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Bringing a nutrient-dense culinary treat to a new market

"Amazon Launchpad provides the opportunity to reach an interested audience in an authentic way."
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Colleen Sundlie
Chief Date Aficionado and Founder, Date Lady
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About the brand

Since 2012, Date Lady has been on a mission to provide great tasting, nutrient-dense sweetener and snack solutions made with dates for those looking to replace white sugar in their diet. Date Lady’s daily sales increased by 67% since joining Amazon Launchpad in January 2020.*
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Behind the brand

After an international relocation to the Middle East, Colleen, the Date Lady, and her husband Ryan were immersed into ‘date-culture’. Date syrup, a specialty food not commonly seen in American markets, was hard to come by upon their move back to the US. Colleen set out to bring this culinary treat to a new market, winning numerous awards, such as a Good Food Award in 2019 for their Date Syrup, and 9 sofi Awards from the National Association of Specialty Foods, including Gold in 2021 in the BBQ/Hot Sauce category.
Amazon Launchpad provides benefits and tools that helped differentiate our product on Amazon, which is especially important for a small consumables brand that’s just starting out.
Colleen SundlieChief Date Aficionado and Founder, Date Lady

More about Date Lady's experience

Founder, Colleen Sundlie talks about her experience with Amazon Launchpad
What did you find appealing about Amazon Launchpad?
“We saw unique opportunities to increase customer education through Amazon Launchpad that we couldn’t activate ourselves, such as the Launch Merchandising Package, and inclusion in other founder-driven features like Meet the Launchers and Women’s History Month.”

How has Amazon Launchpad helped your brand?

“Amazon Launchpad provides the opportunity to reach an interested audience in an authentic way. Benefits like Premium A+ Content help visually convey our story and increase brand awareness. Merchandising inclusion during key events like Holiday and Mother’s Day also impacts our business in a big way. Plus, our SAS account manager helps us resolve issues and navigate both Amazon and Amazon Launchpad successfully."

How will Amazon Launchpad help your brand grow in the future?

“We plan to support our newly launched product with the Launch Merchandising Package, refresh our Premium A+ Content, and double down on brand awareness through traffic-driving opportunities.”
*Date Lady first launched on Amazon in 2014. Sales growth is specific to daily sales for 6 months before joining Amazon Launchpad compared to the first 6 months in the program. Revenue growth is unique to this brand.
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