Products for Tomorrow Awards

We are looking for the products of tomorrow

Amazon is looking to help accelerate the growth of innovative and exciting new products that offer improved sustainability attributes while also delivering a superior product to the customer. Terms and conditions apply.
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Applications for the 2022 awards are closed. Learn and shop the 2022 winners on Amazon Launchpad Products for Tomorrow storefront.
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What we're looking for

The Products for Tomorrow Awards are open to any type of physical product that meets our criteria. We are judging applications based off customer appeal and how the product’s design considers its sustainability impact. To answer these questions, our judges will be considering:


How effective is your product at solving a customer need?


Does your product solve a customer need in an interesting way that hasn’t been done before?


Is your product solving a need that most customers have at a price that they can afford?


Does shifting to your product lessen the customer’s environmental impact?

Why apply?

Application is free. Winners will receive resources designed to help their product thrive. Learn more
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Increased customer visibility
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Access to marketing & promotions
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Sustainability Certification
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Key application criteria

We are looking for innovations in design, technology, or chemistry that create a highly effective product with sustainability attributes. We want to show customers that they do not have to choose between an incredible, highly effective products and improved sustainability – they can have both.


Must be a physical product that customers will love and have demonstrable sustainability attributes


The participating brand must be self-owned by a US resident and the entrant must be 18 years or older at the time of entry. The product being submitted can be new to Amazon, or have been listed in Amazon’s online store for under 4 years.


This program is designed to promote businesses that have generated less than $5 million in gross merchandise sales annually.

Application timeline

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get if I am chosen to be a winner?
Winners will receive:
  • A $20,000 cash prize.
  • 1 year of free Professional Seller Plan, in the form of a $500 prize.
  • Enhanced customer visibility by being included in showcases across multiple storefronts, collections, social posts, and newsletters
  • An invitation to Amazon Launchpad and all of its associated benefits such as marketing, promotions, and account management.
  • Inclusion into Climate Pledge Friendly, based on a qualifying certification.
  • A holistic footprint analysis by ClimatePartner to identify further areas of improvement, as well as a Climate Partner certification and 1 year of high quality carbon offsets to become certified carbon neutral.
How will I know if I win?
If you are selected as a winner, we will message you with the contact information supplied in your application form no later than 9/30/2022.
What types of businesses are suitable?
In order to qualify, applicants must be a US-based entrepreneur or brand owner, have a product ready ready for sale, be new to Amazon or have listed the product in Amazon’s online store for less than four years, and have generated less than $5 million in gross merchandise sales annually. Application is also open to existing Amazon Launchpad sellers. If you are unsure if you qualify, please apply and we can evaluate.
Will Amazon be charging for businesses to apply?
Application is free.
What is required of me if I am selected?
If you are selected as a winner, you will be required to:
  1. Onboard into Amazon (if you are a new seller). Amazon will pay for 1 year of the Professional selling plan ($500), but you must onboard using your own financial information. This payment is given to both new sellers and current sellers.
  2. Enter Climate Pledge Friendly: Winners must submit their product for a ClimatePartner certification, which Amazon will pay for. In addition, Amazon will work with you to assist in identifying other certifications your product might qualify for.
  3. Get ready to sell: Whether you are a new seller or a current seller, you will work with our teams free of charge to make sure you are ready to sell to customers.
Will I need to join Amazon Launchpad?
No. If you are selected, you will be given an invitation to join Amazon Launchpad which you can choose to accept, though access to Amazon Launchpad benefits requires acceptance into the program.
What is Amazon Launchpad?
Amazon Launchpad’s mission is to support entrepreneurs by providing resources, expertise and global support to help showcase and deliver innovative products to millions of Amazon customers.
How will the winners be assessed?
A winner will be a product that uses thoughtful design or innovation to create a product that is more effective, more desirable for customers, and has demonstrable sustainability attributes. We are collaborating with globally recognized design firm, IDEO, to rank these metrics in the applicants.