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Amazon can help brands of all types and sizes build, grow, and protect their business


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A+ Content
A+ content helps businesses showcase their brand story and product features using rich text and images on the Amazon detail page to help drive conversion, and potentially increase traffic and sales.
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Stores is a free, self-service, branded destination on Amazon for advertisers to curate content that inspires, educates, and helps customers discover the brand’s product selection.


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Sponsored Brands
Sponsored Brands helps customers discover and engage with a brand as they research on Amazon through prominent and customizable cost-per-click ads.
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Brand Dashboard
The Brand Dashboard is a new tool to manage a brand on Amazon. View recommendations to improve the customer experience, conversion and traffic, essential to selling success on Amazon.

Additional options to secure your brand:


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Brand Registry
Helps to protect intellectual property and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers on Amazon. It gives brand owners access to tools that enable to better represent a brand and find and report violations.
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A new, item-level tracing service that helps brand owners protect their brand and customers from counterfeit. Allows brands to associate each unit they manufacture with a unique code.

10 tools available exclusively for brand owners on Amazon

Amazon offers an exclusive set of brand benefit tools to sellers who are brand owners. These tools can help your brand improve conversion, drive discoverability, and protect intellectual property.

Here are ten brand-exclusive tools now available.
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1. Virtual bundles

Sell bundles of complementary FBA items without packaging them together. Help customers discover and buy more products from your brand.
When a customer buys a virtual bundle, Amazon ships the items as part of the same order.
Log in to Seller Central to access and learn more about Virtual Bundles.
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2. Manage your experiments

Release your inner scientist to decisively know which product content is better. Run experiments like A/B testing to see what content drives more sales.
Optimizing your content with experiments can increase sales by up to 6%.
Log in to Seller Central to access and learn more about running experiments.
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3. Video Upload & Manage

Lights, camera, action, and sales! A video is worth 1.8 million words. Shoppers spend more and visit fewer detail pages when a video is available.
Shoppers who watch videos are 3.6x more likely to purchase.
Log in to Seller Central to access and learn more about product videos.
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4. Customer Reviews

Read your customers’ minds…or at least what’s on their minds. Read, track, and respond to all your customer reviews in one place.
A product’s first review has been shown to increase sales by up to 3.5x.
Log in to Seller Central to access and learn more about customer reviews.
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5. Amazon Attribution

Hone your marketing insight superpowers. Help maximize advertising ROI and discover how your non-Amazon digital marketing strategies are helping drive sales on Amazon.
In one case study, Premier Protein uncovered key insights with Attribution to optimize marketing an generate a 322% increase in sales growth, year-over-year.
Log in to Seller Central to access Amazon Attribution. Visit Amazon Advertising to learn more.
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6. Brand Analytics

Feed your inner data cravings. Make informed and strategic decisions with aggregated search terms, demographics, and more powerful data.
Tap directly into Amazon’s largest aggregated data reports available exclusively to brand owners!
Log in to Seller Central to access and learn more about brand analytics.
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7. Brand Dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse, tracking high-impact ASIN performance that drive customer satisfaction. Maintain your high customer experience and take the next best actions on your product’s traffic and conversion recommendations.
Amazon sellers viewed their Brand Dashboard over a million times in 2019.
Log in to Seller Central to access and learn more about the Brand Dashboard.
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8. Amazon Live

Be a star on Amazon by building an audience with your own shoppable livestream content. Engage shoppers in real time, and allow shoppers to follow your brand with Amazon Live.
Connect with customers, grow your followers, and showcase your products on Amazon Live.
Learn more about Amazon Live on
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9. Transparency

Alleviate counterfeit concerns for your customers. Transparency helps authenticate individual units and proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching customers.
Transparency has prevented more than 300,000 suspected counterfeits from reaching customers.
Learn more about Transparency on Amazon Brand Services.
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10. Brand Registry

Ensure your brand is protected to build trust with customers. Help protect your intellectual property with accurate brand representation, powerful search tools, and proactive brand protection to create a trusted experience for customers on Amazon.
Brand Registry has 200,000+ Brands enrolled worldwide.
Learn more about Brand Registry on Amazon Brand Services.

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