Surprisingly strategic games that bring people together

"We were instantly drawn to the program because of the increased exposure and merchandising."
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Leslie Pierson
Founder and CEO, Hot Taco
Taco Vs. Burrito game

About the brand

Hot Taco is a family-friendly card game company creating surprisingly strategic games that bring people together. Their titles include Taco vs. Burrito, a fun food fight card game, and Bold Made, a classic card game reimagined with portraits of powerful women in history. Sales for Hot Taco increased 90% YoY since joining Amazon Launchpad in 2019.*
Hot Taco card game

Behind the brand

Serial entrepreneur Leslie Pierson has launched multiple successful businesses through Amazon Launchpad, including GoodHangups, a damage-free art hanging solution as seen on Shark Tank. Taco vs. Burrito is the brainchild of Leslie’s then 7-year-old son who has the same entrepreneurial spirit as mom. The hit game has won the Mom’s Choice Award for Honoring Excellence and, along with Bold Made, won The Hot Diggity Awards in 2021.
Our Taco vs. Burrito business has tripled over the past 3 years and proved that Amazon Launchpad is a great way to get the most out of selling in Amazon’s online store.
Leslie PiersonFounder and CEO, Hot Taco

More about Hot Taco’s experience

Founder and CEO, Leslie Pierson talks about her experience with Amazon Launchpad

What appealed to you about Amazon Launchpad?

“We were instantly drawn to the program because of the increased exposure and merchandising. We loved the idea of being more connected to Amazon and having more support when needed through benefits such as Brand Cafés, Premium A+ Content, and access to pilots.”

How has Amazon Launchpad helped your brand?

“When we can demonstrate the product and use cases, we can sell more. With mobile optimization and embedded video through Premium A+ Content on the detail page, our conversion rate increased by 43%. We also appreciate the additional merchandising exposure; Taco vs. Burrito was featured in the official Amazon press release for Prime Day 2020.”

How do you see Hot Taco growing with Amazon Launchpad?

“We hope to double sales this year by leveraging the unique business plan curated by our SAS account manager and through continued marketing exposure. It’s amazing to have an account manager who is focused on making sure we’re aware of all the opportunities Amazon and Amazon Launchpad provide to get us to our goal.”
*Hot Taco launched simultaneously in Amazon’s online store and Amazon Launchpad in 2019. Sales growth data compares the twelve-month period 7/2020-7/2021 to the prior twelve months 7/2019-7/2020. Revenue growth is unique to this brand.


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