Work some holiday magic

Shoppers are on the way—here’s your guide to a season full of sales

Holiday to-do's

Beat the rush and win the holidays with our week-by-week event planner.

10-12 weeks before

Pick your lineup

Gather best sellers, explore new product trends, and prep your supplies.
  • Decide what to sell
  • Prep inventory
  • Create a shipping plan
  • Get select fees waived on new-to-Amazon products
  • Get loans to boost business

7-9 weeks before

Stock and ship

Stay on top of what’s in demand and team up with your suppliers.
  • Restock or remove inventory
  • Streamline your shipping
  • Ship to a fulfillment center
  • Use Outlet to clear overstock
  • Increase chances for One-Day delivery

4-6 weeks before

Dig into details

Fine-tune your pricing, product pages, and listing details.
  • Fix stranded inventory
  • Update pricing
  • Get expert product photos
  • Make a quality details page
  • Build up customer reviews

Final 3 weeks

Spread the word

Shoppers are looking for deals and gift ideas—advertise and get social.
  • Advertise on Amazon
  • Register your brand
  • Create a coupon
  • Share promo codes
  • Try Prime Exclusive Discounts

Event day and beyond

Reach more customers by selling globally

Expand to more Amazon stores and take advantage of peak seasons in other countries.

Keep the party going

Set up a post-holiday deal, consider your reviews and customer feedback, and refresh your catalog for upcoming events.

New products, less risk

New-to-Amazon ASINs? Monthly storage fees are on us.
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