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"It’s been incrementally beneficial for our brand, and it’s easy to see how any brand can benefit from joining this program."
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Alexander Eburne
Founder and Ceo
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About the brand

Prepdeck is an all-in-one, organizational kitchen solution inspired by the ‘mise en place’ concept of simplifying and organizing meal ingredients to make cooking more fun. Revenue for Prepdeck increased 264% year-over-year since joining Amazon Launchpad in 2019.* WINNER 2021 Amazon Innovator of the Year!
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Behind the brand

After constantly spending more time cleaning than cooking, founder and CEO, Alexander Eburne, used his background in creating consumer products to craft an organizing station that could make cooking feel like less of a chore and create more family bonding time. Prepdeck won both the Launchpad Innovation Grant and the Innovator of the Year award in 2021.
We’re so excited about the meaningful growth we’ve seen in our business over these last twelve months, thanks to Amazon Launchpad.
Alexander EburneFounder and CEO, Prepdeck

More about Prepdeck’s experience

“We saw unique opportunities to increase customer education through Amazon Launchpad that we couldn’t activate ourselves, such as the Launch Merchandising Package, and inclusion in other founder-driven features like Meet the Launchers and Women’s History Month.”
What did you find appealing about Amazon Launchpad?
“The Amazon Launchpad team understands emerging brands and has designed the program to best support brands like ours, while creating awareness of our product. Access to Premium A+ content, and other tools to increase customer education and discovery through marketing features drew our initial program interest.”
How has Amazon Launchpad helped your brand?
“Amazon Launchpad provides the opportunity to reach an interested audience in an authentic way. Benefits like Premium A+ Content help visually convey our story and increase brand awareness. Merchandising inclusion during key events like Holiday and Mother’s Day also impacts our business in a big way. Plus, our SAS account manager helps us resolve issues and navigate both Amazon and Amazon Launchpad successfully."
How will Amazon Launchpad help your brand grow in the future?
“Benefits such as our dedicated SAS account manager really help us to think through and leverage opportunities, like being featured in listicles and holiday-focused shopping events that expose us to more potential customers. We would not have had this increased brand exposure without Amazon Launchpad."
*Prepdeck launched in Amazon’s online store and Amazon Launchpad in 2019. Revenue growth data compares the twelve-month period 10/2020-10/2021 to the prior twelve months 10/2019-10/2020. Revenue growth is unique to this brand.
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