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A fitness accessory brand uses Amazon Brand Analytics to understand customer needs, innovate, and grow

"The more information we get, the more we sell."
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A high-quality, problem-solving fitness accessory brand launches in Amazon’s store

In 2018, Yaniv Kinstlich purchased a product on Amazon he hoped would protect his shins while weightlifting. When he searched for shin guards designed for this purpose, he found that the top-selling item on Amazon was a sleeve-like product that required him to take off his shoes to put them on. He was unsatisfied with the product and couldn’t believe there wasn’t a sleek shin guard designed to wrap around his lower legs without the annoyance of removing his shoes.

Yaniv teamed up with long-time friend and colleague Guy Arad to design and prototype exactly the kind of shin guard he’d want to wear while weightlifting. “We are passionate about selling products that we use ourselves,” Yaniv explains. Before long, they had sturdy, quick-to-put- on shin guards ready to fill an empty niche in Amazon’s store. thefitguy brand was born.
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Amazon Brand Analytics offers data that breeds success

Yaniv and Guy heavily rely on Amazon Brand Analytics to learn what their customers want and how to better help them find it. The Amazon Brand Analytics dashboards in Seller Central let registered brands like thefitguy review metrics related to sales funnel performance, search query perfor- mance, repeat purchase behavior, demographics, and more.

Yaniv puts time into studying the sales funnel or Search Catalog Performance dashboard to help him see where customer attention drops off as they move through the shopping journey. This tool allows him to see activity at various stages of that journey: “impressions” to “clicks,” “clicks” to “add to cart,” and “add to cart” to “buy.”

“If we see impressions are high but clicks are low, we understand the issue might be with the title of the product or the images,” Yaniv explains. “If we see clicks are high and add to carts are low, we adjust the content of the listing, such as descriptions and A+ Content.” These adjustments have allowed thefitguy to improve the relevancy of their products to potential customers and ultimately boost sales.
Quarterly sales jumped over 40% after optimizing for best search terms using the Amazon Brand Analytics Search Terms and Search Query Performance dashboard.
Guy AradCo-founder, thefitguy

Sales jump over 40% after Amazon Brand Analytics adjustments

Guy and Yaniv have been using Amazon Brand Analytics since they began selling on Amazon, but they’ve put more energy into interpreting and making adjustments based on the data in the last six months. Before the arrival of the Amazon Brand Analytics dashboards, Yaniv and Guy had been using an outside agency to understand search term performance with limited success.

For each ASIN, we can now see the best search terms and how it relates to the behavior of the customer,” Guy says of the recently added Amazon Brand Analytics features. “It helps us know if our listing is relevant to the customer or not. There is no better data because it comes right from Amazon.” Compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, units sold in the fourth quarter of 2022 increased by 43%.

The Search Query Performance dashboard also helps Yaniv discover search terms he otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. “It helped us discover search terms we never even thought of,” he explains. “It helps us know what our customers are looking for.” Additionally, the Market Basket dashboard helped Yaniv and Guy develop bundles by allowing them to see which products customers frequently bought together, further increasing sales.

Search Query Performance and Search Term reports can help lower advertising costs, boost sales

Guy’s love of data analysis and Brand Analytics reports and dashboards have allowed thefitguy to lower their advertising costs while observing an increase in product sales.

“We arranged a recent campaign based on the data,” Yaniv explains. “We put strong search terms in one group and weak search terms in a second group. Then we micro-managed the bids and saw great results. Our cost of advertising went down and sales went up thanks to those reports.”
We can see where we’re ranked in terms of most-clicked-on products. This gives us a good idea about what customers are interested in and we can make adjustments based on our competitors.
Yaniv KinstlichCo-founder, thefitguy

Amazon Brand Analytics can spur innovation and growth

Guy and Yaniv enrolled thefitguy in Brand Registry early on so they could take advantage of Amazon Brand Analytics and all the tools and benefits available to registered brands to succeed.

“Brand Registry allows us to deliver a message that will make a satisfied customer,” Yaniv says of the A+ Content modules he spends time curating for thefitguy’s product listings. “Being a brand means we have a stake in the relationship from the moment a customer sees an ad for our product until they are using that product. With all the tools Amazon gives us, that relationship is possible.”

Guy and Yaniv have expanded their product line as they’ve enjoyed success selling in Amazon’s store. In addition to shin guards, they now sell a variety of belts, guards, and gym attachments. They’ve used information about how their target audience searches to fill gaps in the weightlifting accessory marketplace. Unsurprisingly, they have seen sales growth and continue to build a trusted reputation as a fitness accessory brand.

“Our vision has always been to offer products that are unique, well-made, and solution-oriented,” Yaniv says. “We don’t follow other brands, we try to lead.” By exploring more of Amazon’s Brand Registry tools and programs, they hope to continue offering new, innovative products for the fitness community.
New features in Amazon Brand Analytics gave us a really good push to our sales. We can now see exact search terms of each ASIN, and it’s also helped us lower our cost of advertising.
Yaniv KinstlichCo-founder, thefitguy
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