Top 10 training videos for new Amazon sellers

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New to selling in the Amazon store? Looking to grow your business with new strategies and core features? Seller University is a free learning resource designed to help you get started and build a business with Amazon.

Seller University offers a wide range of content—videos, webinars, and PDFs. You can find content on YouTube and Seller Central (login required).

Here are the top 10 videos from the past year.

1. Get an overview of Amazon selling

Want a crash course on the basics of selling in the Amazon store? Watch our 5-minute overview to get an intro to account creation, product listing, order fulfillment, and payments. You’ll also learn about common tools and programs like Amazon Brand Registry, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and the Account Health dashboard.

Want a deeper dive on Amazon selling? Try our 30-minute overview and beginner’s guide.

2. Explore Amazon Seller Central

Take a tour of Seller Central, your one-stop-shop for selling in the Amazon store. Review tools, programs, resources, and settings, and understand access by seller type and brand status.

3. Review brand selling benefits

Do you own a brand? Explore the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry, a free program that can help you build your brand and protect your intellectual property. Learn how registered brands enhance product detail pages, access added protections, and activate additional selling tools and programs to build their business.

4. Learn how to list products

Listing your products is one of the first steps you’ll need to complete in order to sell in the Amazon store. Use our overview to learn what you need before you list, how to match offers, and how to create product detail pages both one at a time and in bulk.

5. Price your products

We use several key concepts to organize and support pricing in the Amazon store. Use our introduction to find out what a competitive price, lowest price, and Featured Offer are. You’ll also get an overview of how sellers set static prices and apply dynamic pricing rules to their products.

6. Increase your chances of becoming the Featured Offer

The Featured Offer is the prominent offer on an Amazon product detail page with Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons. Use our overview to explore requirements, strategies, and tools that can help your offer become the Featured Offer in the Amazon store.

7. Choose a fulfillment option

You have two basic options when it comes to fulfilling customer orders: you can fulfill them directly or take advantage of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Use our overview of FBA to understand how the program works and whether it’s right for your business.

8. Understand your Account Health

Every Amazon seller has access to an Account Health dashboard in Seller Central. The dashboard helps you meet performance targets and comply with key Amazon policies. Use our overview to understand customer service and shipping performance, as well as your overall Account Health rating.

9. Consider advertising tools

Many Amazon sellers use ads to help them attract more customers. Amazon Ads offers several tools and can help you build a successful advertising strategy. In our overview, you’ll learn about cost-per-click (CPC) options like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. You’ll also find out about video and audio ads.

10. Getting started with Amazon Global Selling

If you’re looking to expand your reach to customers around the world, Amazon Global Selling can help. The Global Selling program lets you take advantage of Amazon’s network to offer products to customers in our stores around the world. If you’re wondering if Global Selling is the right fit for your business, this video can help you decide and get started.

Want more tips and training? Visit Seller University in Seller Central (login required). Check regularly for new and updated trainings.

Sam Aronson
Sam Aronson
Sam Aronson is a staff writer for Seller University, focused on creating educational content that helps Amazon sellers. Outside of work, Sam enjoys sewing, finding new restaurants, and curating the perfect playlist.