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Quadrupling sales with the Brand Referral Bonus and Amazon Attribution

"We earned $100,000 back from Amazon in addition to our standard revenue."
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Justin Maddahi
Chief Marketing Officer, Lumineux
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A natural solution for oral health

Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, spent decades recommending mouthwash products to patients who were advised not to brush for one week after certain procedures. He found that producers of those products would change their formulas or disappear altogether, so in 2015, he developed his own. Before long, Dr. Maddahi’s all-natural, certified non-toxic, and microbiome- safe mouthwash took off, along with toothpaste and sensitivity-free whitening strips.
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Launching Lumineux with Amazon

Justin Maddahi helped launch online sales for Lumineux in the Amazon store around 2015.

“Honestly, we launched on Amazon because we didn’t know any better,” Justin says.

Once Lumineux’s products started gaining traction in the Amazon store, they built out a website to start enhancing the visual and experiential elements of their brand.
We used to spend tens of millions per year on Facebook ads. When Apple changed their privacy settings with the launch of iOS 14, Facebook ads became ineffective, and we lost the best way to acquire new customers.
Justin MaddahiChief Marketing Officer, Lumineux

How a software update upset a sales avenue

When Apple released iOS 14 to the public in September 2020, online retailers including Lumineux found that ad links to product pages were blocked by a log-in screen; the iOS 14 privacy configurations no longer tracked user information from one site to another. Within months of the change, Justin and his team reduced their Facebook ads budget by half, then half again, until they stopped running paid ads on Facebook and its affiliates altogether. Sales suffered, and Justin knew he’d have to pivot quickly.

The Brand Referral Bonus and Amazon Attribution supercharge analytics

Working with Lumineux’s hired marketing agency, Vendo, Justin discovered Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus , which allows sellers to add trackable tags to non-Amazon marketing campaigns using Amazon Attribution. Vendo created a strategy to reinvigorate Lumineux’s social advertising by using the average 10% credit from the Brand Refereral Bonus to do more. In addition, Amazon Attribution provided analytics to optimize ads. Vendo was even able to help Justin circumvent the log-in screen issue with deep links that sent customers directly to in-app product pages.

“Once we got it started, [the Brand Referral Bonus] was simple to use and easy to understand. There weren’t a lot of roadblocks,” Justin says.

Lumineux started using the Brand Referral Bonus in email, SMS campaigns, podcasts, and across social media.

“We saw four times the click-through rate when our CTA mentioned Amazon versus our website,” Justin says. “We also saw conversion rates grow four to five times over what we were seeing on our website.”
We saw four times the click-through rate when our CTA mentioned Amazon versus our website. We also saw conversion rates grow four to five times over what we were seeing on our website.

The Brand Referral Bonus and the snowball effect

“There seems to be a snowball effect from doing the [Brand Referral Bonus] and driving external traffic,” Justin says.

Lumineux has enjoyed some remarkable milestones since they incorporated the Brand Referral Bonus into their strategy. Their product search rankings jumped about 30,000 positions, moving them closer in ranking to one of their major competitors.

Justin has seen this snowball effect translate to increased profits.

“It creates more visibility and we’re seeing the brand halo that happens when your PPC [pay-per-click] starts to work better, your organic ranking is better, and your search volume on Amazon is higher,” Justin says.

Sales doubled, putting Lumineux in a position to see sales quadruple.

Lumineux’s Deal of the Day milestones

Lumineux sold $2.1 million worth of products in one Deal of the Day, including $1 million through the Brand Referal Bonus and Amazon Attribution. With the average 10% credit built into the Brand Referral Bonus, Lumineux earned $100,000 back from Amazon in addition to their standard revenue. Their whitening strips were the #1 product in Health & Household, and their products held down the top four spots in Teeth Whitening Products. They were also #1 in Toothpaste and #3 in mouthwash.

Scaling up to leverage more sales

Scaling up ad campaigns that link to Lumineux’s Amazon product pages became a priority.

“We still have a few ad channels that link right to our website, but 85% to 90% of our marketing drives the buyer right to Amazon," Justin says.

He’s even considered turning on their Facebook ads again because driving traffic to Amazon from external sites improved their product search ranking and their conversion rates so remarkably.

“[The Brand Referral Bonus] and Amazon Attribution are the perfect tools to drive traffic to our products and boost profitability,” Justin says.
The 10% back really put it over the top for us. Since we are driving the traffic, that 10% makes a huge difference in terms of our profitability to the point where it’s just a no brainer.
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