? Are they certified organic or fair trade? Is the packaging biodegradable? Do you donate a portion of profits to charity? Weave in details like these to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

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3. Use clear text and compelling imagery

In a short amount of time, photos, videos, and punchy statements can tell visitors a lot about who you are and what you represent. Use a mix of drag-and-drop elements, and keep the page simple and persuasive.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, then consider how you want to make an impression. What details would you want to see? What imagery would win you over and convert you into a buyer? Also, consider the average amount of time a visitor might spend on the page. Thirty seconds? Maybe more, or maybe less? Balance the layout with this in mind.

Pro Tip
Include FAQs
Is there a common theme in the questions you get from customers? The About page could be an appropriate place to address them. Create a frequently asked questions section (FAQs) and provide detailed answers.

You can also use A+ Content modules to add an FAQs section to specific product detail pages.

4. Make it about the customer

Think of an About page as being as much about the customer as it is about your brand. A high-conversion About page can help shoppers connect with your business and envision how products might fit into their lives.

What does your audience need? How do you provide it? Show how products solve a specific problem or meet a certain pain point. The goal is for customers to be able to see themselves reflected in your brand through your choice of images, text, and other elements.

5. Use search engine optimization

Take an About page to the next level by doing some keyword research. Then weave target phrases into your headlines and copy. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) can help shoppers find products and your brand. Learn more in our guide to Amazon SEO.

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Show the world how you stand out with an About Us page

A brand About Us page is one way to help customers learn about your brand. There are others, and our guide to ecommerce marketing can help inform your overall strategy.

If you want some assistance getting started, our Service Provider Network can also connect you with professionals who can help with design, photography, tech support, and more. You can also tap the Amazon Ads Partner directory for help with creative and optimization.

FAQ: About Us pages

How do I write an About Us page for my business?
Think about it from the customer’s point of view. What information do they need to get a sense of your brand and why they might want to purchase products from you? Shape your About page around the most important points you want to convey, and don’t forget to weave in keywords.
What goes into a good About Us page for an ecommerce brand?
Use compelling content to introduce visitors to your brand and show what makes products unique. Explain how you solve a problem with a special feature, or how you’re trying to help make the world a better place. You can also provide answers to common customer questions (FAQs) or feature testimonials from happy customers.
How do you add an About page to an Amazon storefront?
First, sign up for an Amazon Seller Central account and choose a Professional selling plan. Then enroll your brand in Amazon Brand Registry to get access to the free Stores builder in the Amazon Ads console. Next, create an About us page by adding a subpage to the ecommerce storefront you design.

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