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Grow your business with dedicated resources

Create a Professional selling account and certify your business as Black-owned to unlock a suite of resources that can help you succeed in the Amazon store.
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What is Black Business Accelerator?

Black Business Accelerator provides Black-owned businesses with a range of resources to help them sell with Amazon--the fastest-growing and preferred acquisition channel.1 Since 2021, Black Business Accelerator has provided thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses with education, financial support, and mentorship opportunities that have helped them connect with more customers and build their brand.

Who’s eligible for Black Business Accelerator?

To enroll in the program, your business must:
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Be based in the US
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Be at least 51% Black-owned, managed, and controlled
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Have a physical product ready to be sold in an online store like
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Have a certificate for your Black-owned business Learn more
1Amazon internal data, FY2021 survey of 21.2K US multichannel sellers

Resources available through Black Business Accelerator




Brand owners

New seller onboarding
3-year sponsored certification through SupplierGateway
$500 enrollment credit
Product support
Use of the Black-owned business badge on product detail pages
Free imaging services for up to 50 products
Advertising credits
$1,000 in Buy with Prime credits
Education, networks, and financial support
Black Business Community Seller Forum
Opportunity to apply for grant opportunities1
Opportunity to apply for Amplify program
Access to our education library and monthly webinar
Invitations to live events in your community
Seller support
Up to one year of Amazon account support2
1Subject to availability
2Seller must have sales greater than $100,000 in the last 12 months. Subject to additional eligibility requirements

Empowering Black-owned businesses

Lillies of Charleston

"My advice to Black entrepreneurs who are looking at Amazon would be to definitely take that leap of faith. You can be like us and go from regional to national. It's definitely possible."

Tracey Richardson

"Black Business Accelerator has been valuable in identifying opportunities to increase revenue and save money. We’ve been able to hire another employee."

Rodney Marshall
President & CEO

Ready to join Black Business Accelerator?

Step 1

Log in to Seller Central

You need a Professional selling account to take advantage of the resources offered through Black Business Accelerator.

Log in to your Seller Central account or sign up as a seller.

Step 2

Upload your certificate

If you have a certificate for your Black-owned business from the US System for Award Management, US Small Business Administration, or National Minority Supplier Development Council, upload it to Seller Central. Eligible certificates are usually added to selling accounts within one week.
If you don’t yet have a certification for your Black-owned business, you can use our SupplierGATEWAY to apply for one. The application process usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Step 3

Enroll in Black Business Accelerator

After your certificate is added to your selling account, you can enroll in Black Business Accelerator. Tell us more about your business so we can better support you.

Step 4

Explore resources

Once you’ve joined the Black Business Accelerator community, you can start exploring resources, events, and opportunities.
Learn about the Amplify program
Looking for in-depth education and business coaching? Visit the Black Business Accelerator Resource Center to learn more about our Amplify program, including eligibility criteria and upcoming application deadlines.

Amplify your business with a cohort learning experience

Black Business Accelerator’s Amplify program is an impactful, free learning experience designed for Black-owned businesses.
Amplify offers:
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Guidance from business consultants
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A dedicated Customer Success Manager
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Support from Amazon subject-matter experts
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Peer group mentorship
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A network of curated industry experts
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Business education
Choose the Amplify track that meets your business’s needs:
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Amplify Grow is for selling partners who have gained traction selling with Amazon and want to learn how to improve their business operations and optimize Amazon tools to grow their business.
globe with an arrow circle around it
Amplify Scale is for selling partners who are experienced selling in the Amazon store and want to learn how to expand their business operations and leverage Amazon tools and executive coaching to scale their business.
Fairy Black Mother logo
“I’m thrilled about this entire experience and I already miss it. I feel renewed, empowered, and motivated to go out there and make my millions now. I have immense respect for Amazon now and I almost don’t want this whole experience to end, but I know it’s time for us to soar higher.”
Simone Wright
Take Off Luggage logo
“It was nice learning about things we may not have thought about yet in our business journey, and what is expected. For example, thinking bigger and the massive opportunity Amazon alone provides. It opened my eyes to have a bigger vision for my company."
Stephen Davis

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon cover the monthly Professional selling plan fee for Black Business Accelerator participants?
Amazon doesn’t cover the monthly Professional selling plan fee. But Black Business Accelerator’s $500 enrollment credit can be applied to the monthly fee.
What is a brand owner?
A brand owner manufactures or sources products to sell under their brand name or logo. Resellers, on the other hand, find and purchase popular products and list them for sale. If you plan to sell your own brand in Amazon’s store, we recommend enrolling it in Amazon Brand Registry, a free programs that provides brands with additional selling benefits and protections.
My product isn’t ready to sell. When can I access Black Business Accelerator's resources?
Once you have your product developed and ready to sell in Amazon’s store, you can enroll in the Black Business Accelerator program and begin using resources. If you’re not yet ready to enroll in Black Business Accelerator, you can take advantage of other training and educational resources, including Amazon Small Business Academy, Seller University, and the Minority Business and Technology Initiative.
What kinds of financial assistance are available through Black Business Accelerator?
  • A $500 credit for sellers who enroll in Black Business Accelerator within 12 months of becoming a Professional seller with Amazon.
  • A 3-year sponsored Black-owned business certification through SupplierGATEWAY. To receive an Amazon-sponsored certificate, you must use the SupplierGATEWAY link provided in the email your account manager sends to you. This link will have your referral code. You must also indicate that your business is Black-owned.
What business education and coaching resources are available to help me sell in Amazon's store?
What marketing and advertising resources are available through Black Business Accelerator?
Brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry can take advantage of:
What’s the difference between Black Business Accelerator and the Amplify program?
Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator provides Black-owned businesses a comprehensive range of resources to help them succeed in the Amazon store. Amplify is a cohort-based program for established brand owners that combines education, professional services, mentorship, and networks for eligible businesses that are ready to grow and scale.
What types of resources are provided through the Amplify program?
Resources vary by track. Our goal is to ensure the resources we provide meet participants where they are.

The benefits provided may include:
  • Guidance from business consultants
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Support from Amazon subject-matter experts
  • Peer group mentorship
  • A network of industry experts
  • Business education
What are the expected outcomes for participating in Amplify?
Amplify provides participants with the tools to navigate Amazon and grow their business. Participants will develop a community of Black-owned businesses and industry leaders, sharing insights and best practices to lift each other to the next level.
How can I stay up-to-date on Amplify program announcements and application dates?
You can access Amplify announcements from Black Business Accelerator Resource Center after you enroll in Black Business Accelerator.
What resources are available to me if my business does not qualify for the Amplify program?
If your business does not meet the eligibility requirements for the Amplify program, you can still access other resources through Black Business Accelerator. Visit the Black Business Accelerator Hub for more information.

Grow your business with dedicated resources

Create a Professional selling account and certify your business as Black-owned to unlock a suite of resources that can help you find success in the Amazon store.
Black Business Accelerator